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  1. Forgive the ridiculous thread title -- here's what I want to know: Is there an easy way (i.e. without creating my own thing type) to adjust a Dynamic Phase Light so that its min/max pulse is not in sync with every other Phase Light? In other words: currently every Phase Light I add to the level reaches min/max brightness at the same time; I would like to be able to offset that peak for each light. Thoughts? BONUS QUESTION: I assume I could do this if I did create my own thing type -- is that correct?
  2. Yeah, stop stealing the ideas I rightfully stole from other games!
  3. Lutz

    OG level homages or medleys (non ZDoom)

    Shameless self-promotion: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/d-f/dhs-lutz
  4. Lutz

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    Still playing around (and as prophesied, UDMF editing takes FOREVER...)
  5. I am trying to create a gradual gradient of fog, and despite quite a bit of experimentation, I cannot find a value for the GZDoom "Global Sector Fade" value that DOESN'T result in a very noticeable line at the border with a sector that has the default (empty) value. In the screenshot below, the darker sectors have a value of 0x000001, and there is still a clear divide (despite all sectors having the same brightness value). Is there a value I can start with that does not result in such a gross difference? Or do I have to apply a 0x000001 value to every non-fog sector to avoid the border?
  6. Lutz

    What's a map you never get tired of playing?

    "Darkdome" from Eternal Doom III
  7. Lutz

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    Holy shit -- I was frantically Googling the web for this exact set of shots! Do you have any of the others released around that same time?
  8. Lutz

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    Unreal is very much my inspiration, so thanks!
  9. Lutz

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    Even thought it does take me a LOT of time to tweak stuff -- damn you, unlimited options! -- UDMF / GZDoom is pretty cool:
  10. I would like to create a grate suspended over a pit with a 3D frame around it, as illustrated in the masterpiece below (gray is solid, red is the 3D frame, and the green line is a grate texture). The 3D frame is easy (action 160), but when I try to create another 3D sector abutting the frame, I see some strange interactions. Also, I am unsure as to how, exactly, to create a 3D structure that I can walk on but is infinitely thin. Thanks in advance... BONUS QUESTION: Is it possible to make a sector vertically fade to black? The FLOOR/CEILING GLOW field works great for adding color, but is there a way to darken the sector near the floor/ceiling?
  11. The screenshots below illustrate nested sectors separated by 8 lighting units (104..136) from close and far. My issue with the second screenshot is that there appears to be a much grosser difference between the light and dark sectors -- the subtle gradients visible in the first shot just disappear into a binary "light" and "dark" in a way unlike other renderers. Is this somehow inherent to GZDoom (I'm using or is there a graphical setting I should tweak? Also, is there a series of screenshots highlighting some/all of the various color/shading options the GZDoom introduces? Floor and ceiling glow are pretty straightforward, but I'm curious if there is a resource that illustrates, say, how dynamic lights behave in the presence of sector colors. Thanks!
  12. Lutz

