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  1. There is a patch to “convert” Doom from american English to british English, just as curiosity:
  2. I don’t think so. It seems he is creating a PWAD for plutonia.wad with TEXTURE1 / PNAMES created from the scratch with only the custom textures / patches of that PWAD, without importing these lumps from the base IWAD as the very first thing to do and edit them to put the custom content.
  3. Ok, that’s good. Your disc matches the expected MD5 of a common release. If you suspect your disc is a silver CD-R or something (even if back then CD burners were a luxury), insert it into a CD or DVD writer (writer, not reader) and use ImgBurn to read the ATIP information. Pressed CDs lack of ATIP, so that the CD mustn’t have an ATIP. For me, it looks authentic. Perhaps a budget pressing, but authentic.
  4. E4M3 has a sector which may kill the player if inadvertely triggered by pressing use key in the room with a rocker launcher. That room has one linedef (#735) which will rise one sector (#123) to ceiling height, killing the player if happens to be here when triggering that linedef. Edit: alas, this was already posted:
  5. Speaking of file uploads, I have noticed that file ids have become out of sync. is idgames://18927. However, links to another file. In the new database, the id of this file posted above is 18932. Older files don’t seem affected. is idgames://18645 and links to the same file.
  6. Two words: survivor bias.
  7. Leaving aside the messed up TEXTURE1 / PNAMES (you should import them from the base IWAD and edit them, not write them from the scratch) and others lumps, it seems for me a possible bug or issue of the hardware renderer (or the internal node builder of GZDoom, perhaps), which freaks out. Software rendering of PrBoom-Plus does work OK. Your first version I have cleaned and rebuilt using DeuTex and ZenNode (yes, DeuTex and ZenNode for DOS) does the same thing:
  8. Ok, it seems another problem. Output of PrBoom-Plus says SKY3 is missing, complains about missing textures and refuses to run it, with plutonia.wad as IWAD. GZDoom, which complains about F_START and F_END markers (there are two instances of the latter), can run it, and there are obvious HOMs in the outdoor zone. It sounds to me like messed up TEXTURE1/PNAMES lumps, and it’s interesting that you have swapped them, according to wad-js viewer. Another user who can run Slade3 may give you more accurate instructions to fix your wad.
  9. I do remember the PSX TC was (ab)using that cvar, setting it to 1 and making everything ultradark. While the real game in a real console is relatively dark, isn’t that dark... Just disable the Enhanced Nightvision Effect, cvar is gl_enhanced_nightvision.
  10. Increase Ambient Light Level, its cvar is named gl_light_ambient. It seems this cvar was recently dropped though.
  11. Are walls / textures fully transparent and you can see through them à la x-ray vision? Something like these infamous rendering glitches of pSX 1.13 when emulating Doom for PlayStation? Try another node builder(s) for that map.
  12. Summary in five words: this is something really big!
  13. If you create an ISO of that disc (without posting the actual file, of course), is 05b6cc4c33da31d0e947f67d36a3c7f6 the MD5 of the resulting file?
  14. Solved mystery, I confirm that using tntr.wad as first additional PWAD did the trick. Well, at least they are playable à la Master Levels (never better said).
  15. I have got one legit licence of Doom Touch I adquired via Amazon Appstore from a Kindle Fire tablet from a direct relative of mine (I may give details via PM, of course). Therefore, am I eligible for receiving one updated apk which does not require Amazon Underground? Chocolate Doom not being able of saving settings is really pissing me off, because I cannot tweak the cfg file in order to enable autorun. Having to hold the (physical) shift key is really annoying.