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  1. Hellslime

    IDKFA, total professional remake of Doom's OST

    This... is fantastic. I'll be playing this with Doom for a long time.
  2. This is my first WAD. It's medium-large in size, medium-high in difficulty, and personally I think it's lots of fun. This map took me a few months working maybe a couple hours on some days and then taking weeks off. Let me know if it's awesome or if I need to take up a new hobby. Play with MUSIC OFF or put on some ambient horror music. MAP01's native music is not good for this map's atmosphere. I prefer playing this map with no mods. This replaces MAP01 in Doom 2. Compatible with and tested in GZDoom. There are no new graphics, sounds, or demos. Single player only. Only one difficulty setting. Tips: Check nooks and crannies for health and ammo. Look for clues for the secrets. Wear your radiation suit before stepping out of the facility. If you're in a larger area, do not stop moving. Link: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0Bw2c06SH1iErODJXenl4M0lMR3c&usp=sharing P.S. Pay no attention to MAP02 - it might be another map someday.
  3. I downloaded the moddb.com version last only to test whether the version would make any difference because of their included graphics comments. I've reinstalled v. 1.8.10 directly from the drdteam forums release thread with the same results. The same results occurred with v. 2.0.05.
  4. Hellslime

    Mapping Sins

    I just started making my first map a couple weeks ago, so I'm new to it. What are some of your absolute "don'ts" when mapping? This can be anything - layout style, game play, monster placement, design, etc. I realize many will disagree on different things, but I want to get a general idea of stupid stuff not to do - especially the stuff you think escapes the notice of many other mappers. This could include your enlightened wisdom or just a chance for you to bitch about stuff you don't like. Also, feel free to include some qualities you like to see in maps in general. You can also include talk about mods, textures, sprites, and other add-ons, but I'm using the regular Doom II textures and stuff to start because I still prefer them to most of the new textures included in megawads and such.
  5. Just tested it out, and no - I can't use PGUP or PGDN in hardware mode despite setting those to look controls. Turning on software mode returned functionality to those keys for looking (as well as mouse freelook). I downloaded my versions from the drdteam.org site and I just downloaded another version (1.9 pre828) which was stated as "the last stable release for laptop users and those with graphics cards of the last generation (pre Opengl 3.x)" from moddb.com - which, unfortunately, gives the same results as the previous version I had. Edit regarding your question about "what happens when you're looking up or down and you disable freelook": I can only disable/enable freelook in software mode. I've tried looking up in software mode and disabling freelook, and the view stays looking up. I can then use PGDN and PGUP to (approximately, by sight) center my view. This doesn't seem out of the ordinary to me - everything acting as it should. I can't test this with hardware enabled because neither the mouse nor the PGUP/PGDN keys have any effect on the view. It's like the vertical plane is completely inaccessible.
  6. Yes, each time I reset the renderer I restart GZDoom in order for it to take effect. The first time I switched on hardware via "vid_renderer 1" and restarted, I played for about 30-45 seconds with freelook enabled, only for it to spontaneously disable, without any ability that I can see (according to my methods listed above - and I am admittedly ignorant about all this) to re-enable freelook. The mouse still works with movement on the horizontal plane, just no longer the vertical. I'm not aware of any other programs that are interfering with the mouse, and searching online has yielded no leads.
  7. The first occurrence happened about 30-45 seconds after level spawn, and every occurrence since, even after switching between software and hardware mode, is immediately upon level spawn.
  8. Fantastic. I wouldn't have thought to ask this.
  9. I haven't had any luck getting Vavoom or Doomsday to work.
  10. Hellslime

    Doom Guy's Mind

    I've had the misfortune of having never played either of those. Just browsing the forums after registering the last few days has turned me on to the PSX Doom total conversion and the whole world of experience other players have had on console ports. I grew up with PC Doom, but it's cool to see that others had a slightly different Doom. Despite that, the "scared shitless but still badass" Doomguy is exactly how I've always envisioned him. Scared out of his mind, pulling his wits back together, and then doing what he never knew possible - getting pissed and massively fucking up Hell's shit.
  11. Thanks for the tip. That website didn't work for me, but I found another one that did. I downloaded the most updated driver for my graphics card but the problem remains - turning on hardware mode removes the vertical movement of the mouse. I'll try some more searching for similar experiences tomorrow.
  12. Hellslime

    Doom Guy's Mind

    I was pretty entertained. He could have dialed up the nonsensical insanity factor a bit but it was well within the scope of Doomguy's comic book character. There's similar, but better, voice acting in Brutal Doom that uses exact lines from the comic. It's a fun take on the character, although I still have a different Doomguy in my head.
  13. Thanks for the replies, guys. DMGUYDZ64, I am running GZDoom 2.0.05 which is the most recent build that - as far as I know - is stable. I just downloaded and tried 2.0.03 (which wouldn't run at all for me) and the 1.8.10 fork. 1.8.10 behaves exactly as 2.0.05, running smoothly until I enter "vid_renderer 1" and restart, after which vertical mouse movement is disabled permanently even when I use the "Mouselook always on - Yes" menu option AND edit the .ini files to have freelook set to "true". I went and tried to update my graphics card driver but after downloading the file for the Intel Graphics Family card "Intel Graphics 3000" (god, even this sounds like a piece of shit to me with my weak knowledge of computers) and running the .exe, it simply stopped and said that "Your computer does not meet the system requirements to run this file". Lol, looks like I'm up the creek with this laptop. Graf Zahl, yes, the mouse still works in OpenGL mode in GZDoom builds 2.0.05 and the fork 1.8.10, but it disables the vertical axis for movement. As a result, I can no longer look up and down with the mouse, and since I don't have "Actors are infinitely tall" enabled (which I COULD change but won't) my shots can't hit anything above or below me. TL;DR - Probably need a new computer. Any suggestions for an extremely cheap laptop that can run programs like GZDoom? I know Chromebooks are taking over the world but I think their backwards compatibility is negligible for classic PC games.
  14. I've been testing a map-in-progress with Project Brutality. No other programs running that have anything remotely to do with mouse movement, to my knowledge. I just ran it without Project Brutality loaded (only brightmaps.pk3) and it did the same thing when I entered "vid_renderer 1".
  15. Hellslime

    Taking screenshots of levels for inspiration

    Make some adjustments - in fact, make it your own. Try working your own creative muscles instead of ripping off others. Use their inspiration as a jumping point and go in a new and better direction. Leave every idea better than you found it.