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  1. Outrageous Videos

    Full Moon Demos [-complevel 9]

    Full moon just got it's official release This is the demo thread for it Download: Table fill: Map22 uv-speed in 0:27 fm22uvs27.zip
  2. That was the name I was given by reelvonic on a list of map names iirc
  3. Outrageous Videos

    No Health (1 + 2)

    Sounds like a timeofdeath map with the same name
  4. Outrageous Videos

    Full Moon Demos [-complevel 9]

    I am interested to see what a map32 uv speed looks like when done by a speedrunner and not a casual player like myself map02 table fill in 35 seconds uv speed fm02s35.zip
  5. Outrageous Videos

    Practically impossible maps

    How about instead of making 1 cyberdemon in a tiny box with default textures and no effort you try making a fun megawad? Much more interesting than the 1000th "hardest maps!" thread of unbalanced garbage that anyone can make
  6. Glad to see this finally released!
  7. Outrageous Videos

    Half Moon 1 & 2 demos [-complevel 9]

    Very nice! I too will wait for someone else to get 1:59 :P
  8. Outrageous Videos

    Half Moon 1 & 2 demos [-complevel 9]

    Mainly saying it was shitty because it was slow + easy because you keep more stack than if you press both buttons
  9. Outrageous Videos

    Half Moon 1 & 2 demos [-complevel 9]

    Nevermind that was a really stupid route map18 uv max in 2:29 got it the attempt after that one trying to do intended route hf18229.zip
  10. Outrageous Videos

    Half Moon 1 & 2 demos [-complevel 9]

    map18 uv max in 2:55 with shitty easy alternate route hf118-255.zip
  11. It's all put together all that's left is bug testing
  12. Outrageous Videos

    Is there any reason not to always run?

  13. Outrageous Videos

    Hardest doom map/wad ever?

    Chillax in singleplayer followed by Okuplok saveless Then new sunder maps also Vhard.wad is another really hard one speed17 has some really bullshit fights I also made a fairly hard map for the speedmapping competition which I think might interest you if you like hard maps Not the hardest but the gameplay is really ridiculous kind of like the maelstrom finale but with more ammo and health lol
  14. Outrageous Videos

    Wads with the Unnerfed Scythe II Evil Marine

    After my playthrough of scythe II, I have fallen in love with the evil marine enemy and simply cannot get enough of them I have even done a solo-net run of it just to have more evil marines in the wad and only because I enjoy fighting them so much However the only megawad I have seen besides scythe II with evil marines is resurgence and those guys are definitely not fun to fight at all Does anyone know if there are any other megawads that make use of the original scythe II evil marine or even a buffed variant? I don't want any megawads with them slowed down at all as their speed is what makes the enemy work and fun to fight!
  15. Outrageous Videos

    Wads with the Unnerfed Scythe II Evil Marine

    Here is ebil mehreen boss ebil mehreen.zip
  16. Outrageous Videos

    Wads with the Unnerfed Scythe II Evil Marine

    >not being average evil marine enjoyer
  17. Outrageous Videos

    Valhalla project

    You should add weapon pickups for pistol start The maps look interesting but I don't really enjoy starting with a pistol and running around while 1000 enemies infight with only shotgun and chaingun For me gathering all the weapons up every level is part of the fun Would appreciate if weapon pickups are added
  18. If we are submitting one or two balance/bug fixes done a day after here's a fix for my second map that adds the damaging sector and a teleport closet at the end to soften the cyber grind done in 2-3 minutes Also fixes two HOM https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Z-SM8AzYu489F1ZbRMlt8oin0tKydP2b/view
  19. Outrageous Videos

    All my maps are here

    Don't know how I missed the second fullmoon thing Here's a playthrough
  20. Outrageous Videos

    Which WAD are you Currently Playing ? - Plans for NEXT WADS?

    And Dimensions isn't? Lol If he wants to get better ESP is one of the best ways to teach and practice high skill gameplay It certainly made me a much better player + I said what I would do I didn't say he had to do it. Merely a suggestion he can do whatever he wants
  21. Outrageous Videos

    Which WAD are you Currently Playing ? - Plans for NEXT WADS?

    I'd replace Dimensions with ESP + add stardate 20x7 + swim with the whales inbetween there and flotsam and if you plan on doing all of the new sunder maps put that after ESP Would be more fun + also make you a better player than that stupid list Nice! You should probably skip the first map I made when you get to it as it was my first speedmap ever... My second one is playable :)
  22. Outrageous Videos

    What are the hardest maps you've ever played?

    Scythe 2 map27 uv max saveless
  23. Maybe make an obligation to include a saveless or save limited playthrough after the map is finished to prevent impossible maps from being added? Or ones that are missing exits etc
  24. Here's a playthrough of my second map