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  1. Phobos Anomaly

    DOOM Retro v2.7.4 (updated November 4, 2018)

    @VGA I noticed an issue with this new build when using your "Smooth for DOOM Retro". My default setup is the IWAD plus smoothed, black ops, and an OGG music pack. When I try summoning a monster, it'll summon the monster one level above it. For example, attempting to summon an Imp will summon a Demon, attempting to summon a Cacodemon will summon a Baron of Hell, etc. Now, I realize this is just a consequence of changes as Brad continues to update the port, but I thought you should know.
  2. Some of them are new, but the new ones all suck lol
  3. Loaded up the first map in WADPAK2.wad, found myself in the secret room off the slime river in E1M4, turned around, went up the lift that normally leads to the soulsphere, and the first enemy I saw was a Cyberdemon. Yep, definitely '94 EDIT: This is evidently before 1.4, the swastika is still there.
  4. I found the Dalek looking thing...
  5. Also, whatever that sprite is to the top right looks to me like a broken Dalek.
  6. Phobos Anomaly

    Funny Jump Scares In Doom

    True, it's just to the left of the main door you normally enter from. But when I was a kid, I didn't know it was there. Add to that the fact that back then, I played with keyboard exclusively and didn't even strafe, that room was a pain in the ass.
  7. I was just commenting on the fact that you used the term "burn them to floppies". "Burning" things didn't really become a term until the advent of CD-R's, because you literally "burn" the data onto the disc. Whereas, in the era of the floppy, people would say "copy". I wasn't poking fun or nitpicking, I just thought it was a funny anachronism.
  8. Don't copy that floppy! BURN IT!
  9. Phobos Anomaly

    Funny Jump Scares In Doom

    Speaking of Spectres...the damn flashing light room at the end of E1M5...That was the first time I learned that video games could be scary as hell. That part still makes me tense.
  10. Phobos Anomaly

    “Doom: The Fake Outrage”

    Classic tactic, pretend people are outraged about it so that you can further discredit "SJWs".
  11. Phobos Anomaly

    DOOM easter eggs / references / injokes

    That is one derpy-ass face lmao.
  12. Phobos Anomaly

    The Slayers Mark is officially the crucible piercing flames

    It's photoshopped, you can tell the text is different.
  13. Phobos Anomaly

    Doom Rendered in TEXT - 1337D00M | Nostalgia Nerd

    I've played it. Many characters actually aren't consistent, even when representing the same object or texture, and it changes as the object moves (either because it actually moved, or you did).
  14. Phobos Anomaly

    Usenet: First Usage of the Term "DOOM Slayer"!

    fraggle, this might be a good opportunity to ask you this question regarding sound since I am coincidentally trying to fix this issue at the moment, and I couldn't find any info on the Chocolate Doom wiki: I'm using the Native MIDI option, and I have CoolSoft VirtualMIDI Synth installed, but CD seems to be ignoring it and using some other midi soundfont. I've used the CoolSoft midi mapping feature to assign the Arachno soundfont for my system...both Vanilla DOOM on DOSBOX and DOOMRetro play using that soundfont, but no luck with Chocolate. Any ideas?
  15. Phobos Anomaly

    Usenet: First Usage of the Term "DOOM Slayer"!

    I assume that Paul Radek rewrote his own code for v1.2? Or did the other id guys do that? I can't find any more info about that.