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  1. For Doom, you can customize the E1TEXT, E2TEXT, E3TEXT and E4TEXT strings (end of episode 1/2/3/4, respectively) by an embedded BEX patch, supported by many source ports. For Doom 2, the intermission texts are C1TEXT (after MAP06, before MAP07), C2TEXT (after MAP11, before MAP12), C3TEXT (after MAP20, before MAP21), C4TEXT (endgame, after MAP30), C5TEXT (before MAP31) and C6TEXT (before MAP32). For ZDoom based source ports, you can redefine these strings via a LANGUAGE lump. Real examples (\n is used to create a new line): BEX patch: LANGUAGE lump (actually, it is used to define end texts of two new custom episodes):
  2. (where it says “the SDA files here”) > tools/
  3. Doom: Sinister. Doom 2: Into Sandy’s City. TNT’s Evilution: Into the Beast’s Belly. The Plutonia Experiment: Sweet Little Dead Bunny.
  4. I am currently playing Doom the Way id Did. This is the first time I play this megawad and I have completed (UV difficulty, continuous game and no saves, except once for the very beginning of each level) the first episode, getting 100%/100%/100% save for the last one, because Chocolate Doom (at least, the version I have) does not show the tally screen of ExM8 levels. And yes, it somehow reminds the style and tropes of the classic Knee-Deep in the Dead, with bigger levels though. Just for curiosity, does a Lost Episodes compilation of Doom 2 the Way id Did exist? While it is mentioned in the original post of Final Doom The Way id Did, I have not found so far such compilation.
  5. I have noticed a possible oversight in the level names of DTWID-E5.wad. According to the embedded BEX patch, E5M4 (the actual slot is E1M4) is named Decayed Refinery. However, the right name is Phobos Garrison. The external DeHackEd patch DTWID-E5.deh has the right HUSTR_E1M4 string and the custom string for E1TEXT, something somehow weird because BEX format is supposed to be a more powerful format for replacing text strings. External DeHackEd patch: Text 21 21 E1M4: Command ControlE5M4: Phobos Garrison Embedded BEX patch: HUSTR_E1M4 = E5M4: Decayed Refinery Also, names of E5M7 (E1M7) of both DTWID-E5.wad and DTWID-LE.wad differ. The LANGUAGE lump for *ZDoom based ports has the right name (Sanguine Refinery). While the ESTRINGS lump has the right name (Sanguine Refinery), it is overriden by the wrong one of EMAPINFO (Decayed Refinery). Finally, the embedded BEX patch of DTWID-E5.wad has a very different name, (Cold Steel). DTWID-LE.wad file, LANGUAGE lump: HUSTR_E5M7 = "E5M7: Sanguine Refinery"; DTWID-LE.wad file, ESTRINGS lump: string _IN_NAME_E5M7 { val = "Sanguine Refinery" } DTWID-LE.wad file, EMAPINFO lump: levelname = E5M7: Decayed Refinery DTWID-E5.wad file, DEHACKED lump: HUSTR_E1M7 = E5M7: Cold Steel DTWID-E5.deh file. Text 22 23 E1M7: Computer StationE5M7: Sanguine Refinery Appended. Level name of E5M9 (actually E1M9) of DTWID-E5.wad, according to the embedded BEX patch, is wrong as well. It says Phobos Garrison instead of the right ones, Wayward Base (short version used in the external DeHackEd patch to fit the limit imposed by the original string) or Wayward Outpost. DTWID-E5.wad file, DEHACKED lump: HUSTR_E1M9 = E5M9: Phobos Garrison DTWID-E5.deh file. Text 19 18 E1M9: Military BaseE5M9: Wayward Base
  6. New C1M1 has a glitch which could sabotage a 100% run: it is possible that one worm gets stucked. I have uploaded a Chocolate / Vanilla savegame which reproduces this glitch:
  7. I already noticed this issue a time ago. A Chocolate / Vanilla savegame which reproduces this issue. The remaining worm gets stucked one (several) story(-ies) lower than expected.
  8. I was checking the totals printed in the automap, which seem to be smart, because reported kills are not inflated by rekilling enemies resurrected by the flame bringer. Ok, I have forgotten one detail to report. Item #464 is sometimes floating in the air, tested with both Chocolate Doom and PrBoom-Plus.
  9. Skill 4: New MAP28: 109%/100%/100%. Comments: while kills are inflated due to monsters resurrected by flame bringers, I have discarded there are living monsters by entering the TNTEM code, which reported 0 monsters killed, just before than exiting.
  10. The new blood pond added at (-135, -2105) should be impassable, for consistency reasons (others blood ponds with hanging torsos are impassable).
  11. To reduce the risk of a new player wandering and backtracking, I would consider tagging either the door at (48, 1346) or the one at (-656, 1024 [more likely this one so one can see there is a yellow card to hunt while disallowing further progress without owning the blue card]) as one door with the proper blue stripes which requires a blue card. Of course, by doing so the current blue door should be a normal door without blue stripes.
  12. By the way, nodes of map15_gz2.wad should be rebuilt in any case because PrBoom prints this in the terminal window when warping to the edited level: P_LoadReject: REJECT too short (0<85492) - padded
  13. This is the first time I see MAP28 running in Gameception. The original MAP28 of Phase 2 crashes it due to exhausted memory.
  14. Skill 4. C4M4: 100%/100%/100%. Initially, only 85% for secrets. Comments: due to the really small size of last secret sector, the one which gives access to one heavy armor and some ammo, it is very possible discover it without actually getting credit for it, unless the player steps forth and back carefully on that sector.
  15. Skill 4. C4M3: 100%/100%/100%, nothing to report.