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  1. YukiHerz

    i am SO FREAKING DONE guys !!!!!!!

    Hell yeah brother, i wont support an industry that makes me feel bad for being a closet xenophobe white that has shelves full of games bought with dad's credit card.
  2. It's free to use! :p Edit: Wait that's not mine, mine is blue.
  3. I've been messing around with the source for ports like choco and crispy, mainly to occupy myself on something instead of succumbing to an anxiety attack. This port here is the result of me messing with MBF for ms-dos, based on the updated MBF source found at Vogons, which i've mildly modified (mostly while learning how things work by copypasting and going over the changes) after setting up the necessary tools to compile it, the changes are: -Made weapon switching twice as fast -Added the extra sprites and states from modern dehacked implementations (taken from the code in Crispy). -Added A_FirePlasmaNoAmmo (while learning how codepointers are defined). -Added A_DropItem (while trying to implement something that could have some actual use). -Added A_FireTrap (wall trap function). The main reason I'm posting this here is, i'd like to know from actual source port developers, is there a reason why there haven't been new codepointers beyond what MBF added? is it purely due to having to coordinate with other authors to make sure all the modern ports support these new actions? Downloads: Compiled Port Source Code on Github Load the provided .bex and .wad to check out the custom actions, the fist will be changed into the Quake 2 blaster and fires plasma, Imps have A_DropItem added to their death. Credits to the actual authors of Boom, MBF, MBF 2.04, Chocolate Doom, Crispy Doom and Doom Retro.
  4. YukiHerz

    Coding newbie's first dabble into sourceports

    I've created a github repo with the source code, link in first post. Also a new compiled executable with another experimental codepointer, it may be a simple projectile shooting function, but it took me some thinking to come up and code it, no copypasting this time! yay! (but I did look at similar functions while coding it), the provided bex file has been updated to give zombiemen a questionable new ability.
  5. YukiHerz

    Coding newbie's first dabble into sourceports

    I see now, I hadn't realized the state PrBoom+ was in, certainly explains a lot. I'll continue to experiment, hopefully with less/no copypasting involved past this point.
  6. The Cat in the Hat is the most horrifying horror movie I've seen, it uses the cube sound.
  7. YukiHerz

    Alternatives to Yamagi Quake 2?

    Tried KMQuake2 yet? I have no issues switching between that and Yamagi for my needs.
  8. You're not going to find anything that'll do magic to such tiny sprites, sorry.
  9. Playing through the game with PCExhumed, I have to say this version isn't that much of a slacker either, there's still some platforming and trap setups, just in a smaller per-level scale, you're not gonna be revisiting levels with extra powerups or anything like that, but the visual design of the levels stands up to par, I think the only part about this version I don't like is sound design, but that may be because this port is unfinished and doesn't seem to be playing some sounds.
  10. Those sprites aren't from the game, only the sounds are left over.
  11. YukiHerz

    Is Marathon Trilogy worth playing today?

    Because that's how the original game worked and changing it would be a "sin".
  12. YukiHerz

    Is Marathon Trilogy worth playing today?

    You can forget about having a nice experience with Aleph One, the marathon community is extremely against changing anything beyond having the game run on modern systems.
  13. YukiHerz

    Which games are bad, but you like them?

    I remember first playing a demo of Corridor 7 before trying the full game which had some major differences, I believe that may be a huge factor on C7's reputation, people judged it by the demo.
  14. YukiHerz

    Which games are bad, but you like them?

    Dragon Ball Evolution (PSP), based on the awful live action Dragon Ball movie, no one can try this game without some level of prejudice, it's just a bite-sized Budokai game, which technically makes it not bad, just associated with a shitty product, I played it through and got everything in a few hours, honestly, it's a better experience than the proper Budokai games on PSP, maybe because it's literally those games but less, so everything feels more fresh.
  15. YukiHerz

    PS2 Discussion thread

    The only method i know of for slims is literally using the USB ports, which are slow and don't work that well outside of ps1 games, or setting up an SMB share, which is annoying to do but has good results.
  16. YukiHerz

