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  1. XLightningStormL

    DooM: Resurrected Nightmare [25th Anniversary Demo Release]

    "What? But this is out of context!?!?" It's not, Resurrected Nightmare now dies. For a few reasons.... One of them being that it's developed far enough, that I think it deserves to be separate entity, unconstrained by limitations. Not that it mattered much anyway. Much progress was made however, even if it was just one level. I do hope we meet again...under different circumstances, sometime in the near future.
  2. XLightningStormL

    Share Your Sprites!

    Improved Centred M40A1 + Accurate World/Spawn Sprite, credits: Cory Whittle, TheDarkArchon, TODM, tsf and tomtefar.
  3. XLightningStormL

    Share Your Sprites!

    Part 2 of my Misc Sprites for RN: What is What: Vampiric Jar that looks like a good Jar, .45 ACP SMG Mag, .50 AE Desert Eagle mag, Morleys, proper SABOT slug of the Brontornis ammo from HD, as-well as an alt Flak round, Assault Rifle grenade, T&T Gas Tanks that look like gas-tanks, prettier versions of the Duke3d Broom and Mop (inspired by Ion Fury) Assorted empty cans + generic unmarked can, Cassette, Stool, Paper Towels, Generic Chemical bottle, Disinfectant, Bleach, and Soyp (reference to the infamous Ion Fury controversy, but no further comment on that) Bolt Cutters, ww-Nazis shovel pickup sprite, S&W M29 revolver pickup, Eriance Pistol but Wooden, Tec-9 SMG, Magnetic Lock Wrench, assorted techbase keys. Fish Sticks, Canned Bread, Jerky, Random Dim-Sims, Canned Tuna, Instant Glucose, Instant Quinoa, Canned Beans, Canned Pork N Beanz, Canned Soup, and Canned Spaghetti, Banana, Apple and Iodine Pills. Bomb Diffusal Armour, Gas Mask Filter, Field Reloading Kit. Security Braces (in 72 height, 96 height and 128 height) Bullets: 9x19mm, .45 ACP, 5.7mm, 44 Mag/.50 AE, 9x21mm (.357 SIG), 5.56mm, 7.62mm, 6.8mm DUTCA (Depleted Uranium Tungsten Cased Ammo), .300 Winchester Magnum, .50 BMG Credits: Creative Assembly, PotetoBloke, 3d Realms, WildWeesal, Strife devs, Matt, whomever did the gas tanks for Torment and Torcher, NaturalTvventy, Eriance and PillowBlaster.
  4. XLightningStormL

    Post your Doom textures!

    Proper Doom-style Boombox/Radio, based on the "STEREO" texture from Action Doom 1 (Credits to Scuba Steve)
  5. XLightningStormL

    Post your Doom textures!

    Totally not a knock off of a sign from Alien Isolation.
  6. XLightningStormL


    Whatever. Maybe try making a proper discussion worth the server space next time bub.
  7. XLightningStormL

    How Bad Is The Doom Subreddit?

    The Flanderization of what Doom is really sad. Nonetheless, fuck Reddit, especially /r/Doom, they're the main reason why I won't even TOUCH Doom Eternal.
  8. XLightningStormL

    Share Your Sprites!

    "Not an Ithaca" basically more or less an attempt to make the Doom Shotgun look more like a Shotgun, and less like a toy (though I was too lazy to remove a few screw notches, but with offsets being a thing, it is probably a non-issue) It's not perfect, but unless you're looking hard, You're not really going to find any issues (except maybe imperfect lighting) Still, should be a solid replacement for the shotgun, or an expy for an Ithaca M37 (Which I believe ID was trying to achieve with the Tootsie toy sg judging by some early assets) decided to keep the duckbill/choke from the pre-release shotgun, so you can use it as a "little detail" for why it fires shot in a horizontal spread, or has the range of a UK L115A/AWM. I forgot one source until now, the sights for the shotgun come from Dr_Cosmobyte/GA1992 (which in turn is based on the D64 Shotgun sights from my observation) Shoutout to Procket12 for bringing attention to the fact that Doom's shotgun kinda sucks, and is too small to be even a compact shotgun."
  9. XLightningStormL

    How will DOOM 6 work?

