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  1. Trusty_McLegit

    Doom Neural Upscale 2X [v 1.0]

    Is this a genuine question? Because if so, the answer is that it is not waifu2x or any algorithm similar. Nor is there jpeg noise. The textures and sprites have been upscaled using an AI, and the results are far more faithful to the original than any other high res pack done either by hand or by upscalers like waifu2x. Yes, there is some noise, the AI isn't perfect, but that will all be touched up by hand. This mod isn't finished yet. So in short, it went viral because it's the most faithful and high quality high res pack ever made for doom, with the additional intrigue factor of being made by an AI
  2. Trusty_McLegit

    Doom on ps4

    Thanks for all the replies guys. And as for my rig, I just have a Dell inspiron 17 5000 series. I'm hopefully going to build a decent rig after the summer though
  3. Trusty_McLegit

    Doom on ps4

    I'm primarily a pc gamer, but I also own a ps4. I'm really excited to play the new doom, but my computer isn't powerful enough. Should I get it on ps4 or wait until I have a better computer? As someone coming from mouse and keyboard, are the ps4 controls bareable?
  4. Trusty_McLegit

    WIP: The Id's RPG series coming soon

    Wow dude these look amazing! Will you be releasing a beta anytime soon? I can't wait to play this
  5. Trusty_McLegit

    Doom engine legality

  6. Trusty_McLegit

    Doom Launcher - Doom frontend & database v3.6.0 (8/2022)

    Dude, this is fucking awesome! This is now the perfect doom launcher in my opinion. Good fucking work man. Do you plan to keep working on this? If so, what plans do you have?
  7. Trusty_McLegit

    Has anyone tried remaking Doom In the quake 1 engine?

    I have no idea how quake modding works, but would you be able to use the map converter this guy used to put e1m1 in mario? It converts the map into a 3D model in wrl format, which can also be converted into object format. Can you make a quake map out of that? https://youtu.be/cPQ9kRevYUU
  8. Trusty_McLegit

    Music randomizer?

    Well you could modify it to use your music. I don't think you could make a mod that would play any music you wanted on the fly. You could just turn off the music in doom and play your music in Spotify or iTunes or whatever
  9. Trusty_McLegit

    Music randomizer?

    Here you go http://www.best-ever.org/download?file=demonsteele-nowthatswhaticallmidi-v3.5.pk3 This is an addon for demonsteele, though you don't need demonsteele to use it
  10. Trusty_McLegit

    My First DooM map

    Looks very pretty, though I'm curious as to how it plays
  11. Trusty_McLegit

    AutoDoom available to download

    What about DOOMbot?
  12. Trusty_McLegit

    AutoDoom available to download

    Really? E1m8b worked for me, though it got stuck in a loop
  13. Trusty_McLegit

    AutoDoom available to download

    Cool. It would be pretty sweet if you could make a mode where it could "cheat" and know the location of all the monsters, items, and what it needs to do to make it to the exit for a so called speedrun mode. I'm not sure how doable that would be, just an idea. Also, may I ask why you choose eternity as opposed to zdoom? Is it easier to work with eternity for some reason?
  14. Trusty_McLegit

    AutoDoom available to download

    This is absolutely rad! I'm having a lot of fun with this. How far do you plan on taking this?
  15. Trusty_McLegit

    Your first Doom experience..

    I wanted to be a cool hipster kid and play old video games so I downloaded the doom collection from steam and realized it was way better than any of the modern games I had been playing, and I've never looked back since