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  1. compy286

    The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross now on Twitch

    I think it's awesome. I started watching last night because of the novelty, ended watching the whole painting he was working on get finished. Happy trees, lots of happy little trees.
  2. compy286

    Most underrated games you've ever played

    Didn't think i'd see this here but I LOVE this game. I spent countless hours with it.
  3. Hey sajbear, played your WAD when you posted it to the Doom subreddit. I liked it a lot but was not able to finish it. I will play through it again sometime in the next couple of days let you know more what I think. I played your 1.1 iteration so I'll go through 1.3 next. I will also attempt to post a video of me playing through it on the youtubes.
  4. compy286

    Reaper miniatures prototype Cyberdemons

    Wow that's awesome. I've never seen the other versions. As someone who has a growing collection of Doom related stuff, I've thought about buying some of those reaper miniatures off ebay several times but the price always stops me.