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  1. So, many of you played Scythe, right?

    Well, I'm currently on map11 (what a difficulty ramp here). You may know that there is a Revenant on top of a pillar in the map. The exit is guarded by red bars, which can be accessed by crouching.

    Anyway, I was trying to kill that Revenant with my pistol and was moving around a lot to avoid getting hit by its fireballs. Ironically, I got hit, and because of momentum and my location (very close the exit), my corpse went under the bars and I "finished" the map.

    My first unintentional death exit.

    I forgot to save upon getting to map12, so I'm back to square one on map11 :(

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    2. Voros



      (╯°□°)╯ ︵ ┻━┻

    3. 42PercentHealth


      Oh yeah, the speedrunners grab the RL and death exit there on purpose. It's quite a bit harder to get a monster to death-exit you though. ;-)


      There are weapons around -- you might be better off ignoring/evading the revenant until you are better armed?

    4. Voros


      I'm already past map13 so no worries :) it's about time I played Scythe anyway.