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  1. XLightningStormL

    Under a Freezing Sea (Now on /idgames)

    Anyway back to the context, UAFS suffers from a little thing I call "Hellbound Syndrome" which basically means: A WAD/PK3 for Doom that's well designed architecturally, albeit designed (whether on purpose, or not) to be played as if HTNR was actually Nightmare. Specifically what I mean is that it's evident that this isn't balanced towards people that play Doom casually (Hell even Plutonia can be played semi-casually) but people who obviously played Plutonia on UV, and crap out Hell Revealed for Breakfast (and no I'm not a low-skill level user, I play Doom in HMP, that's the native experience) I'm a person that believes Cyberdemons should stick to being used in medium-size+ arenas, and high-tier enemies shouldn't be treated like Imps or Former Humans. And that Doomguy is the epitome of a basically unstoppable destroyer, not just some random grunt, that get's btfo'd by Revenants hiding in corners (lol) Not to mention the intro is kinda...baity, the level starts off dark, ambient, and atmospheric, then boom turn the power on, and you're dealing with a cyberdemon arena that seems like a callback to Ancient Aliens of all things. BTW: I'm not saying that you should butcher the difficulty, if you want to do that, be your own guest, it's your mod.
  2. XLightningStormL

    Under a Freezing Sea (Now on /idgames)

    Another generic "Good looking but poorly balanced, you gaiz like plutonia rite???" wad.
  3. XLightningStormL

    Another DOOM movie being made?

    bahahaha If I were you, don't ever trust IMDB, it's basically the movie version of Wikipedia, except you have to be a registered user, doesn't mean idiots won't come in, and add false information.
  4. XLightningStormL

    What plans are there for Doom's 25th Anniversary?

    Resurrected Nightmare is getting a big fat final demo release with all the projected features (codex, music, new hud, sprint system, lore, etc), atmosphere and two massively improved maps (that don't look like hot garbage). As well John Romero is supposed to be doing a Keynote for Making Games on the 25 of October, a tad bit premature, but nevertheless. Not mention we'll probably hear more Doom Eternal news, and Tom Hall's apparently making a map or so for the 25th anniversary. It wouldn't be too far off if iD, or Machine Games were, or are deciding to make an Episode 6 for Doom (or an episode for Doom 2) either
  5. XLightningStormL

    The Joy of Mapping 5: Winter Weekend - BETA 2 RELEASED!

    Why doe I get a "Fatal: unknown event handler class MenuHandler" when starting this mod (on it's OWN)?
  6. XLightningStormL

    Just for fun: Subtitles for hypothetical pwad sequels

    DOOM: Resurrected Nightmare: Re-Resurrected Dream Boogaloo Edition (Featuring 5 hour long maps filled with squares, lore, and 1990s PCs)
  7. XLightningStormL

    New interview(s)

    Sub-class enemy variety? nice. Don't forget there's supposed to be like 25 Enemies in DE (compared to the 12-15 of D16) aswell as the sub-types of the monster classes mean there's gonna be a lot of shit to kill.
  8. XLightningStormL

    DOOM Eternal Gameplay Reveal Impressions

    I saw one Former Human wearing armour that looks suspiciously similar to the Praetor Suit. Praetor Suit confirmed for Human creation modified by Demons, gonna happen folks!
  9. XLightningStormL

    [GZDoom] Diabolus Ex v1.1

    Are there translations for the Japanese on DEX's textures?
  10. XLightningStormL

    [GZDoom] Diabolus Ex v1.1

    A great Doom wad that has great challenge without being cheap. A great contender for Cacoward 2018 :)
  11. XLightningStormL

    Another DOOM movie being made?

    "iM An aNgRy cRyBaBy WhO CaNt tAkE tHe IdEa ThAt DoOmGuY WoN'T bE iN tHe mOvIE!!!!" (Legit 50% of the arguments from the subreddit) What's disappointing is that people are ASSuming there won't be a "doomguy equivalent" aka Blazkowicz/The Character from the original series, even though it's heavily likely this movie will be a prequel, and "Doomguy" per sae will be hanging out the front of the hangar listening to his squad kicking the bucking, with Amy Manson just being a bait protagonist. Considering the movie will be a "faithful" adaption of the films (according to Giglio) it's VERY LIKELY a "BJ Blazkowicz Great-Grandson, aka Doomguy aka Doom's Protagonist" will appear in the game, likely as "Hector Savage". A lot of these people are probably the ones pissed off that the film isn't a rehash of the 2016 reboot, or a one hour version of the Fight Like Hell trailer, even though a movie already exists as a great fucking game, and a prequel to the game would be better off as a game as well. People need to get their heads out of their arseholes and realise that ASSuming something until AT LEAST a trailer comes out. To them I say:
  12. XLightningStormL

    Another DOOM movie being made?

