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  1. Hello, spd7693. I recently read the thread on your Doom wad. I may even play your levels at some point.


    I just want to say that despite seeming harsh, people in the thread have offered good advice. The keys to becoming a better mapper are to listen to criticism, and have fun! You will get better at mapping. From the looks of the thread, you are already improving.


    In conclusion, don't give up!





    1. spd7693


      I haven't stopped. I just got upset from the fact that I do my best, yet again I get feedback as if I've done nothing. But this doesn't mean I've given up completely. I'm going to post something else when I've learned a bit about the megawads. Maybe after I play Alien Vendetta and Requiem, because I need to analyze a lot of things. Especially the difficulty curve.