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  1. XLightningStormL

    Another DOOM movie being made?

    Mancubi are extremely fat, of course they're gonna have a bajillion boobs, have you ever seen a fat guy? most of em got big ones (Especially coming from a big guy) Either that or Cacodemons evolved separated cloacas :P
  2. XLightningStormL

    TEKWALL4 base image

    Whilst an excellent texture, it only tiles horizontally, not vertically.
  3. XLightningStormL

    Another DOOM movie being made?

    There you go kids, the Marine outfits aren't black "tacticool" garbage after all, looks inspired by the US Aquaflage uniform (abeit without the black and white specks) which makes sense after all, they are space marines. Still, honestly I would've preferred that they went for a proper Green Kevlar breastplate (styled), and green uniform like the game, but that would've been probably too much strain on the budget (not to mention it'd be a pain in the arse for actors to wear hard material around their torso)
  4. XLightningStormL

    DooM: Resurrected Nightmare [25th Anniversary Demo Release]

    Epic 25th Anniversary Bump of Bumpiness. Download Link: [REQUIRES DOOM2.WAD [It autoloads] AND NEWEST STABLE GZDOOM RELEASE!] https://www.mediafire.com/file/738oja68d2f2cpf/RNDemoFinal.zip/file RN's demo is finally released, and with that an updated main thread with 8 new and updated screenshots including shots of both E1M1 and the in development E1M2! Enjoy folks, this'll be your only taste for a while so, enjoy it \O/
  5. XLightningStormL

    Doom's 25th Birthday - What will you be doing?

    Resurrected Nightmare is coming out in two hours, also thread is cleaned up & out with new screenies including some E1M2 stuff, so peep it out or something idk. Edit: It's now out: peep it out: https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/86521-doom-resurrected-nightmare-25th-anniversary-demo-release/
  6. XLightningStormL

    Do you think there should be another Doom horror game?

    Doom 64 isn't really horror, it is however terror. Doom3 was kinda, poorly executed because the horror was kinda eh, and the action (the gunplay specifically) took a massive hit. A theoretical Terror-based 'Survival Horror' game in the style of Dead Space and/or Left 4 Dead could work, just don't make it a mainline game, listen to the D3 arguments, keep the balance between fun/terror, have great sound design & music, and you should be good to go.
  7. XLightningStormL

    Does anyone else find Doom 3 mediocre?

    Doom 3 would've been much better had they (iD) just gone the Doom 64/PSX Doom route and kept the action the same, weapons had better balance (I'm looking at you Pistol, Shotgun, and Chaingun >-<), those cheap, annoying hurt camera effects (aka the ones where Doomguy get's friccin seizures from a Cherub dealing 3 damage) were non-existent or toned down, and most beneficial one: had Trent Reznor managed to stay on in Sound Design. Doom 3 I still love with every other doom game (and honestly) prefer it over DOOM (4/16) Also another point, people who state the "iTs nOt lIkE DoOm & dOoM 2", those aren't arguments, actually criticise the game on it's actual objective quality & substance; not with rose tinted nostalgia-glasses lmao.
  8. XLightningStormL


    Doom is a FPS shoot em up first and fore most, but is it pure shoot em up? No. People who think otherwise are probably the pea-brained idiots that unironically think Brutal Doom is the definitive version of Classic Doom (despite it just being 13y-o Edgelord Doom) The points have already been made: The devs intended Doom (the OG 1st game) to be a FPS about a lone survivor becoming a badass through the terror, and hordes they encounter, many of Doom's levels use darkness and traps to elevate terror and action. And I wouldn't quote Marty Stratton or Hugo Martin either, because they didn't make the original fucking game. And thus their vision of Doom is: basically Palatable Edgelord Doom (Not calling them shit devs BTW as they're quite the opposite) Anyhow, Doomslayer is basically Invulnerable Power Armoured Armoury Wielding Death Machine (probably) blessed by (the angel of death) Samael, it'd make sense for him (and by extension) the player not to be or feel scared at any point, because he's already been through this bullshit, he's basically unstoppable and of course very angry, contrast to DooM he's a lone survivor armed with a pistol, marine training, and standard military gear, he'd be ripped to shreds easily (Demons chewed up his Squad like wet tissue paper) so it'd make sense that there'd be a dash of horror, dark atmosphere, and a boatload terror. Also another thing that needs to be brought up: John Carmack was basically the creative designer of Doom, and we all know he treats his games as glorified engine demos. Fuck Jump Scares too.
  9. XLightningStormL

    Every possible theme using IWAD textures?

    sorry for double bump but. Dead Space:tm:
  10. XLightningStormL

    Every possible theme using IWAD textures?

    DUSK Ep3's first level is basically going to be an Industrial temple.
  11. XLightningStormL

    Why the first 3 maps of Plutonia are so bad?

    Oh look yet another bitch whinge bait thread. Doomworld really needs a SAGE! feature tbh
  12. XLightningStormL

    When did people first start using the name Doomguy?

    Canonically his name is Blazkowicz (surname at least) some people use the name Stan because of the shithouse mobile RPG games, and others use BJ Blazkowicz III also due to said RPG games, and because people can't make a better name. i just call him Sgt. Blazkowicz because IMO Doomguy seems to be the type of guy that'd be a Sergeant.
  13. XLightningStormL

    Another DOOM movie being made?

    Have to admit, the writing on the script of that video isn't bad, it's got a good flow, and Akie isn't a bad actor, but the issue I'm seeing is that too much lore and exposition might be dumped. Knowing Doom fans, exposition, story and lore don't matter unless it's an optional codex entry, and I could see many getting the shits that there's "too much" expositionary dialogue and not enough demon-killing. Another thing as well I wouldn't be too surprised if a Doom 3 route is going to be taken, with bait & switch, being that we think the teleportation, and shit in Sumeria is demon technology only to have it revealed that some alien race (I guess the Anunnaki) fought hell in some big war on Earth after the teleportation gone awry as a universe explanation for both the aforementioned shit, and an in-universe explanation for the 7 years plague in the bible, the collapse of the Sumerian civilisation, etc
  14. XLightningStormL

    E1m8c - a study of Romero's E1M8b

    I meant the thread in general Ether. Moving on, E1M8b is indeed overrated to an extent, I can understand people's love for being made by the man. But remove Romero, and you're left with a pretty standard "neo-plutonia challenge wad, but it's actually UDoom!" that replaces E1M8. In fact had someone else made this (and identically) instead of him, people would either ignore, or be calling for blood because it replaces E1M8, and when remake a level from the original games, or hell even minorly update it, and chuck it into ZDoom, they want to cut your balls off, and send you to gulag for "trudging on holy soil" Sweet mother Mary, get ahold of yourselves, and let people make what they want instead of making pointless controversy (yeah I know this sounds hypocritical lmao, but this isn't bait, far as I'm concerned that shit is over and done, and I don't wanna talk about it) over crap no-one cares about. All's I'm saying, crucify me all you guys want.
  15. XLightningStormL

    E1m8c - a study of Romero's E1M8b