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  1. Hypocaust exhibits certain little zones which could induce visplane overflows, according to Visplane Explorer. They are in the northern part of sector #26. Hell Hath Fury has drawseg overflows in the very starting zone (sector #214); and visplane overflows which will crash Chocolate Doom in the balcony which contains one red skull key (sector #136).
  2. Good to know then. By the way, is there any specific reason why the current bundled PrBoom-Plus won´t support properly (level names, music selecion, level progression...) the official NRFTL episode? Supposedly, PrBoom-Plus does support it.
  3. v_ticker is obsolete, d_drawfps is the proper command. “v_ticker command shows the speed of the gameloop which will lock at 35 fps. d_drawfps is a newer command however, and it will show you the actual frames per second being rendered to the screen (ie. iterations through D_Drawer per second).”
  4. @beloko Is there any chance of having one apk bundled with native libraries for x86 CPUs? If not so, how much performance does that Tesco Hudl 2 offer for both PrBoom-Plus (software rendering) and Chocolate Doom, just by curiosity?
  5. PrBoom-Plus (not classic PrBoom) does that more or less, provided that you enable Smart Totals (second page of Status Bar / Hud options) and switch to the Boom Hud. Then, purple digits for kills mean every unique enemy has been killed at least once. If you prefer the classic status bar, stats shown in automap are the “smart” ones, no matter if you do / don´t enable Smart Totals.
  6. Download the Windows version of GZDoom 1.8.6 to get the missing brightmaps.pk3 & lights.pk3 files, put them in the FULL folder and edit the ini file to autoload them. [Global.Autoload] Path=lights.pk3 Path=brightmaps.pk3
  7. Monsters cannot telefrag other monsters / players, except on MAP30.
  8. First of all, configure your IWADs in the bundled launcher. Then, use the “Select game” drop-down list to select the proper IWAD and add these command line arguments below to launch the game. Writing manually file paths can be boring, so just drag and drop the file from a Finder window into this text field to add that path quickly. -merge [absolute path of wad 1] [absolute path of wad n] -deh [absolute path of deh patch 1] [absolute path of deh patch n] For example, this famous partial conversion requires the user loads two wads and one external DeHacked patch. -merge /Users/[redacted]/doom/btsx_e1a.wad /Users/[redacted]/doom/btsx_e1b.wad -deh /Users/[redacted]/doom/btsx_e1.deh
  9. In my opinion, the hardest official level for doing a legit UV 100%/100%/100% run from pistol start is actually Hell Keep for console releases. Health is very scarce, armor is non-existent and ammo is extremely scarce. In fact, there is no enough ammo to kill all enemies and there is no chainsaw or berserk pack. Just to make things worse, neither the map layout nor the enemies layout are good for instigating in-fights. Personally, when I play Doom in my real PS console and I want to warp to this level via a password, I need to do so via one generated password (9N1X95Z111) with 50 extra bullets, 20 shells and 100 cells, so that this level becomes, more or less, playable and completable.
  10. This release is for Windows 95, supposedly.
  11. This old version (03/02/2017) has a matching btsx_e1b.wad with a timestamp which makes sense: 2 (day)/3 (month)/2017 01:06 (GMT +2). For the next update and whatnot, assuming btsx_e1b.wad won´t be modified and updated.
  12. What happened with the timestamp of btsx_e1b.wad? Finder reports it as 1 (day)/1 (month)/1970 01:00 (GMT +2).
  13. UV 100%/100%/100% demo (-gameversion ultimate or -complevel 3) recorded with Chocolate Doom: I have no complaints by now. Well, I actually have two minor suggestions: Could you change orientation of the very first enemies so that they aren´t initially activated? Also, I would add somewhere one plasma / energy weapon, to take advantage of that large cell / energy pack. And add one or two additional large cell / energy packs. It´s the fourth slot of the third episode, so why not? Shotgunning bruisers is boring.
  14. Good map, and 100% Vanilla compatible. I would like to specify three things. Honestly, I don´t see the point on putting one secret normal armor when this map already contains two normal armors, so that one discovers one secret to get nothing special. At least, this secret should contain another secret heavy armor, in my opinion. When the crushers of the final corridors are activated, items of these corridors float in the air. The switch custodied by the first bruiser won´t permanently open its associated door for the sake of better flow, as suggested previously.
  15. My system, a 2007 iMac, has only one monitor, the built-in one.