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  1. Thats actually how we got all of our current members. We just thought we'd reach out on doomworld to see if anyone who we havent seen in game would like to join.
  2. Nice, were just a casual clan, more like group, that are more social oreiented so we dont require any sort of allegiance to the group. Also, anyone in a clan or not is welcomed to join in on a gameday thats available for sign up on the website.
  3. Hey, if your a big fan of old 90's shooters like Quake, Unreal, and Doom, but dont like playing alone? Than consider joining 3amgamers. We are a group of old school shooter fanatics that also enjoy the social aspect that is missing so much in todays gaming community's. We use teamspeak3 to voice chat and sometimes skype to message people when we are going to have a gameday. We usually set 1 day within the week (Fridays, Saturdays, or Sundays) where we meet up and play a chosen game. Currently we have 2 Zandronum Deathmatch servers and are planning on expanding into other games. For those who do not own Quake 3 for example, we switch to OpenArena which is a free open source quake 3 game. If this excites you in your jimmies, than sign up over @ 3amgaming.net ;) Look forward to fraggin you guys!