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  1. NUTS is notorious for its nests of demons. It's so noxious that it spawned sequel of equally nondescript quality, namely NUTS2 and NUTS3. Which NUTS did you like the most? The original for being plain and simple? The 2nd and/or 1st Anniversary Gold Plated Plutonic Aloy Coated Eight volume Nuclear Donkey Edition for the smallest number of enemies present out of the whole trilogy? The final instalment for its triple nuts and double mongooses? I only like NUTS2 because NUTS is too much while NUTS3 is even more too much. NUTS2's subtitle is epic, there are fake Mancubi here, Chaingunners look like Megaspheres and the shotgun looks like BFG even though it isn't. What isn't there to like here?
  2. Hi everyone! This is a small experiment to see how you, the mappers, combine the textures in Doom 2 with the new ones in Aquatex, and make the the new textures the star of your maps. So here are your instructions: -Use your Doom 2 IWAD, MAP01-09 as the base. -Maps should be in Boom format or vanilla format. -No multiplayer things required. Primary purpose is singleplayer. -No size limit. It can be big. It can be small. It can be complex. It can be simple. Your choice. -Must be able to run in Boom-based ports correctly! -No skies. -Maps should have difficulty levels, from I'm Too Young To Die upto Nightmare/Ultra-Violence. -Yes, you can give custom music. But please post the MID file here or send it to me. Don't merge your map with the music. I'll do that in the final WAD. That's it! Go nuts! PLEASE USE THIS PACK ONLY https://www.dropbox.com/s/e6g2kknp6r7k8lf/aquatex_v6_fix.zip?dl=0 (This contains fixes for AQSUPP02, AQSUPP09, AQTRIM06 and AQTRIM07. Thanks to Sodaholic/Blastfrog for the fixes! Now you can use those textures without any problems occurring ingame.) -Slots- MAP01-(an_mutt) [WIP] MAP02-(walter confalonieri) [Done] MAP03- (bzzrak) MAP04-(Gothic) [Done] MAP05-(Angry Saint) [Done] MAP06-(Mosshopper) [Done MAP07-(uhbooh) MAP08-(Dragonfly) [Done] MAP09-(StormCatcher.77) [Done] Deadline: 20th of December
  3. I see many people have their own cover photo in their profile. Some from Doom maps, Doom textures, fan art, anime, games, any kind of art really. What's yours? My cover photo is currently an ingame screenshot of a mobile game called Overkill. Surprisingly fun.
  4. Doom 3 tries to shed some light on the horror aspect of Doom. Which parts of the game did you find to be creepy? The easter egg in bathroom mirror? Was it that moving skeleton in the vents? The pinky banging down the door, only to break through the glass instead? The lost soul introduction? Something else? To me, it would have to be the "they took my baby" moment. It caught me by surprise. The bloody footprints appearing out of nowhere, disappearing behind a door that never opens (I expected it to open. What are the moments you actually got creeped out on in game?
  5. I'm not a fan of cosplay, but this is pretty awesome. He really nailed the details. One would probably think it's an officially endorsed statue, based on that thumbnail.
  6. Quoted for truth. I'm naturally suspicious, so I tend look at the reviews of a WAD that has a big filesize to try to get an understanding on the quality of the WAD.
  7. Go easy @CWolf :P not many people know about what's a placeholder and what's official in Freedoom. The Archvile sprites are 100% placeholder sprites. There was a cool concept done by a guy before but no one has been able to contact him. Here's a preview: The Revenant sprite is decent enough, but there are plans to replace/renovate the sprites so they seem consistent in terms of design. Currently, the Revenant will be a 4 tentacled, upright walking, monster with white-ish armor and shoulder cannons, with a head covered by a helmet similar to those gas masks. Unfortunately the artist responsible for this has also gone out of touch :( here's a preview:
  8. Echoing the "Doom 64 is '90s Doom 3" here. Technically it is Doom 3, as it takes place after Doom 2.
  9. I never complained tbh, if that's what you're saying. Some people are bandwidth freaks like me. Some get butthurt when something doesn't match their tastes. Some are purists who try to enforce the "pure" way. It's really a matter of personal taste in the end. Some like the music, some think it's dead weight. Although I doubt anyone's ever experienced any problems because of this.
  10. I personally don't like it when they include such files in the WAD. Doom mods have relatively small filesize. If we're talking about maps and those kind of things, then the music should be an optional WAD, like the Doom 64 OGG music pack for Doom 64 Retribution. If we're talking about things like actual mods (eg ZDoom mods), then I can make an exception. Those things can grow big pretty quick with all those resources crammed in there anyway. Lilium (a map) had an OGG file in it IIRC and after I recompiled the WAD without the file, I was surprised at the new filesize. And felt a bit angry for a split second. What can I say? I prefer to save my bandwidth even if I have more than 1 gb available to use.
  11. Have you ever played Doom 3? Then you'll see that game does have themes. Although most of of the time, its basic theme is techbase.
  12. If anything, the colors look a bit washed out and flat. How about using some darker colours and some basic shading to compensate?
  13. Paging @Sergeant_Mark_IV.
  14. It's right here on this page. Look at LemonWolf's posts.
  15. You'll have to find the DECORATE files that define the guns and barrel. Of course it probably won't be that simple, but you have to start somewhere.
  16. Also, there's plenty of articles that don't have examples, even common ones like for A_DropItem or A_StartFire.
  17. Make an account first. That wiki doesn't allow anonymous edits for some reason. After you log in, there will be an "Edit" tab, which does what it says. But why couldn't you create an account?
  18. New monsters should be specific to the levels that use them. Keepin' it as faithful as possible where needed. Hell, someone already made an addon for Doom 64 Retribution with the new monsters, so I'd say the main job now is just to incorporate the DECORATE code (with minor tweaks where needed) and sprites from that WAD. And hooray, it's about two weeks until October 31st :D
  19. Mentionating Voxel Chibi Doom!
  20. For example, I think the Wolverine from X-Men would pretty make a pretty good Doomguy. He's got the attitude, the endurance, the skills, the guts to rip and tear his enemies apart. What other characters from other franchises can you think of, that remind you of Doomguy?
  21. Tunes like map02 probably don't fit in either, since it's salsa music apparently.
  22. We already have a sequel: Brutal Doom.
  23. eeny-meeny-miny-moe-which-route-should-I-choose-to-go? *pumps a new shell into shotgun* lets go. The human consciousness basically creates a model that simulates the future by running through various feedback loops and from past experiences, to make a decision. In my case, I know that it's just a game, so I don't give it much thought. If I find myself taking the bad ending route, it just means I'm on my way to the Dark Side and death. No biggy.
  24. Personally, I'd open up the mod and look through the DECORATE/ZScript code. It's just easier that way if you ask me.
  25. Damned typos ruining everything I write. I see what you did there.