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  1. I had a ZTE Blade III available until a few days ago. RIP. The display stopped working, but it did work. Could've have been fixed.

    Now, in its place cones this cheap ass phone from a local company called "Symphony". I think this new phone is a Symphony Roar V20, or something. I hate it.

    1. The Android OS. The Blade III had 4.0.4. This one is 6. And I don't like it. Whenever I touch a button, it feels... Dumbed down. I liked how the 4.0.4 phone felt like it had some oomph upon pressing a button. On the plus side, I can install MGit instead of SGit.

    2. The screen. It's sticky crap. The other phone meshed with my finger movements smoothly. I'll give this one some time, see if it fixes itself.

    3. The weight. It's so light and that worries me. I hope it ain't excessively fragile.

    4. The storage. Fuck it. For some reason, it won't write to my sd card, only read. But here's the thing: I downloaded something, and it was saved in my sd card. Thafuq? I'll have to dig a bit more deeper and hopefully overcome it. The Blade III didn't have this problem.

    5. The "smooth" "design". That only works for iOS IMO. At least this phone does it too much. I'm probably being biased.

    But at least this phone doesn't have choppyness. The other one was like playing a game with a fps rate of 10-20.

    1. CzechMate29200


      Try a windows phone one day, you will hate it very quickly

    2. Voros


      Like I got time for that. Oh wait, I did try out my cousin's WP. I'm envious because Spartan Runner is only available for WPs :(

      My other cousin got an iPhone 6(+?) a few months back from my uncle in Finland. I was not impressed. What I like about iPhones are the relatively small-yet-big size. That iPhone 6 is a clipboard.