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  1. Carefully upscaled animations for onscreen weapons from original Doom by utilizing a combination of a variety of interpolation techniques and long hand redraw. I started working on the project on September 2017 if I remember it correctly. Somewhat around 2019 I adopted the resulting frames over Smooth Doom that was made by Gifty and his team. I think I should also post the exact Smooth Doom version it works correctly with to help user to avoid excessive hassle. The target source port: ZDoom and its derivatives. Vanilla usage: zdoom -file doomweap4xup.pk3 Smooth Doom usage: zdoom -file smoothdoom.pk3 SmoothDoomHudWeap4XUP.pk3 You should run this mod on the top of others to successfuly replace graphics. Download links: Vanilla (original): https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BymHaRd-ogL7UEdlQWVOMmpLRkE/view Smooth Doom upscaled: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Ks-xH5a6SYPC7ZWbo58xEFlsMrbFI5cj/view Smooth Doom itself: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ACJmF_5lZfI9hRFWSZp9gSwFVUEqA_6r Mirror (Yandex): https://yadi.sk/d/421UOMcscHL9LQ Make sure it's only 4x upscale without aspect ratio correction so the pixels won't look evenly square alike if used with boxy texture filter in the game.Insert other media Here is what it look like ingame: https://imgur.com/a/CahJZAS
  2. A little update: SSG graphics enhanced, now doomguy holds 2 shells when reloads the gun, some other minor enhancements for SSG also included.
  3. Vadim

    I created a Doom Midi, how does it sound?

    I recorded this with default Microsoft GS Wavetable synth which comes with the OS since Windows 98 - no sound font can reproduce it accurately, be it sampled at a wrong sample rate then there come a lot of ringing artifacts in the high end and other nasty things. It sounds pretty quiet, like that: https://app.box.com/s/bdmca43hjk0hba0mv35j3orzhw0zqyas But normalized: https://app.box.com/s/qyrwvofw5yi09gkysqchrjmsoc70csf4 You can get a pretty decent replica by using a soundfont with a "sinc" interpolation turned on. Here is the soundfont, I found it at Doomkid youtube channel: https://app.box.com/s/bucfj697tt1x3zzpbyymf7ornkjjt7sc Also, look, you can just google something like "Midi soundfont player mac" : https://colibri-lossless.com/midi/
  4. Sorry for long time no reply. Been really busy with stuff I'm working on for GZDoom (level pack): https://youtu.be/zCUHUznFxAE Yes, it requires Smooth Doom recent versions. Some while ago I had an issue when a guy on zdoom forums told me shotgun animation looks really weird and it occured because my hi-res mod became obsolete - fixed it pretty fast. It changed the entire way the shotgun animation worked. Download the version of Smooth Doom I provided the link for in my first message, the mod was based on it.
  5. Would be cool but that would definitely increase the size of the mod and I think there is still some room for further enhancements. Now I can definitely say the pack is ready for combat but thirst for "better" will always be, then how often Gifty would be fine to update it, by the way only Vanilla style is there, the other styles Smooth Doom provides aren't there at all.
  6. Is there any music that wasn't inspired by something? btw. E3M2 is definitely one of my favorite maps in doom, maybe I'll do episode remake as soon as I finish my work on Hell Renaissance.
  7. Alright, thanks, but it's about doom 2 Map 01 to me sounds like it was inspired not just by megadeth's hangar 18 but also Nailbomb's wasting away in the beginning Map 02 reminds me of rhythmic structure of "King Crimson - The Sheltering Sky" but with bass and Atheist - Samba Briza in the end/ Map 08 reminds me of The Orb - Perpetual Dawn percussion so much, listen to the beginning of those two tracks and also when melodic part comes to play in doom 2 it also has a vibe of the orb's song.
  8. Isn't she the one who was on doom 2 teaser clip? OOps: not her, that was Eva Partlett
  9. Interesting find. I'd like to share my opinion on doom music inspiration sources but I'm not sure it's ok to do that in this topic.
  10. Vadim


    Some of the GENMIDI dumped OPL3 SBI instruments were used here: https://soundcloud.com/pvdhp/the-struggle-for-freedom
  11. Vadim


    Wow! Thanks for the dump, I'll take a look on that definetely. So I didn't know SBI and GENMIDI are so different though.
  12. Vadim


    Yeah Registered just to make one post :D There is no more places to ask for a help... Original Doom and Doom 2 genmidis are awesome! I just want to use these timbres with my music or whilst making midis for doom so I could monitor the resulting sound in doom with opl3 engaged.
  13. Vadim


    Could anyone please rip all of the original SBI files from both doom 1 and doom 2 genmidi lumps? Just wondering to ask cause I'm not a coder to use that converter from sourceforge.