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  1. Then I will come. Not that I can guarantee finishing it.
  2. Does it count if you still have an ongoing project from before and just want to add another map into it it or you have to create something that's not connected to anything you have thus far? I might begin a map on October 1st and try and finish it until October 31st in a way for instance, but that will be a map for my own "epic". (Supposedly it's gonna be a concept themed map nonetheless.)
  3. I wonder who reads in this thread, but here I am with another map: Map 21 - Tartar. Ready a lot sooner than expected. It isn't that small in size, but things can be seen there. A big credit to @DavidN for his tutorials that inspired me to finally make a map with (almost) no right angles and make different interesting forms. In fact, I tried to create a level that just screams "Welcome to Hell, Doomguy!" As it's said in the story: Yes, the first sentence is a reference to Star Craft and the first words Jim Raynor says when he encounters the Zerg. Fittingly, the music used is the first Zerg track from the game. And if it fits the geometry and the fight, see the screenies. And yes, all of them were made in different playthroughs. The only armour in the level is the few patches of blue armour and any megasphere you can encounter, so be careful! Screenshots: The file will be both posted here and in the OP. It also includes an updated version of Map 15 - The Monastery. The changes are minor, but very important: Only two hell knights appear in the marble secret as opposed to 5 earlier. Yellow key trap: revenants reduced to 12 from 24, barons removed. The change is significant for the completion of the map. SSG moved into the room with the yellow door and the yellow key trap. In the lighted portion as well and it's easier to see. Location of the plasma rifle is now lighted. More changes might be made in the future for now these, because they seemed the most important. They had to come with the publishment of map 11, but it seems I have uploaded the wrong file. Now I made sure I'm uploading the correct file. Have a good time playing! https://www.mediafire.com/file/vqawvjicg3pyyb5/Chase.rar/file
  4. I thought I had updated Map 15 in this file. Well, I'll update it for the next time. The SSG was supposed to be in the lighter room, where you eventually get the yellow key, the hell knights in the secret were supposed to be 2 and not 5, the barons were supposed to be removed... Well... I'll see if I have saved the updated version in the temporary wad I use for editing, while this is the one I give for testing since it has no incomplete maps inside. If so, the file I gave you and all the other testers will be updated ASAP. If not, then maybe you'll have to wait. I might update this version before I finish map 21, but I'm not giving more maps than the ones you saw in the set until the updated version is in it.
  5. Here is the wad: https://www.mediafire.com/file/vqawvjicg3pyyb5/Chase.rar/file Info: Name: The Chase Ready maps: 1, 5, 6, 9, 11, 15, 16, 29, 30, 32 5 will not make the final cut. Feel free to play it though. Earliest maps: 9, 16, 5, 1 Most recent map: 11 Maps in progress: 21 Difficulty curve on Ultra-Violence: Find out yourselves, I can no longer proclaim it. New monsters: None, even Nazis and Commander Keens aren't used and aren't going to be used. New graphics: None, but I use textures from Final Doom New music: Yes, but in OGG Vobris format. Compatibility: Limit removing Tested with: Chocolate Doom - runs everything except the music, however it refused to issue warp on 29 and 30. Crispy Doom - runs everything.  GLBoom-Plus - runs everything on -complevel 2, most of the screenshots are from there. GZDoom - runs everything, gamma correction 1.5 recommended. I'll check up if the link works and will edit the post if it does. Yeah, it does, but you may have to copy it and paste it in a new session.
  6. Hello. I sent you a request on February 27th via a personal message. Seeing this makes me feel kinda forgotten since it was not read for weeks, now I don't see my wad in this thread, nor did I get a reply. So I'd like to ask if I'm in the pecking order and please put my request at least a bit higher, because I've sent it almost 3 months ago. Check your mailbox if you don't believe me.
  7. spd7693

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    If you wonder what is happening to my Chase.wad, here are some samples of what soon will become Map 21 - Tartar. If all goes well, in the summer this map will be published for testing. Not sure if that counts to you as locked switch marking, but to me it does. If not, please offer a better solution. Just mind that I don't really want to attach the skulls to the wall. The red switch has been flipped as you can see by the raised bars. It's the fleshy one.
  8. spd7693

    Do You Own a Device Capable of Playing Audio CDs?