    Honestly Doom's universe leaves the set up, and has the general roots for a potential Survival Horror-spin off, set it in the "original Doom universe" (Since I doubt Doom Eternal's "Earth universe" is the same as Classic Doom's "Earth Universe" same "game universe" just different universes in the same multiverse...confusing enough? lol) Have it as a reboot of Doom 3, have it as an excuse to visit the OG Timeline without the Argent stuff, flesh out the OG universe/timeline, have a player character that isn't the Doomguy (rather just some lucky small fish in a big pond) have a heavy 80s-90s cyberpunk/retrofuturistic styling, RE2-esque Ubermenschian gameplay (think Ripley, Action Survivor to Action Badass), lots of lore, and background story stuff, metroidvania semi-open world, etc.
  10. XLightningStormL

    Share Your Sprites!

    Originally I was using the 'Repair Tool' Marcos' vehicle pack, but uhh, the sprites for it are kinda raw, so I just redesigned it into a Plasma Torch-type system (inspired by Alien Isolation) by recolouring willuker's Welder UV shield (from his USCM armoury mod) and giving it a new muzzle flash. Credits are a bit funny, I'm not certain if Toenail made the OG sprite, and Marcos made an edit of it (though that's debatable considering his history of using resources and not providing credits) Would be useful for Chainsaw-replacers, or a "tool/key/weapon" hybrid that you could use to open certain doors (welding/repairing, etc) that deals bonus damage vs robots or something.
  11. XLightningStormL

    This does not feel like a Doom game

    The Doom Comic is not Doom. Brutal Doom is not Doom. And Doom Eternal is trying hard to be both Doom, and not Doom at the same time... Frankly Doom Eternal's method of lore (just from the glimpses and videos I'm seeing) is to just throw shit at the wall, or outright retcon information in even DOOM (2016) which is just blegh. Just too much shit to unpack, the whole Doom Universe angle is trying too hard with the lore. Also, where the hell is the Wretch, and Corrax? Not a fan of the use of a Hub either tbh. Also the classic Doom Marine armour just looks like crap, a pretty big hottake that people will hate, but it just doesn't transfer to modern-day graphics effectively enough, the Classic Doom cover armour still looks miles ahead better than DE's crappy "just a QC asset lift" (even if IMO the classic marine armour still looks daggy as all hell lmao)
  12. XLightningStormL

    Sergeant Mark IV's take on Doom Eternal

    Anyone who thinks Brootal Dewwm inspired or aided Doom 2016, and by extension Doom Eternal is a complete dill. Doom 4 1.0 was shit canned before Brutal Doom was even popular. iD owes nothing to Marcos Abenante, and anyone who says otherwise must be completely blind.
  13. XLightningStormL

    Does anyone else think this game is going to suck?

    I'm pretty ambivalent towards Doom Eternal to be honest. A lot of it is an improvement mechanically-speaking, and is a design and art masterpiece but the rest seems just like blunt pandering to the edge-dewm normies that post animal crossing crossover memes, complain about DA for existing, believe doom is pure action and think the doom comic should be canon (despite being a cringy piece of shit) and I am frankly not a fan of the forced hub-world (including pandering 'easter eggs' within) Personally, like D16 I'm probs gonna play it once in two years, get all of the upgrades/collectibles, then have no energy to replay it ever again, because frankly, D16 is boring, and so will DE regardless of the movement gimmicks and so called "combat puzzle". PS: Also Doom Eternal isn't a fucking thinking man's game lmao, such a cringe thing to state IMO.
  14. XLightningStormL

    What would you do if an actual invasion of Earth by Hell happened?

    Just do what the UAC did, sell out, and become a cultist/solomonist. Not really, I'd rather just be defiant, and be a martyr for humanity :P
  15. XLightningStormL

    The Drain (Limit-Removing Speed-Map)

    Very comfy on HMP, not too cheap balance-wise.