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  1. XLightningStormL

    Share Your Sprites!

    UAC Cleaner Bot Credits: WildWeasal (for suggesting the use of the Strife Sentinel drone as a base), iD Software (D16 Cleaning Bot) and Rogue Entertainment (Sentinel)
  2. XLightningStormL

    Doom: Annihilation update

    Let's be real, Doom is basically Aliens with a Achillean action hero, and with demons instead of Xenomorphs. Any Doom movie by extension is just going to be ripping off Aliens by extension.
  3. XLightningStormL

    Post your Doom textures!

    IMO, some people need to just come together and work on a "doom style details immersion texture pack" for the people who want to make more "realistic levels" with proper doom style textures.
  4. XLightningStormL

    Doom: Annihilation update

    For all the chuds, and people denouncing this film, your "lord and saviour" Sgt_Mark_IV shared his opinions on the movie, and he's made decent points comparing it to the 2005 movie, without spewing garbage. Funny seeing that it's made from the guy who dislikes Doom 2016, because it's "not like teh originale dewms!1!" which is basically a parallel to all the chuds, and clowns meming about the lack of a Doomguy, and how Doomguy is apparently "Required" for it to be Doom.
  5. XLightningStormL

    Doom: Annihilation update

    Saw the leak, it's pretty average, better in general than the 2005 film, especially in accuracy to Doom, and less cheesy dialogue (more average however) Ending got messy, rushed, and felt....eh Eh? Definitely not worth the hate. Oh and no, there is no proper Doomguy/Doomslayer (Dead BJ Blazkowicz Marine?) Tony was only doing fucking damage control. Movie should've just ended with Joan's death at the...hell knight, lucifer thing with Winslow waking up, cue a nod sequence referencing the OG movie, ending with him pumping the HK full of rockets. But no, we got a eh hell sequence ending with sequel bait ending. Chance of Sequel? Non-existent The greater Doom community isn't gonna let the lack of a proper "Doomguy" slide, but Universal and Tony built their house of cards, don't be surprised if it get's blown over.
  6. XLightningStormL

    Doom: Annihilation update

    Not a B-movie until you have an actual B-movie composer making your soundtrack. Most people will probably only know him from Hellraiser: Revelations, the crappy Day of the Dead remake from last year (yes that was a thing) and for the younger ones, the Green Lantern kids show, and Beware the Batman. If there is one part of the movie that will deliberately suck (instead of sucking so bad it's just cheese) it will probably be the soundtrack, because so far all I've heard is generic action horror sci-fi music. In case you want some more (albeit scarce) details, there is a full track listing + times here: http://filmmusicreporter.com/2019/09/20/doom-annihilation-soundtrack-details/
  7. XLightningStormL

    The Doom timeline.

    According to concept art for DooM, the revenant was originally supposed to be some sort of attempt to resurrect dead marines (probably some UAC dead soldier revival program) but Sandy probably shitcanned the idea because he didn't like it, or he believed the "doom story" would've been better just to have the UAC stumble upon hell by accident during the gateway experiments, no strings attached. Obviously the team for DOOM16 liked the idea, and reincarnated it as the well, just normal UAC security personnel being transformed into revenants as an "experiment". As for enemy designs changing, either chalk it up to "there's different universes, with different dimensions of hell, Classic DooM has one, Modern DOOM has one, and DOOM3 has one, but characters, and stories may overlap etc" and Or maybe because art designs change due to different design focuses, different artstyles, etc
  8. XLightningStormL

    Plasma rifle, or plasma gun?

    From a logical sense "Plasma Rifle" doesn't make sense, it's an energy weapon, rifles refer to the use of rifle ammunition (duh) and most importantly, the big kicker: the use of rifling (aka those "cool helical grooves in the barrel") Also the game calls it the Plasma Gun, and Sandy Petersen wrote the manual, which varies in inconsistency from Doom and Doom II so we can safely say that the manuals don't count that much in this case ;)
  9. XLightningStormL

    Angel name revealed.

