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  1. UDMF's TEXTMAP is an actual txt file.

    Does that mean I can basically create a map using only a text editor?

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    2. Voros


      I read that specs file, so would this be what I should also be reading? The # represents the number of the action special to be applied on a linedef, yes?

      Also, where I should I type in "namespace"?

    3. Voros


      Not to mention aligning textures. That'll be a bitch. Anyone have a good rule of thumb on this? Example for world sprites:
      y offset=height
      x offset=width/2

    4. scifista42


      Yes, the numbers in that list are the numbers of the specials, so consulting the list during your "text-mapping" could be useful.


      As for where to type namespace, if "the first statement in the file" is not clear enough to you, check out some existing UDMF map to see where and how it's typed.


      Aligning textures would be time consuming, but the algorithm should be clear: Keep zeros everywhere by default, adjust wherever needed.