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  1. Sorry if this is old news, I've searched, but come up with nothing... I've just been playing through Ultimate Simplicity and cannot for the life of me work out how to access the secret level. I IDCLEV'd level 32 to check it out, and noticed that the prologue text refers to you beating the final boss, so with that in mind, I explored the last level, (20) and noticed the teleport pillar has a fourth wall, marked with flaming texture and I clipped past it, and yes that's the secret exit, but that the barrier to it is always up. So, baring in mind the text about beating the game, I thought I'd cracked it. I beat the boss and instead of going into the regular exit I went back... but the barrier is still up! I've scoured the map for switches after beating the boss, but can't work it out! Is there perhaps a unique script that only opens it if you finish the level/beat the boss in a particular time frame? Or am I missing something stupidly obvious? One thing I'll add is that I just cannot beat the boss without using god mode, so maybe that's stopping the hypothetical script from working? I.e. if you enter any cheat codes it won't let you access it? Or maybe it only opens on the hardest difficulty level? With the unique scripts in the game it's difficult to tell if it's something out of the ordinary from what you expect from Doom.
  2. Wugo Heaving

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    It's still coming up with a 404 error "To our regret, the page and/or file you requested could not be found " Must be a problem at my end?
  3. Wugo Heaving

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    Can anyone point me to the Night Tomb WAD? My old computer exploded and took my Doom downloads with it, and now I can't find it online. Ta
  4. Wugo Heaving

    Awesome screenshots thread.

    Oh my fuck. I wasn't keen on the barren hellscape but the aesthetic is growing on me. I'm going to have to either vastly upgrade my PC or get an X-box soley to play this now.
  5. Wugo Heaving

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Wow, I really need to up my game after looking at some of these levels. Now I know what I'm doing (more or less) with Doombuilder, I'm working on a 9 level WAD. Here's the wireframe views of the first 3 tech-base levels. The overall flow of the gameplay is there, I just need to work on textures, the odd room here and there, and lighting. Speaking of lighting, how do you get coloured light sections? Level 2 is based on the map you can see on the screens of a couple of textures. I'm sure it's been done dozens of times before but I thought it was a neat idea.
  6. Wugo Heaving

    They Messed Up the "Classic Doom" Levels

    It's just a joke relating to the upsidedown textures :)
  7. Wugo Heaving

    DOOM easter eggs / references / injokes

    I'm waiting for the crackpot theories that Doom Guy and Link from the Legend of Zelda are versions of the same person in parallel dimensions.
  8. Wugo Heaving

    Disabling the vanishing corpses...

    I can understand the bodies vanishing, but is there absolutely no trace of a kill? Not even blood stains? It does seem weird that you could return to a room where there was a huge fire fight to find it sparkly clean.
  9. Wugo Heaving

    They Messed Up the "Classic Doom" Levels

    I'm hoping they flipped a few textures just to get people angry over things that don't matter. Surely it would take deliberate effort to flip an mis-align them? Or maybe it was a glitch that they deliberately left. They were probably sick of people ranting about how awful the game would be and made or left things like this just to get those people more angry and show them up for the narrow-sighted, egotistical people they are. How you can make the leap from "textures are upside-down" to "the whole game is awful, and totally not Doom." says more about you than the developers. I do think it looks odd, but if I want to play the original Doom levels, I'll play them, or make my own. Personally I'd have preferred it if these secret areas had identical layout to the original levels, but used the Doom4 engine so it would be a little while before you realised what it was. That would have been pretty neat. Especially if they just threw in the odd sprite ammo pack here and there. Still not a big deal though.
  10. Neat little article about the cultural impact of Doom in '93
  11. Wugo Heaving

    Former sergeants/Zombiemen

    That's interesting. So if they included the former-humans with hitscan weapons, they'd actually be MORE of a threat this time, even if they were still easy to kill.
  12. Wugo Heaving

    Does "Argent D'Nur" mean something?

    If you live in the darkness of the underworld, then Earth would be a world of light. Silver presumably refers to weapons, technology etc. Neat name I guess.
  13. Wugo Heaving

    Theory for new DOOM Story

    Aw man, I had that idea when trying to add a little bit of story to my first WAD maps. The premise was that the marines go in to investigate something going on in a subway. Doomguy gets electrocuted, and was left behind in their entry vehicle to recover. He wakes up, goes through the game, and the ending is the reveal that he actually died and was possessed by an angel. Time get out my tin foil hat to stop them stealing my ideas!
  14. Wugo Heaving

    Why does everyone hate DOOM?

    "Everyone" inevitably always comes down to: Teenagers with anger management issues. They seem unable to articulate anything other than extremes. They see one or two details they don't like and assume the whole thing is garbage. You get it with everything. Just look at the responses to Marvel and DC movies. God help them when they grow up, if they ever do. I've gone from being a little disappointed to cautiously optimistic. The fact that Doom guy is portrayed almost like a human-demon who's been kept to be used as a weapon against Hell makes perfect sense as a twist on the original premise, and fits the simple gameplay mechanics and OTT action of Doom really well.