    I doubt we will see anything related to the Doom Slayer (at least the "Blessed Doomslayer" aka Doom (2016) Doomguy) we will probably see some depressing action schtick were we see the film focus on Doomguy's team going in, getting killed, cut to end of the film where we see the titular Blazkowicz walk in, end film, goto Doom games. There is SOME hope but here's what we know: - IT'S NOT A SEQUEL TO THE ORIGINAL MOVIE FROM 2005 (and there was much rejoicing) if anyone tells you otherwise, they are fake news. - The movie is instead quote on quote "We're trying to have a a faithful adaption" (Sauce) and will be about a Marine team going to Phobos, Giglio has also stated: "I'm going to do my best to not disappoint you & all the doom fans" (Sauce) and "I’m a fan of DOOM (the games) too. Have faith!" (Sauce) The director/writer clearly has an clear vision for the film, and it does show that he's played the games, even IF he isn't exactly the most proven director. - Amy Manson, Louis Mandylor, Nina Bergman, Luke Allen-Gale, Arkie Reece, Chidi Ajufo, Katrina Nare, James Weber Brown, Jemma Moore, Gavin Brocker, Amer Chadha-Patel, Clayton Adams, and Dominic Mafham are the confirmed cast. - The Technology in-universe within the Film appears to be heavily inspired by the pre-AVP Alien series, clearly a retro-futuristic 80s-90s look. - Marines are clearly designed to be based off of the USCMC from Aliens, but with a modernized twist (best seen here): - A Scientist (either corrupted by, in kahoots with, or the old "for the benefit of mankind" hubris trick) called "Betruger" (most likely a placeholder name) will appear, played by Dominic Mafham (interesting the cinematography looks neat, as he looks like a goddamn VG character, and on the brink of the Uncanny Valley) most likely the villain, or one of the villains (along with the demons) - Structure design, and Ambience appears to be heavily based on Doom, the 2016 reboot/sequel and Doom 64. I've got a good feeling about this, but I don't expect the best "direct-to" whatever this film is, but definitely it might be one of the best VG films, if not THE best. On my personal opinion, I don't think a Doomgal would be a best fit (unless it's a prequel to the OG game, and Doomguy appears at the last minute, as stated before, with Amy Manson playing Ellen Ripley: Doom Edition, or Crash from Q3 Arena) as Doomguy is the epitome of the Achillean Hero, the stoic ultimate warrior, the Destroyer, no emotion, only hatred, survival, and military skills.
  13. XLightningStormL

    Another DOOM movie being made?

    Food for thought, the pistol that Patel (shown above in the post by Doom_RO) is wielding,appears to be a Beretta 92FS, which a water pistol version was used for screenshots for the original Doom-era (Doom to Final Doom) Pistol. As for the costumes, more is to be desired, but who knows, they could be pulling a red herring, and revealing that they're just Security Guards. Edit: Also
  14. XLightningStormL

    New Skyboxes for Phobos and Io

    Sorry for bumping an old topic. Resurrected Nightmare addresses this issue via the means of experimentation into gravity wells, essentially some 5 decades prior to the events of RN, the UAC basically built a gravity well inside of Phobos, essentially explaining the Earth-like gravity. On top of that the UAC in RN attempted to terraform (to experiment in terraformation) which succeeded initially but after a few years a lot of the plants + whatever grass died (aswell due to the addition of an atmosphere) is there to explain why an Asteroid has loose enough soil to have sand everywhere. Another thing aswell, RN doesn't (well IT WON'T have them in the final release) have the infamous mountains using a custom-mixed sky texture with a skybox-ified doom alpha sky mountains (using the GZDoom sky viewport method)
  15. XLightningStormL

    How did we get into Doom? ( a little about GEC's story)

    Crucify me, but the stumbling upon the film on a late (very early morning, 12:30-ish) mid-2015, finished it, got curious, found out it was a game film, got GZDoom, Doom + Doom 2, and played them with Brutal Doom v19 (yea crucify me twice, then set me aflame) and the rest is history.