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  1. Ok, last technical tweak. (-1027, +264): two enemies are paralyzed and they are unable of attacking, at least on Chocolate Doom and PrBoom -complevel 2.
  2. One SSG should be added so that player can get it before than getting the blue key, because (due to the new flow) one flame bringer / arch-vile is released when getting this one. And the combat to get the red key should be reviewed. It is not nice having to deal with one flame bringer, multiple trilobites and these annoying sniper dark soldiers.
  3. I have realized that currently there is no SSG and no berserker, due to the removed corridors. One SSG should be added, we are speaking about a map with many pain bringers / hell knights, so player needs something relatively powerful. Same for the berserker. This map had in the past one ultraoverdrive sphere. I would restore it, replacing the secret overdrive sphere with an ultraoverdrive one.
  4. In my opinion, very positive. Gameflow is fluider and more natural. I really hated the computer maze, and now it is history. I am going to play this without nomonsters on skill 4 to see the changes. Anyway, I think this map suffers somewhat from overuse of Revenants / Dark soldiers, which replaced in the past certain chaingun / minigun zombies. P.S.: There are leftovers on the automap of the removed secret with an invisibility sphere.
  5. Opening the door located at (+1294, +1904) will break the entire map, creating HOMs everywhere and rendering the level unplayable.
  6. Tutti frutti is gone once and for all. Interesting, if I run to the secret exit, it is possible one secret does not register properly. In order to register it, I have to open the door, backstep, wait until the door closes, reopen it and proceed forward.
  7. Tested the new MAP15. There is still some of tutti frutti, more or less at 902, -1693, -64. Regarding secrets: the first two secrets near the starting room seem broken. And there are two monster closets tagged as secrets.
  8. There are certain broken lifts, thus I cannot explore the entire level. Is that expected as consequence of opening every door? There is at least one drawsegs overflow, at +2130, +184, -128. Tutti frutti at -463, +810, -72 and +902, -1693, -64.
  9. That puzzle is OK and works as expected, confirmed. I think that behaviour of the second crusher is fully intentional as well.
  10. Is it safe to test the C4Mx maps? In this context, safe means there is no risk of major changes which invalidate any past run. I have never played the original Double Impact, so playing this famous episode seems exciting.
  11. I doubt it.
  12. Href and link text differ, link text says c2m3_c3 but links actually to c2m3_c2. Confirmed, no tutti frutti and no room with many crushers for c2m3_c3.
  13. There is still tutti frutti, on the same surfaces. And visplane overflows in the room with many crushers. Error: R_DrawPlanes: visplane overflow (132)
  14. @Voros, off-topic:
  15. I really dislike MAP21. The old one, of course. As for the new one, there is some tutti frutti on the lava walls of northern room.