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  1. Or secrets which get locked forever if one explores the level in the “wrong” order. DTWID E2M5, for example, contains one secret area, with one line trigger required to unlock the secret exit on top of that, which will get locked forever just for approaching one area from the “wrong” side.
  2. Demo (skill 4): In my opinion, this map suffers from overuse of barons of hell (mainly these ones) and hell knights. For example, these two barons which teleport when one picks up the blue key add nothing but wasting time and valuable shells without being too threatening.
  3. Demo (-complevel 4 or -gameversion final, as usual) of High Noon, I accidentally telefragged the cyberdemon: Excellent and exciting map.
  4. Just for curiosity. Are the Final Doom maps the original ones properly converted / extracted from the PSX CD or PC versions modified to look like the original ones, like the ones of PSX Doom/Final Doom TC because the storage format couldn’t be reversed engineered back then?
  5. F-Narthex suffers from certain glitches, some tutti-frutti on certain steps and three HOMs: F-Waste: tutti-frutti and one obvious misalignment:
  6. These two pain elementals and cacodemons can be released one by one, more manageable. 48th attempt... finally, once and for all. While the tally screen reports 100%/100%/100%, I am afraid there is one living monster, fact masked by some resurrected one. At least, I can listen the action sound of one imp. Demo, (-complevel 4 or -gameversion final): Edit: checked, 0 monsters unkilled, fortunately. Ok, I haven’t said anything about that ambush, those teleporters are actually even exploitable to telefrag the monsters. However, I miss one backpack and I think that one medikit should be replaced with a berserker pack, as sort of big medikit and melee weapon combo.
  7. After 42 attempts, literally, of recording one complete run of Hardpoint... The final ambush of Hardpoint should (or has to) be toned down. That ambush with four hell knights, three revenants, three cacodemons and, as cherry on the cake, one arch-vile and scarce space to manoeuver around is too harsh for a map which doesn’t offer a plasma gun / BFG9000 and cells. By that time, ammo and health resources will be exhausted after defeating lots of annoying commandos and revenants placed in annoying places. On top of that, the secret soulsphere is unreachable until the player triggers this ambush, paradoxically, and gets access to the red skull key. This one is up. All AD_79’s maps seem to be down though. Minor typo spotted.
  8. This famous episode for Ultimate Doom matches, more or less, what you have said as long as you play each level from pistol start. And this single map for Doom 2 was infamous for having very scarce ammo. Edit: check this thread as well.
  9. F-Waste.wad has drawsegs and visplanes overflows (mainly drawsegs overflows), at the southwestern corner of the biggest room. Checked by Visplane Explorer, with (important) open doors.
  10. Not really. Needs a node rebuild though.
  11. Demo of F-Stranded. Comments: —Definitely, one backpack is very recommendable, in my opinion. —At least one green armor should be added. Currently, player will go unarmored for the vast majority of time. —While the blue skull key ambush doesn’t look that awful, at least that one soulsphere and blue armor should be replaced with a megasphere, so the player can be better prepared for this battle without wasting conventional stimpacks / medikits. —Secret with one BFG9000 should be somehow redesigned. Currently, it’s very possible the player picks up the BFG9000 without getting credit for this secret, due to the really small size of the secret sector itself and because it’s a timed secret, thus the player cannot step back and forth carefully on that secret sector.
  12. Regarding I have tested this map, F-Stranded. While I like it, there is something I dislike: the blue skull key ambush, where one has to deal with many mid-tiers (including revenants), platforming, damaging floors and flying monsters simultaneously. This is a bit dire as manoeuvrability is severely reduced due to damaging floors and flying monsters (they are infinitely tall in Vanilla-like engines). At least, one protector suit should be added to have a fairer combat. Also, the lack of backpack.
  13. I liked. Both difficulty and monster count seem very reasonable for the intended slot. I have noticed this map lacks of skill support, so for skills 2 and 3 certain enemies should be removed or replaced with weaker ones. And I guess that support for cooperative and deathmatch games should be taken into account. At least, both DTWID and D2TWID support, supposedly, cooperative and deathmatch games for 2-4 players. Edit: there is something I miss, one backpack in the starting area. Demo (-complevel 4 or -gameversion final) of this new map. Unfortunately, I entered prematurely into the exit pad leaving one or two living monsters... And ran out of ammo, mainly because I picked up accidentally one box of shells when I had, more or less, 40 shells. Edit 2: A more proper demo, with better ammo management. What I dislike about this map is being unable to get the super shotgun (badly needed to kill that arch-vile released when getting the red skull key) until these blue bars are lowered.
  14. Is it possible to extract doom.wad, doom2.wad and nerve.wad from a physical copy of Doom 3 BFG Edition via a 3rd party unpacker, without installing the game itself? If so, what are the timestamps of these files? I have a legit copy, purchased just to have one legit instance of nerve.wad, from Steam without a physical disc, so there is no way of determinating the original timestamps.
  15. Nodes of that map for TNT MAP01 slot need be rebuilt. PrBoom-Plus reports this: P_GetNodesVersion: using normal BSP nodes Too big or not supported REJECT overflow has been detected. Desync or crash can occur soon or during playback with the vanilla engine in case you're recording demo. You can change PrBoom behaviour for this overflow through in-game menu. P_LoadReject: REJECT too short (0<1327) - padded