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  1. Maybe one day :) Damn it >_<
  2. Version 1.4 has been released! Also Happy Halloween! :D I tested with Pr-Booom-plus with -complevel 2 and I fixed it! Super thanks! :) Hopefully this the last patch! Moddb, and /idgames next! ;) Super cool! ^^ This is fixed in 1.4! (Yay!)
  3. I'll probably get to it this weekend :) Hopefully it will be last update I have to do :)
  4. sajbear

    Cacowards 2015 Nomination Thread

    One day I'm gonna make a map good enough to be nominated to Cacowards! ^^
  5. 1.3 has now been released! :)
  6. Fixed for 1.3 Already tweaked this area in 1.2. its fine for now. I couldnt see them in doom builder or in gzdoom, I THINK if fixed them anyway. What port do you use? I would like to see them for myself Fixed for 1.3 Fixed for 1.3 Fixed for 1.3 No, you can't get them. Don't be greedy! ;)
  7. Gluttony = The first room with the mancubuses and the baron Greed = The room with the moving pillars Wrath = the third room with all the barons and hell knights Pride = The warzone room Envy = the city room Sloth = the room with the plasmagun Lust = the outside room
  8. ehh...it gave me an error on Chocolate Doom.
  9. It will be fixed for 1.3 :) It only shows up when you die right and the crusher slows down, right?
  10. Ok thanks! Yeah I saw that now >_< Such a n00b error :( Will be fixed in 1.3.
  11. Don't really want to since then you have to start with console. Updated the first post, and if I release a new version, the readme will be updated as well. Thank you! Glad you liked it! :) If you can supply screenshots of the misalignments, that would help me a lot! :) How do I fix these errors? The don't show up in doom builder :/
  12. I tested it with GzDoom and it worked great. It's in reality a vanilla map so it should work with anything except ports that doesn't have the linedef restrictions removed. (Since its huge) It requires doom2.wad.
  13. Thats just about 1/8 of the total map size ;) (that have sloppy2) :P Awesome! Post a link when your done and enjoy! :D