    Maykar seems to be a general term for the non-demon "angelic" enemes, since the battlemode states there will be "Maykar Drones" I don't legitimately believe we are fighting against the Seraphim in "Heaven" my guess is that the Maykar are either made in the (pre-corrupted) Wraith image, the lesser cousins or "children" of the wraiths, or they may be corrupted Seraphim, though I think they are just are directly related to wraiths in some way (considering their similar appearances) Khan Maykar is most likely just the "king" of the Maykar (hence the use of the Mongolian equivalent for emperor), probably a corrupted free Wraith. We'll probably see the Seraphim, especially the bigman himself that was (in)directly aiding doomguy in his big genocidal one-man army campaign (the one we see with the wings in a robe) Said bigman will probably lead DS back to Phobos and Mars to the corrupted/traitor D'Nurian survivors to prevent the Khan Maykar from destroying the Doom Universe, Actual Doom Heaven, and Doom Hell The king of the D'Nurians is the fella we see in the trailer telling Doomslayer that "they are no longer your people to save" hence the "CROWNED leader of the night sentinels" (and demons being dumb thinking Doomslayer is the king because of his fancy power armour) my guess is Hell let him be king in his own pocket world/dimension/etc, if he sacrificed the Wraiths, they let him so, but he smuggled out the Wraiths and the Maykar into his pocket, and eventually the Demons found out he didn't actually fulfil his side of the argument, and go to screw up his pocket before DS arrives BFG style. TL:DR: Maykar and Seraphim are different factions, one are enemies, and the other aiding the player.
  10. XLightningStormL

    Doom: Annihilation update

    Don't forget the shitfest that was the infamous Doom Comic. ;) So in terms of Doom Annhilation being unironically bad (and not being ironic and cheesy) is pretty low, Doom media has a pretty low bar to get over.
  11. XLightningStormL

    Doom: Annihilation update

    From what I've read, and seen, there seems to be the implication that "Captain Hector Savage" is supposed to be the Doomguy (being that he's the one shown with the SSG, and is the only other actor with a known stunt double, the other being Joan Dark) More or less this teaser seems to be more well made than that proper "teaser trailer" we got a few months ago, had we gotten this then instead of now, there's a higher chance people wouldn't have bitched and moaned as much. Though considering people just want a 2 hours UV-MAX play for a movie, there's always going to be complaints. Still sitting on the fence, though IMO this teaser seems to show that the movie won't be a complete bonfire, and should be a cheese-fest B movie, that will be enjoyable, and I get the vibes that the pre-invasion Mafham video logs (we've seen glimpses of) that those scenes will be the highlights of the movie (considering Mafham is supposed to a Shakespearean Theatre actor) We've still yet to see those actor interviews that have been mentioned a year back, they'll probably be special features or something though.
  12. XLightningStormL

    Oops! All Techbase - Project Thread

    I got completely wrapped up in my own personal and business things that I needed to do, and completely forgot the exist. However that's not the only issue, I don't really have the time or energy for doom mapping sadly. Yes it sounds dumb and all, but there's no way I can complete 2 maps in 19 days without jumping off ship, and let two other people with the energy to speed map in my place. For the best, sorry if this throws a massive wrench into the machine.
  13. XLightningStormL

    ZeniMax shutdown Doom Remake 4

  14. XLightningStormL

    SIGIL v1.21 - New Romero megawad [released!]

    Gman's review in a nutshell: "wah iT'S noT dOOm 2016 RiP n TEAr "YOU Are Teh knigHtMAre" SiMUlatoR" Honestly, the premise of SIGIL being more Action Horror Orientated "Becoming an Ubermensch simulator" intrigues my interest, because IMO that would be the definitive DooM 1 experience, a-la RE2make.
  15. XLightningStormL

    SIGIL v1.21 - New Romero megawad [released!]

    > Halls of Perdition Perdition's Gate confirmed canon. (Obvious /s)