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  1. Currently going through a gazillion ideas on how a "raw extract" mode can be added into Deutex. I need this mode to work, and fabian wanted it 2 years ago.

    I could copy the whole "normal extract" code and modify it, but that seems hacky and unsafe. And unnecessarily time consuming.

    I could look into creating a variable, which could be used to mark the difference between "raw" and "normal". If you get what I mean.

    I could maybe make it replicate the -get parameter on each lump within the IWAD, but that seems stupid and hacky. And unsafe. I don't even know where the -get parameter's source is... Maybe I could I add a -getset parameter, but that's a different idea I'll have think about later.

    IDK. I just want to implement it as best as possible, then let others optimise it. Add the fact that I won't be able to test it by compiling it. Maybe I can by getting TurboC for DOS and run it on DosBox on my phone. We'll see.

    And of course, most of you don't know what I just said.

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    2. Voros


      -get only extracts 1 lump. It may or may not work, I still haven't seen the code for get yet. Looking for it actually. Not to mention it should work whenever I type these along side it:



      deutex -sprites -sounds -rawxtr doom2.wad

      Should only select sprites and sounds within doom2.wad and extract them with no conversion whatsoever.

      I'm sure some kind of system can be made using -get, but I lack the knowledge of how right now.

    3. Albertoni


      Well, I got as far as this:




      This function parses the command line arguments, for example:

      {CM0,0,"man", COMmanopt, NULL, "print list of options in troff -man format"},


      Calling it with -man calls the function COMmanopt. Look at line 875 onwards, see what these functions to list graphics and so on do, then... Extract them somehow, heh.

    4. Voros


      I already found out how -get works. Studying the normal -xtract parameter, I might be able to get a -rawxtr parameter written. Hopefully I'll pull it off.