    PS2 Discussion thread

    I wish someone would come up with an Optical Drive Emulator, at least for the slim model, "SMB or bust" is not really a place to be.
  17. Some of the games I continue to revisit: Brave Fencer Musashi, a good action rpg game, with tons of charm, there's even an in-game toy collection featuring most of the enemies and characters you meet in the game, and you have to make the choice of whether you want to open your sealed virtual toys or keep them in their box, and that's just a silly feature. Symphony of the Night, honestly who doesn't like this game. Resident Evil 3, RE1's light RPG influences combined with a Racoon City that was a cut above RE2's and a whole slew of random events that make each playthrough different, RE2 was amazing but RE3 is simply a step beyond. Digimon World, most people would hate this game, it's a glorified tamagochi, complete with your digimon pooping, and you better not let it poop in the grass unless you like poop. Quake 2, the PS1 version of Quake 2 is my favorite looking version of the game, the colored lighting adds even more atmosphere to the hellhole of Stroggos, having to put up with the loading screens is honestly totally worth it considering this port doesn't sacrifice model interpolation and texture resolution, unlike a certain other. Silent Hill, needs no real reason to be here, it's Silent Hill. Resident Evil Survivor, lots of people would tell you this game is trash, it's jank as hell but it sure ain't trash, the fact that a group of developers with a subpar budget managed to make something this atmospheric is outstanding to me, and especially amazed little old me all those years ago, it was the horror of a zombie infested city in full 3d, right on my CRT. Honorable Mention: PS1 Hexen, yes really, lots of people have read some exaggerated rumors about this port, there's definitely room for improvement but it's still an interesting (and at times quite amazing) port.
  18. YukiHerz

    Contrast Adaptive Sharpening

    Damn, Quake 4 is looking smexy. Here's hoping someone joins in to help with PBR textures for it.
  19. I'm in one of the calmer cities, the worst that has happened is sacking of retail stores and calls to burn both the city hall and the concrete factory, in both cases the army sent units to protect the perimeter and (as far as i know at least) they haven't shot anyone yet. The big advantage we have in Chile over places like Hong Kong is that we aren't disconnected from global internet, dozens of videos are recorded and uploaded on social media, and even though they are trying to censor them (Twitter has been found to remove hashtags related to this from global tendencies even though they have more tweets than literally everything else, and tweets are being deleted left and right) people still compile them into torrents and file hosting folders. One such example: Google Drive link, Viewer discretion is advised, content includes police/military brutality. To my fellow Chileans, stay safe, to the rest of the world, please don't let these files die.
  20. YukiHerz

    My second DOOM 3 map is released, yay!

    It's a pretty good map, though I'd say it needs a few extra ammo pickups around the start. We need more good content like this.
  21. YukiHerz

    Is Freedoom heating up?

    I'd say typing a non-argument that adds nothing to the topic is even more useless.
  22. YukiHerz

    Is Freedoom heating up?

    I don't think it's a thing about being "unsophisticated", rather IRC is simply a bother to use.
  23. YukiHerz

    New mobile ports (iOS, Andriod)

    7.something, lol.
  24. YukiHerz

    New mobile ports (iOS, Andriod)

    My phone from 2017 "isn't compatible with classic Doom". Well done 10/10 Also it doesn't appear on the store, I had to open a direct link to it, so even if it was compatible it'd tell me that it's not available in my region, it's like the world hates latin america or something.
  25. YukiHerz

    Castlevania Fans?

    Castlevania is a series I love. From the classic platformer bunch I'd say my favorite is Rondo of Blood, it's simply an enjoyable game that I can just pick back up and play without much hurdle, thanks to the PSP remake/rerelease. From the "Metroidvania" era, my opinion is a bit controversial, I think Curse of Darkness is superior to both Symphony of the Night and Aria of Sorrow, sue me. Recently I played Mirror of Fate on the 3ds, it's probably the worst thing I've played in quite a while, is there even a point to the minimap? the game reeks of thinly veiled linearity so it's not really that close to the "Metroidvania" games but it's also hilariously easy and shallow compared to the classics. I haven't watched the netflix series but I've somewhat kept up with them through other means, I was interested in watching it was fresh, but I kept putting it off and eventually, as is par for the course with netflix shows, they made unnecessary visual redesigns of established characters and the art quality also dropped significantly.