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  1. http://www.unforgettable.dk

    How is that possible?

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    2. CzechMate29200


      @Voros How did you find that?


      I actually was emulating an old OS once. I had to download a 6GB blank "virtual hard drive", it had been compressed to 6kb. I don't even know how...

    3. Voros


      If it's possible to compress so much data into 42 KB, then why don't modern games do this kind of compression? It would surely help downloading a 5 kb file to get a 10 gb game or something. Or is it dangerous? I'll have to do more research.

      There is a game for Android, by Gameloft, that has a size of 20 mb when downloading, and above 250 mb upon installation, no extra downloading. This is the kind of compression I'd like to see more.

      And that Quake mod, Super Duper Quake, has a size of about 200 mb, but after extracting it, the size was more than 1 gb. Wow.

    4. Albertoni


      Simple, because you can't compress arbitrary data like that. Everything has to be made from the start with compression in mind. And that is incredibly limiting. Not to mention the decompression times, would you really want a game that takes over 24 hours to install?