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  1. I haven't played through map04 yet or map06, but I just finished map03 it took me 30 minutes! Super fun map, by the most advanced doom64 editing i've seen (colors and all). The only downside, is that the map is so detailed, I wish the fire-fights were a little longer, maybe add more monsters and backtracking fights, also, the level was too easy I feel. Perhaps remove some health and ammo on harder settings, and add more monsters and longer fights. overall, I haven't played something this fun in a while for Doom64. Great work!
  2. I loved the maps. The coloring/lighting was great and I could tell you spent a lot of time developing the rooms and such. Very good detail. I look forward to more maps from you! Keep it up!
  3. beastman184

    Doom64EX ACS scripting

    Yes I am currently using this new version of the Builder. And I figured it out... it seems that you just have to modify linedefs by labeling them with the same tag as the monster(s) that you want to be killed, and have that linedef activate macros, and continue to do this depending on how many sequences of battles you want. Its a sort of strange way to mimic the "counter" function in other scripting languages. Nonetheless, it works, although it is a strange approach indeed. Thank you for your post.
  4. beastman184

    Doom64EX ACS scripting

    It has been considerably difficult to navigate through these forums to find up-to-date Doom64EX/doombuilder64 content considering that most of the posts concerning doom64builder are outdated, meaning they were posted some 3-4 years ago back when the "macro-tab" was still implemented. I have always loved Doom64 and made levels for the old "Absolution TC" project, but it always troubled me knowing it wasn't the real Doom64, like Doom64EX. I am much more fond of the latter source-port and have started making some maps using the new and improved DoomBuilder64 (last updated feb 2014, so no macro-tab). So here is my dilemma: The macro scripting system is very limited, I can't seem to make any scenarios where you pick up a shotgun, spawn 5 imps, and after killing ALL 5 imps, an exit door will open, allowing you to leave that battle. This sort of monster-counter-battle type level is my favorite, and allows the mapper total control over Our-Hero, and the levels are just more enjoyable. Usually, I would make these sort of scripts very simply by using ACS scripting in my custom Zdoom levels, and using the "newtid" of the spawned imps (doom in hexen format). I would just love to somehow implement ACS scripting into doombuilder64, but I am not that savy with these sort of things nor am I certain this is even a possible endeavor. I love doom64builder.... along with all the coloring, it is beautiful! And I love all of Kaiser's doom maps... my brother and I loved playing through the outcast levels and other levels added with the absolution TC. Special thanks to Kaiser for making this and I wanted to personally thank you for all of the beautiful wads/content you have created. You definitely know how to make a good Doom64 level with atmosphere and all. I'm currently working on maps and would love to upload them once I figure out these little problems. Thank you so much, -Beastman184