    I have original albums by different bands, as well as compilations. Playing The Angel by Depeche Mode being one of the closest to my heart. I also have a few games on the original CDs - Age Of Empires 2 and HOMM 3 and 4 come in mind. Earlier I had the first StarCraft and Brood war on an original CD too, but unfortunately it wore out, cause I simply couldn't stop playing it. And of course, Doom and Doom 2. But I eventually moved the wads on an USB stick when I no longer had a computer with a CD slot. That was until I finally found out there are outer devices you can plug in and play CDs. I bought one now and I use it. Where the discs are is a completely different question, but at least the originals close to my heart are here. The others might be worn out already.
  9. Forgot the file again! Now it's here.
  10. Well, first map ready on the new computer! Also, I finally am using Ultimate Doom Builder and have tested with GZDoom personally as well. This also is my first circular map. This is map 11 - S. O. S. For quite some time I had issues balancing the health. That is when we don't count the big health items. All of them are off the main path and/or in secrets. It's possible to beat the map without visiting the optional areas, but obviously it is not recommended if you want 100% kills. And 100% secrets as well, because one of them really is off the main path. Story: Well, I did attempt to do something that looks like a sunken oil platform or at least base of sorts. Just a bit of a side note. If you use GZDoom, set your gamma correction to 1.5. I tested at 1 and at 2 on both GLBoom+ and GZDoom and the difference of the lighting at the same level of gamma in both source ports was baffling. Either I am used to play at a higher correction or am not noticing the lighting changes that much unlike most of you. Screenshots: Music used - "Floating Across Water" from HOMM4. (Water terrain theme.) Enjoy!
  11. spd7693

    Things about Doom you just found out

    I wonder if it's just me, but it seems like I'm most comfortable when my gamma correction is set to 2 in GLBoom+ and 1.5 in GZDoom. Seems like I make my maps that way as well. No wonder why when playing with GZDoom you all see my maps darker than usual. Just noticed it when I tested my most recent map. Also, it feels like in GLBoom+ the game runs faster. Maybe I should check the speed settings, but I'm sure it seems like that.
  12. spd7693

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    ^ Says the neko that's hatching from an egg.
  13. spd7693

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Reggae boy with a mandolin.
  14. spd7693

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Some have noticed I love hexagons too. :) They're fun and challenging to draw as well. I use the shape in my about-to-be map 11 of Chase as well. The map was in big production Hell, but here is what I have done this far: The map shoud be a half-sunken crippled oil platform, so maybe later I could add some dead monsters, but usually I don't like placing dead monsters, because this messes up my way of counting kills. It also is my first circular map as you can see - quite a few loops, interconnection and a few optional areas. You can finish without backtracking. Only an exit portal and a route to it are missing, but that I think is the actual hard part as I have to combine all sorts of techniques to place the different levels of damaging floors, including lava, and other thing and of course, the final section. So finishing it is so far unknown.
  15. Update! This year I had some issues that I finally am about to resolve! This includes also a prize I won in a game show that will allow me to buy myself a new computer and have an easier time doing the stuff I want to. This is the last map created or edited on this computer! And well, it's an updated version of Map 29 - Shackled By The Master. The map had a lot of problems that frustrated some players - too big, too confusing, too much of a drag, too hard to get from place to place... In the end even I thought it's too big, so this is what I did: Now the map is about half the size it used to be. The monster count also is dropped by half - the map is much faster to go through as well. A few areas redesigned. A few rooms removed completely. The map is closer to the original idea I had. New design of the blue switches. Added (more) teleporters that lead to the blue switches. Added teleporters outside of the map that can be used to get faster from corner to corner. New areas: Unfortunately, now I can't find where GLBoom+ has saved the in-game screenies, so I can't upload them at this point. If I find them, I'll upload them later.