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  1. Darklordrobert

    Terrible puns/jokes

    What sound does a Pokemon make when he has to sneeze? Pik-achoo!!
  2. Darklordrobert

    Favorite Song in Doom/Doom 2?

    Doom 1: Very hard to pick just one but I'll go with E1M8 Sign of Evil Doom 2: Map 28 Getting too Tense
  3. Darklordrobert

    Doom 64: Best (classic) single player experience?

    Doom 64 has IMO a lot of memorable and well designed levels. I always thought it was awesome that Midway put so much work in the Nintendo 64 version to make it really different from the previous ports of Doom. I don't think developers do this kind of thing anymore. I love the classic Doom wads too but Doom 64 feels quite different to me even though the gameplay is more or less the same.
  4. Darklordrobert

    Any DOOMaholics here??

    I love playing Doom every now and then. New pwads that look interesting to me always get me back playing Doom. I don't replay the main games very often, its mainly because of the player created stuff that I still play Doom as much as I do. For me no other game beats Doom in user made content! I do have times when I don't play Doom for awhile, I don't really miss it then. I tend to play wat I feel like playing at the moment, that's why I probably don't like MMO's because they kinda require you to play everyday or else you might be missing out on stuff or at least that's what it feels like to me.
  5. Darklordrobert

    What is the worst game you have ever played?

    Mortal Kombat Advance is probably the worst game I've ever played. A horrible port of Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 for the Game Boy Advance with so many glitches and a A.I. that switches between braindead or super psychic between battles, even on very easy.
  6. Darklordrobert

    Can the doomguy hear the music in the map?

    I hope its not the Playstation soundtrack. That would be scary as hell!
  7. Darklordrobert

    Did you cheat through Doom as a kid?

    All the time!! I loved using godmode when I was younger. Nowadays I find games incredibly boring with cheats but the first thing I used to do when I got a new game was checking out if there were any cheats for it.
  8. Darklordrobert

    What is your favorite avatar here?

    I like all those crazy dopefish avatars and anything Nintendo related. I'm totally not a fanboy :).
  9. Darklordrobert

    I can't finish Doom 2, it's boring

    Doom 2 holds a lot of nostalgia for me so I still enjoy playing it. But if I would've played Doom 2 after the loads and loads of wads I have played in the last few years I would probably find Doom 2 boring too.
  10. Darklordrobert

    Doom 64 EX: Fusion of Realities [WIP]

    Whoa, the music in map 2 is a Doom 64 style remix of Dark Halls, Cool! The Doom 1/2 level fusions are cool too. I'll be keeping an eye on this Wad!!
  11. Darklordrobert

    what is your prefered control scheme?

    I use an X-Box 360 controller. I don't have an index finger on my left hand and on my right hand I miss both my index finger and and my middle finger so using a keyboard for playing games is kinda hard for me. I have the controls set up like this: L-stick: Move/Strafe R-stick: Look/Turn LB: Fire RB: Alt-Fire for the two or so wads I have that use it. A: Use B: Jump Y: Crouch D-Pad left and right: Change Weapons D-Pad up and down: cycle trough inventory in Heretic and Hexen Start: Use item These controls may look odd but they work really well for me.
  12. Darklordrobert

    Games you'd love to see ripped off of or cloned.

    oooh, never heard heard of those before, I guess it's time too add some more games on my already way too large game list! on topic, like mentioned by others I also would love something like Hexen or Heretic. A medievel dark fantasy FPS. Most FPS seem to be futuristic or present day, I would love some more medieval style games.
  13. Darklordrobert

    Games you'd love to see ripped off of or cloned.

    Castlevania, either classic or metroidvania style. Steam has plenty of Metroid and Mega Man inspired games but I don't see much that resembles Castlevania.
  14. Darklordrobert

    Where does Episode 4 take place?

    The sky in episode 4 kinda looks the same as the sky in the end cutscene with the bunny of episode 3, so it might be Earth. I always figured it was somewhere between Hell and Earth but Thy Flesh Consumed wasn't really made with the story in mind.
  15. Darklordrobert

    when did you last use a floppy disk?

    In 2003-2004 for school if I recall correctly.