    GZDoom Darkness Gradients

    Thanks, all
  13. So, I am converting a map from BOOM/MBF to UDMF in order to work around some limitations (see post at the bottom for more info). I used wad2udmf 0.3.7 to retain my linedef pegging/offsets (THANK GOD), but triggers seem to have disappeared (i.e. I can't open doors, lifts don't work, transparency is missing, etc). Restoring transparency was fairly straightforward, but the biggest concern I have is lighting -- I had a bunch of 213/261 (Set Floor/Ceiling light level) tags that now have no effect. At the end of the day, I want the UDMF version of my level to look/function exactly like the BOOM/MBF version -- what is the best way to do that? Alternatively, what is the best way to restore lighting/door/lift functionality after conversion? If I have to do everything manually, is there a list of standard parameters for door/lift speeds so that the level "feels like Doom"?
  14. TL;DR: Please suggest UDMF maps that still feel a lot like Doom (i.e. subtle use of UDMF features) ---- Gather 'round, young'uns, while Grandpa Lutz blathers on about the good ol' days. Seriously, I am old; I'm over 40, anyway, which I assume puts me in the minority of people who are currently reading this post (how many of you out there can claim to be older than the game this site celebrates?) Basically, my formative gaming years were devoted to watching the 3D FPS genre develop, and my ancient heart has a special place for those early games that worked hard to appear 3D prior to the advent of Pentium processors and NVIDIA. That is one of the many reasons I still love DOOM, and one of the reasons I love building levels for the game: the artificial limitations of the engine (except for VISPLANEs -- fuck that noise) forces the designer to think differently in a way I find fascinating and fun. Also, I'm a visual perfectionist, and I appreciate that the engine only allows so much freedom because it fundamentally limits the amount of excruciating minutiae in which I might otherwise lose myself (it takes me a while to build a Doom level, but it took me YEARS to finally consider an Unreal map complete). All of this is to say that editing a UDMF map scares the crap out of me, because most (all?) of those DOOM-imposed limits are removed. I've seen/played maps by @Ed / @Bauul / @Bridgeburner56 -- they look amazing -- and as I write this today, the idea that I will have access to the freedom that allows for such geometry and lighting is both daunting and disheartening because I am worried I will get so wrapped up in it that nothing will ever get finished. (Of course I realize that's entirely my fault, and that I should learn not to care about the intersection of a pipe and the ceiling in a corner no one can actually see unless they are flying around in DB2.) However: I also think I would enjoy some "real" transparent water and the occasional reflective floor, so I'm willing to give it a shot. Couple this with the fact that I have run up against some limits in the BOOM/MBF file format, and it looks like there is some UDMF in my future. ---- Here, gentle reader, is where you come in: in order to soothe my feverish brain, could you kindly suggest some levels that use the UDMF format (and some of the format-exposed tricks) while retaining the feel of classic DOOM? I'm specifically searching for: (a) subtle use of effects and/or 'singular' effects (i.e. the entire level is crazy 3D, but this one section is for a very good reason) (b) doors and lifts that operate much like their BOOM counterparts (c) Traditional DOOM beastiary (at least for the most part) Thanks!
  15. Lutz

    "DOOM-ish" UDMF Map Recommendations

    Additional stupid question: what is the difference between GZDoom (UDMF) and ZDoom (UDMF) other than OpenGL rendering? I am assuming that a map created for ZDoom will run in GZDoom but that the inverse may not be true -- what features prevent that from happening? Is there any reason to build a map for ZDoom instead of GZDoom?
  16. Is there an executable I could run? As someone who cannot read Cyrillic nor has access to a JAVA compiler, I am at a loss as to how to actually run that tool...
  17. Lutz

    Is it possible to achieve this effect in GZDoom?

    See the .WAD "Sector" by @Xaser -- the entire level gets built as you move around
  18. Lutz

    Stupid Linedef Limits

    I have made some big, complex levels in the past, but for the first time I have managed to exceed the linedef limit (with the damn level only 2/3 complete) -- I suspect a combination of gradient lighting and and natural rock formations, plus some stupidly unnecessary floor details that probably should just be a texture. First of all: DAMMIT. Second: are there .WAD formats that support an increased number of linedefs, or is that an inflexible DOOM limitation? Third: I'm certain other folks have been in this situation -- what did you do? How did you go about re-working your creations, or did you scrap them altogether? Forth: DAMMIT!
  19. Lutz

    Stupid Linedef Limits

    Thanks, all, for the quick responses -- answers (and follow-up questions) below: - The map format is (currently) BOOM/MBF (though I am using ZDoom for testing) - I don't think the map is that big (at least by playable area), but again, there are thousands of lines devoted to various light gradients and rock/lava formations - The layout is pretty dense and fairly inter-connected, so it would be hard to break it up into multiple maps; also, it looks the way I want it to, so I am hesitant to simplify too much -- I'd almost rather scrap it completely than have to "dumb it down" too far - Is it possible I am running into a DoomBuilder 2 limit rather than a .WAD format limit? - Were I to convert it to UDMF, it sounds like it would be pretty seamless EXCEPT for these lines in the Doom Wiki: What does that mean? Also, here's a shot of 80% of the level (grid=256) -- lots of lines, but it doesn't *feel* huge, so I'm surprised I hit a limit...
  20. Lutz

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    What's a subterranean military lab / excavation site without crates? Everybody loves crates!
  21. So much this. Also, WinDEU 5.2 used to occasionally fall into an infinite loop when merging vertices (particularly in larger maps) that would grab all my RAM and crash my machine if I didn't catch it in time -- I was always walking a fine line between "Maybe it will finish" and "Should I kill it now before my machine dies?"
  22. Lutz

    Doomcute thread

    Clipboard with scattered papers (and a bunch of liquids in various jars...)