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  1. For vanilla, just replace the official executable with this edited one: For Chocolate Doom, just run the setup program and disable, for convenience and usability, both vanilla savegame limit and vanilla demo limit:
  2. Short answer: No. Long answer: No, it isn’t.
  3. Interesting, this is the first time I read this (supposed) detail regarding the original release of Doom.
  4. $HOME/.local/share/games/doom just for your user account, /usr/share/games/doom for all users. Then, you can run something like this from a terminal window: chocolate-doom -iwad doom2.wad -merge "cool megawad.wad" -deh "cool dehacked patch bundled with that cool megawad.deh"
  5. Yes, it is. You have to purchase it though.
  6. M_PLUT (the graphic itself) contains a very obvious typo.
  7. For one thing, it seems your map will be included, MAP10 slot. For another thing, these maps should be, ideally, pure vanilla. While limit-removing maps are being tolerated as interim goal, these ones will be eventually simplified or replaced. And boom maps are no longer accepted. Mandatory disclaimer: I am speaking for myself.
  8. Either because you are using a source port without that non-vanilla feature (Chocolate Doom, for example) or because, while it’s actually supported by your source port, that feature is disabled (PrBoom-Plus, for example).
  9. Nietzsche would have approved the ending text (C4TEXT).
  10. <--- It seems to be 100% vanilla, despite being on the Ports directory. Ok, this is not megawad, actually. But it is quality stuff.
  11. Could you repost the final versions of these maps? I would like to play them even if this project died, just for fun and curiosity.
  12. The deh file should be included as an actual file (external patch) in the ZIP archive, it wasn’t supposed to be embedded as a lump (internal patch). I mean, that ZIP should contain: TNTRESIST.deh TNTRESIST.txt TNTRESIST.wad <- This one with that bex file embedded.
  13. Leaving aside the bikeshed, I would like to report that @RottKing’s tntrott-fissure.wad has one deaf and blind chaingunner, who does nothing at all unless the player shoots him. Thing #75. Edit: @A.Gamma’s machinenocyb.wad is not completable. Player will be inexorably trapped after taking the teleporter to the last fight, that is, a softlock. Also, there are two suspended arch-viles which won’t attack the player, they are completely deaf and blind. If the player shoots them, they do react and remain active, without ever attacking the player.
  14. Pain elementals escorted by many cacodemons, so that these pain elementals cheerfully will release lots of really annoying lost souls while these cacodemons absorb damage for them.
  15. That wouldn’t work anyway. Its txt file clearly states: “Authors may NOT use the contents of this file as a base for modification or reuse.” Interestingly, there is a vanillified and retextured (to use only textures of doom.wad) version of the old C1M1, created a long time ago: