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  1. How can I force 4:3 aspect ratio so it isn't stretched?
  2. @bradharding @VGA I'm noticing a new issue after the latest update, 3.5.8. Smoothed includes a few death animations for monsters and they are normally chosen at random from what I remember correctly, but it seems now that the game always uses one death animation for every monster. Any idea what could be causing this?
  3. Phobos Anomaly

    Random Demon Campaign Mode

    Who said I thought it was simple?
  4. Phobos Anomaly

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    I looked up the Black Eagles, but their logo is different. Anyway, that looks like an emaciated, eyeless Doomguy head on a brown dopefish. Which is disturbing.
  5. Phobos Anomaly

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    A Trout wearing a hat? For some reason? A fez, I guess?
  6. Phobos Anomaly

    Random Demon Campaign Mode

    Developers are increasingly relying on their fans for free QA testing. Why not let them finish half-assed broken code and complete the game for free, too? Then make them pay for it! PROFIT!
  7. Phobos Anomaly

    Are Demons Human?

    So, there's that.
  8. Phobos Anomaly

    Random Demon Campaign Mode

    I have a feeling that id Software would love nothing more than to release modding tools, but their incompetent Bethesda overlords won't let them. EDIT: Let's hope some dev tools "accidentally" get annonymously "leaked"
  9. This is exactly how I feel. UD has the best level design in all of the id Software commercially released Classic Doom products, which is why it is my favorite game, TNT Evilution is a second in that regard.
  10. I feel TNT: Evilution is far superior to Plutonia. I find Evilution to be superior to Doom II.
  11. Normally I agree with you, but the Marauder is one case in which I think it actually is valid. There are specific rules to follow in order to defeat him - if you don't play by those rules, then you lose.
  12. "Welcome! Welcome to City 17..."
  13. ^ I third this. I love that little apartment lol.
  14. Phobos Anomaly

    Rare Blind Let's Play of Doom

    Finding Blind LP's of Doom is difficult. I've only found a few and most of them suffer from one issue or another. Rocky Rockhead is a small YouTuber that I've become a big fan of recently, he has a great, laidback and humorous style. He also has Blind LP's of multiple Valve games. Check him out if you're interested, and tell him I sent you if you decide to!
  15. Phobos Anomaly

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    *Doot version of Horst-Wessel-Lied intensifies*