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  1. Many thanks for all the feedback on The Becoming. You requested extra health in the maps, yeah? What I'm thinking is, I start trying to speedrun these and just stick the odd stim where it facilitates that. Yes/no? ;)

    1. Voros


      Yeah, that's exactly what I suggested. Some stimpacks here and there on HMP. I've only progressed to e2m4 so far, so I can't say if the maps later on will need them too.

      Better safe than sorry though, right?

    2. Jayextee


      You suggested stimpacks, I remember. But the idea of placing them in a manner that directly facilitates a speedrun is what I'm getting at. Idea is, I try speedrun a map and anywhere that's a real fucker for health, drop a stimpack there. Even if I bung in a couple extra secret areas to make that work -- as far as I'm concerned the map balance works well enough (although harsh af, I do admit) without sticking them on the main path.

    3. Voros


      As long as my insurance is in there, I'm fine :)