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  1. Darkcrafter07

    Helion - C# ( 01/23 - Goodbye BSP tree rendering)

    That just was a test on an extremely old hardware, of course there is no need to optimize Helion for it.
  2. Darkcrafter07

    Hell Renaissance : The Great Mindsucking Machine (WIP v.0.1)

    Some video on Map17 progress, it's been a big leap forward lately for it though, here is how it started:
  3. Darkcrafter07

    Helion - C# ( 01/23 - Goodbye BSP tree rendering)

    So Helion was installed on a really old PC with a clear copy of Windows 10 so it could work without additional hussle... I thought. Apparently it needed to install some MS Visual C++ redists but all of them starting from 2002 to 2022 were installed, because even after NET Desktop Runtime 6 was installed the game would exit with an error that it couldn't load a dll from the runtime folder. I have installed Microsoft's official pack of legacy DirectX runtimes for sake of testing Quake MarkV engine as well. Back to specs it's a really old platform: AMD Athlon x2 64 5000+, 2gb 667Hz RAM (1+1) and super awful ATI Radeon HD 2400 PRO, the driver of which was a real struggle to install. It's a graphics card that was actually made to withstand OpenGL 2 and DirectX9 but as time went on they added OpenGL 3.3 and DirectX 10 support and it was a real disaster because in this mode it becomes extremely slow. The results for Helion on this system are 9-15fps on big maps like nuts and planisphere which is completely unplayable. Apparently Helion was also slowing down the game speed in a timedemo fashion if framerate was less than 35FPS? I've got to admit that on vanilla maps made the framerate goes from 40 to 45 fps. GZDoom would also kill that card so I used LZDoom v3.85b to find out that it's only playble on vanilla maps in 640x480 resolution. As a side note, some early pretty big maps of mine worked faster with this card under GZDoom v2.3.2 - it's like when they have already added full support for 3D floors, stacked sectors and line portals and even OpenGL3.3 shaders but without postprocessing effects. It also hates all games of 2000s era like Battlefield 2, Half-Life 2 and Counter-Strike Source, the playable framerates can be achieved by using 640x480 resolution on lowest graphical settings. My verdict is that for gaming this card is an absolute garbage and Helion not to be blamed. Even software rendering of crispy doom handles nuts without slowdowns on such a slow CPU. https://imgur.com/a/sqtps4b
  4. Darkcrafter07

    ACE Engine - DOS Doom II [vanilla++?]

    If there are 3D floors and portals available then maybe it's now possible to demake Doom 2016 and Eternal maps in Doom2.exe, nice job! Bethesda will drop their jaws.
  5. Darkcrafter07

    Hell Renaissance : The Great Mindsucking Machine (WIP v.0.1)

    In case anyone wondered on if the project is still in the works, yes it is.
  6. Darkcrafter07

    AI generate Doom maps?

    I think it's possible to encode maps to top view 2d images with colors defining sector tags, linedef textures, 3d floors, portals, things and train a stable diffusion model but then the reverse recognition is needed to be done somehow. We don't know yet on the quality of such "masterpieces" considering how bad AI screws straight lines, text and patterns but if there was just an attempt.
  7. Darkcrafter07

    Helion - C# ( 01/23 - Goodbye BSP tree rendering)

    Well I tried the new version of Helion and it's indeed better performance and gameplay wise. Chaingunner now don't fire each shot like with a sniper precision and accuracy and finally behaves closer to doom. Barells are a bit strange at this point, seems like their height (z) damage blast radius is way larger than x and y. It's still like those barells don't kill mancubus at map23 when in the original game they do, also there's another area to test it - map23's second room where even though the barells sequential explosion may not kill barons of hell, it might damage them so severe that they die instantly out of one pistol shot. I also tested nuts and omg, I couldn't stand playing it the framerate dropped to 100 fps at worst and yeah, in comparison to having 900 fps when they all wake up is a crime... lol! Good job!
  8. Darkcrafter07

    Doom OPL Windows MIDI driver

    @nukeykt, good job but none of your drivers seem to have pitch support, what can be wrong?
  9. Darkcrafter07

    FastDoom: DOS Vanilla Doom optimized for 386/486 processors

    Yeah yeah, the ideas guys here again, maybe it was told about it here, just wondering if the game could be sped up even further by reducing size of all textures, patches and sprites by half or four, reducing palette size etc. Definitely not a fan of such looking doom tbh but it's just being so interesting to see how far it goes.
  10. I'd install DosBox v 0.65 and record raw OPL commands from the game by pressing CTRL-ALT-F7 (both to start and stop recording). The resulting *.dro files will have their dynamically allocated channels in place and since it's v0.65 friendly with all other tools reading .dro format. Every vanilla doom exe files have their sounding btw and I kind of prefer Doom2 v1.666 OPL2 mode for the way intro music sounds, softer violins and sharp lead synth chord in the end.
  11. Darkcrafter07

    Helion - C# ( 01/23 - Goodbye BSP tree rendering)

    @hobomaster22, I just played nuts and yes there were some fps dropping to 40 when monsters wake up but later on it eased in about 5-10 secs and it was all smooth, good job!
  12. Darkcrafter07

    What's a map you never get tired of playing?

    Doom: E3M2 (music is a bit bad imho), E3M3, E4M1, E4M2, E4M3 like the atmosphere, music and art style. Doom 2: MAP23, MAP25, MAP26, MAP28. Love the atmosphere, music and design. My favorites in the game. I can remember some time in my childhood I was stuck at MAP11 for not understanding how two lifts are connected and that I had to get into another one as soon as the first switch was on. Before that it was a dream to get to MAP26 I saw in the demo3.
  13. Darkcrafter07

    Helion - C# ( 01/23 - Goodbye BSP tree rendering)

    Thank you for your amazing work and for doing such a good job!
  14. Darkcrafter07

    What's something about Doom that you absolutely hate?

    I hate it when monsters surround player and you can't run out between them, also when a little bitching lost soul blocking my way.
  15. Darkcrafter07

    Helion - C# ( 01/23 - Goodbye BSP tree rendering)

    It's still a quite decent computer for collecting dust and being started once a month to launch office. Even though nvidia GT/GTX7 series are almost a decade old, it still supports the latest OpenGL 4.6 and Vulkan to some extent - it's a system considered modern by GZDoom. I'd even say Open GL3.3 is something that let's you play modern version of GZDoom. Moreover, Doom and Quake geometry don't have that big poly count as modern games, so for Full HD, GT740 4gb is kind of ok unless those are big super detailed outdoors and lots of monsters (are polygons too). I honestly don't know if it runs on other computers with Win 7 SP1, I got another one somewhere with an even older graphics card from ATI and the same class CPU, with regular Windows 7 though, maybe I should try updating it to Windows 7 SP1 to try if Helion runs, then I got two more GPUs like old nVidia GTS 8800 512mb and AMD HD6770 1gb if those were not taken out to trash or sold. It will absolutely never run on regular Windows 7 without service packs because necessary NET frameworks and runtime won't install. So yes, for this time, the minimum OS requirement should be bumped up to at least Win 7 SP1.