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  1. @MidnightMage I'll take e1m5 as well. I think it's a good idea to cap this off at 1 episode for now. You don't want to get burned out, and we can always take on a second episode as a separate effort. Even though it's a shift from the original goal I'm down for including some new textures and custom effects & enemies. We can spend the extra time we would have spent making other levels on polishing and refining gameplay and playtesting.
  2. @MidnightMage Thanks! I'll try to get some minor updates to e1m6 map finished and update my upload. It still won't be what I would consider finished but close enough that I can shift my focus for a bit. I'd definitely be down to do another, what slots do you have for episode 2?
  3. Updated the map I originally posted: https://www.doomworld.com/forum/post/2320754 I don't have any custom DDF stuff in yet, hopefully I can work on including some of that this weekend.
  4. @MidnightMage Thanks for the feedback. I'm glad you liked it! I've already got several of the bugs, misplaced items, etc. ironed out so I should be able to update that soon. I actually started tinkering with DDF as well under the guidelines of only using doom 1 resources and came up with a few things and wanted to see if you thought they were cool for me to include. I only have screen shots of the barrel, but I also have a bubbling slime effect, several lights that I think look nice, and green tinted demon variant that has 2x speed, 1/2 health and when it dies it explodes and throws slime everywhere. I also have created what I think are better blood & gore effects than the default. I'll send you some examples when I have a chance. I've really enjoyed making these things in DDF and would love to do more. I've been using Doom Forever by @CeeJay and Astral Pathfinder by RunSaber as examples to learn from. Glowing smoking barrels that throw debris when they explode:
  5. @MidnightMage Let me know what you think. I mentioned before it's not done but I've got the basic flow, still need to adjust some of the switches, monster placement, texture alignment, more detailing, etc... PREC_E1M6.zip
  6. @MidnightMage Got some new screens of progress. I'll do a couple of quality control passes of the level and post it for playtesting in the next hour . It's not done and you'll notice some areas that aren't detailed or flow / gameplay is not so smooth, but I don't want to get lost in the rabbit hole of constantly modifying or tweaking parts of the map before I get some feedback. You also mentioned it seemed like your effort to get people into the edge engine was a failure, but at least for me that's not the case. I haven't used this engine in years, and I've been mapping for quite awhile and never released anything or even talked about it publicly. This has changed because of this thread, and I'm now motivated to complete something I started, kudos to you for that. Screenshots
  7. Watched the video, great tutorial and very much to the point. I've never used Doom Explorer, but I had an pretty messy doom folder so the video inspired me to do a clean install of the ports I use (all of them) and use that utility going forward to find servers. Thanks for the great content @Doomkid
  8. I'm still chipping away at my entry, I'm done creating areas but still in the detailing and adding edge related features phase. I'll download and play your updated wad and let you know what I think! I'm almost ready to get some playtesting, so hopefully in the next week I can get what I've got uploaded for some feedback as well.
  9. Thanks for the feedback! I think E1M3 is my favorite of the maps in your current build. Let me know if you want me to test or provide feedback!
  10. Just an update on my progress. I've got the layout more or less finished, still need to detail the most northern parts of the map and then balance gameplay. I started using some Edge features that you can see in some of the screenshots. Translucent Liquid Extrafloors, as well as regular extrafloors for bridges and detailing, some scrolling to simulate nukage flow & falls. Next I'll delve into using RTS & DDF to create some more dynamic elements, but I'm not quite there yet.
  11. Mind if I have a slot? Edge was the engine that got me into modding/map making back in the day, so I'd love to contribute. Currently using e1m6 but it could be anywhere besides maybe the first or boss level. I'm about 50% done with layout and gameplay. Check out the screenshots and let me know what you think of what I've got so far. Thanks!
  12. compy286

    The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross now on Twitch

    I think it's awesome. I started watching last night because of the novelty, ended watching the whole painting he was working on get finished. Happy trees, lots of happy little trees.
  13. compy286

    Most underrated games you've ever played

    Didn't think i'd see this here but I LOVE this game. I spent countless hours with it.
  14. Hey sajbear, played your WAD when you posted it to the Doom subreddit. I liked it a lot but was not able to finish it. I will play through it again sometime in the next couple of days let you know more what I think. I played your 1.1 iteration so I'll go through 1.3 next. I will also attempt to post a video of me playing through it on the youtubes.