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  1. 1 basic melee weapon (fists) 1 basic short range weapon (shotguns) 1 basic medium/long range weapon (assault rifle, miniguns) 1 basic explosive range weapon (rocket launchers, grenade launchers) 1 basic ultimate-and-does-not-suffer-from-the-too-awesome-to-use-disease weapon (BFG9000, Unmaker) Fuck snipers. But this is basically what I consider to be the minimum selection of weapons. Adding an extra few won't hurt, but they need to have a significant purpose eg chainsaw always inflicts damage at a very high rate, while the fists need a few tics to wind up for anaother punch again.
  2. Much better :) now all that's needed is including it into Freedoom itself.
  3. I see many people have their own cover photo in their profile. Some from Doom maps, Doom textures, fan art, anime, games, any kind of art really. What's yours? My cover photo is currently an ingame screenshot of a mobile game called Overkill. Surprisingly fun.
  4. E2M2's a great map and has great music. But my heart lies with E1M3.
  5. Ignore vanilla savegames
  6. You could always download the DoomWiki page so you can view it offline.
  7. Doom is only a game and it's your job to enjoy it. If you like playing it, your skills will naturally improve. Keep playing maps, and you'll get better. If you want to be like dem crazy speedrunners, you'll need very quick reflexes, comfortable control and setting configurations, knowledge on the mechanics of Doom and how to abuse them and a fuckton of patience and motivation.
  8. You can still get the Zauberer PWAD though.
  9. Along with BFG Division and Rip And Tear, I've grown to like Mastermind too. That funky beat really amps me up for battle.
  10. If every FPS game was like Doom 2016... Then I suppose the term "Doom clone" will become relevant again :) But sometimes, I want to go tactical, like the Delta Force games, and sometimes I just want to rip and tear.
  11. Doom was made when the team was under the influence of metal. That's all I know.
  12. Lack of resources is the main issue here.
  13. I don't think a simple standalone mod was made with this function only, but mods like D4D, D4T, or any other Doom 4 mod out there tend to have this. It's relatively easy write up a simple mod using DECORATE alone.
  14. And here I thought this thread was about that Space Trucker game.
  15. Look no further. Strife is just that, and it's an IWAD from the '90s. ZDoom can most definitely create a quest system.
  16. maps - mapsets of all kinds, from single map WADs to not-32/not-36 maps WADs megawads - for full fledged campaign WADs. music - everything related to music, like MIDI replacements, GENMIDI replacements, etc. hud - for the sexy awesome and useful huds mods - for those gameplay mods that don't have any maps eg D4T, Smooth Doom, D64WEAPS, Ketchup, etc. di - for experimental Freedoom stuff.
  17. What's the lump order of the contents of your WAD? What about the BM_NITEM file? Have you checked the syntax is correct? How many #includes did you use?
  18. 2.4 seems stable enough. 3.0, 3.1 etc. had a lot of weird bug reports.
  19. Yes, let Delta Touch arrive. It'll be worth the wait.
  20. Darth Vader did nothing wrong. He was only a puppet being controlled by the Emperor. RIP Darth Vader. All the others were typical stereotypes, especially your nephew.
  21. Basic arena like maps (like Freedoom's map07) tend to work best with bots. Or basically, symmetrical maps are usually easier for bots to handle. Open world maps that are simple to navigate work too. Like Doomkid said, they're very simple and can't do much. Load up a mapset like Swift Death with bots and you'll get a near-decent enough experience.
  22. Anyone with a computer and the interest to continue the work. I lack the computer though.
  23. I like the menu/main theme and the Silent Cartographer battle theme/anthem from Halo 1 (love that shit). Everything else is too forgettable. I found a midi version of that Halo battle theme on vgmusic and made a WAD with it, and I liked the in-game result. It fit nicely (although could use some more editing, to work seamlessly with the map). The main/menu theme is just some chanting and drums in general. Nothing big, but the rhythm, the beat, would fit nicely for several more instruments. Doom's music isn't that great either. In the end, I would only select a few of Doom's music as truly good. Doom 2016's BFG Division is all I really need. An ambient track can be good, but most of the time, it's the same crap (like some deep, soft, sounds that play at different intervals, in general). Add some spice on these tracks, and I'd consider them more better as in-game music and ambience (I always loved the computer sounds (I guess that's what they are) in Doom 64's The Madness on map01). E1M3 is effectively an ambient track, if you think about it: it's not distracting and sounds natural (shoot me if I'm wrong). Moving on, Doom with Halo music may or may not be dull. Only one way to find out: turn off Doom's music, get a playlist of Halo music together and play it in the background, load up Doom. TL;DR sure why not
  24. OpenGL seems to be affected by this. If GZDoom, go to Options->Display Options->OpenGL Options->Preferences->Ambient Light and add some more in game light by moving the slider. You can also changing the lighting to "Bright" instead of "Legacy". If PrBoom+, then go to Options and scroll to the right until you get to the OpenGL specific options. You should find the option for lighting and set it to "GZDoom". This helps a bit. You can change gamma in Software mode though.