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  1. CeeJay

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    That's it. Thank you. At first I got confused as to why it was in the x-rated section, nothing seemed too "naughty" about it until I played for a bit and saw all the nudie posters. Probably one of the reasons as to why I had problems finding it.
  2. CeeJay

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    I remeber a level that was modelled after a huge office building with multiple floors. There were custom textures for sure and possibly sprites too. For things like a coffee machine. Could have been deathmatch only, I don't remeber there being any monsters. It used the old teleporter-in-the-stairway trick to get you from one floor to the other to get around the room-over-room limitation. I can not find it or really remeber the name of it, I think it was DTDOOM or MTDOOM or something along those lines. Not much to go on, but that's pretty much all I can remeber. Anybody have any ideas?
  3. CeeJay

    Source port: EDGE-Classic v1.1 release

    I did a thing... DOOM 64-ified, loosely based on https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=46&t=72781 But now also as an EDGE-Classic exclusive, brought to you by moi. Play me: https://www.mediafire.com/file/n7zpesavsz709za/d64ified_EDGE.zip/file D64IFIED_TEX.WAD and D64IFIED_PSXMUS.WAD are entirely optional. Vanilla texture swap and PSX DOOM soundtrack, respectively. Happy hunting!
  4. CeeJay

    Source port: EDGE-Classic v1.1 release

    Excelent work. But I noticed that some EDGE-Classic specefic commands are indicated as such while others are not. And there may be one or two more that aren't listed at all.
  5. CeeJay

    Source port: EDGE-Classic v1.1 release

    Does this support Brutal Doom? And can I run any other GZDoom mods with it?
  6. CeeJay

    Aliens: Stranded (release)

    Generic name, perhaps, but it pretty much delivers what it says on the tin. Ten fold, even. How and why would anyone confuse it with the old '94 TC, especially after a quick glance at the screenshots. Hell, how many people even remember or have knowledge of that old one at this point.
  7. CeeJay

    Operation: Arctic Wolf Revisited (v. 4.0)

    Version 3.0 ! More special effects, balancing tweaks, additional and improved hints, lots of new/replaced sound effects, more scaled/HD textures and one new weapon. Enjoy.
  8. CeeJay

    Aliens: Stranded (release)

    This looks sweet.
  9. You are very much welcome. Version 0.0.1 is now up for download.
  10. Thanks to Lobo's EMUS getting some really useful features involving image offsetting, essentially making the process a breeze, the majority of the old sprites will be converted into PNG images. In earlier versions of the mod, most of the sprites were in Doom format, forced into its pallette. The main benefit of this is that their original palette can now be preserved. Some notable examples. Left is the old DOOM format, right is with the original pallette.
  11. CeeJay

    The Precipice (an 3DGE Project) on Idgames!

    I like the texture usage and the room-over-room areas were interesting. Personally not a huge fan of slaughter maps though. The music track for E1M3 gave me a headache, what the hell is that noise? It sounds drunk. Shame, because I really dig the one for E1M1.
  12. Some random screenshots of the mod being played with an old megawad.
  13. Are you saying that... there is another Star Wars mod out there ? Wow, and here I was thinking that this was the only ever Star Wars themed mod for Doom. I suppose I'll just have to delete all my progress and abandon the whole project then.
  14. Yeah, the levels are 3rd party WADs. The custom texture pack will most likely be released alongside the mod though. Whenever that is.