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  1. ZaBigBoss

    Name a wad that deserves a (another) sequel

    Another mouldy and valkiriforce megawad would be great. Also Ancient Aliens. Anyone remember TurboCharged Arcade? I probably played that more than anything when it was released. Also Shadow of the Wool Ball but with proper 3d space. That would rule.
  2. ZaBigBoss

    Design principles when mapping

    I had a few guidelines when I made maps: -Always give the player something to do. The player should be able to rip through the level without staying in the same area for too long. -Use lightly armored enemies like hitscanners, imps and pinkies more often than larger enemies. They're dangerous in huge numbers but go down easily. Instant feedback! -Limit archvile and pain elemental usage as much as possible, because they tend to hoard the player's attention. No barons of hell, because they're just hell knights that take more time to kill, i.e. boring. -Provide both shotguns as early as possible. On subsequent levels, provide them at the very beginning and allow the player to get the SSG right after the regular shotgun so that there is no need to switch weapons manually. -No chainsaws, because I dislike the sound effect, and the weapon key prioritizes it over the berserk fist. -Open up pathways that allow the player to access previously traveled parts of the map and make the player pass through the same area multiple times. The level can be linear, but these are good ways of giving the impression that it's an open area. -Give a sneak peek into what the level's going to offer, either an overview of the level, a landmark, a hub or the exit. A window is fine. -In general, have a piece of architecture, a landmark or hub that is memorable and that you can easily associate the level with. -Never ever overcomplicate geometry. If a detail is barely visible a few feet away from the player at the lowest resolution, discard it. I found that playing with extreme differences in lighting gave far more interesting results. This is maybe the most important rule I had for myself, and it isn't even gameplay-related.
  3. ZaBigBoss

    user Malinku was murdered

    I didn't know him or his mapping work, but Andrew seemed like a driven dude with a lot of things to offer the world. He clearly had an inspiring kind enthusiasm for music and photography, and from what we were allowed to see, he expressed it beautifully. There's no dignified way that I know of to respond to the early death of a young man who had much left to do. Rest in peace.
  4. ZaBigBoss

    Favorite DOOM II map?

    Tenements. A central hub connecting multiple locations that feel distinct and play differently. It's a level that manages to give a sense of place but also feels very game-like. It's my favorite kind of Romero map.
  5. ZaBigBoss

    The /newstuff Chronicles #516

    Thank you gaspe, walter and Aquanet, you're too kind!
  6. ZaBigBoss

    Do you play with classic status bar?

    ZDoom really made it difficult for me to ever go back to having a status bar. I enjoy the extra space. Feels like I'm IN the game. woo
  7. Doom Core felt pretty damn fast to me! It offers whole galleries of hitscanners to slice through.
  8. ZaBigBoss

    How much of a 'Doom Master' are you?

    I used to play exclusively on UV because I had the silly idea that it was the "right" way to play Doom. Then I gave Going Down a go on HMP, and I started having fun because I wasn't dying every other minute and breaking the flow of joyful running and gunning. So I guess that means I'm no Doom Master. bleh
  9. ZaBigBoss

    Ancient Aliens

    Amazing and daring visuals and colors!! The whole wad has an amazing sense of progression. The end was PERFECT. I lol'd heartily and then I closed the game and said "daaaamn"
  10. ZaBigBoss

    Back to Thunder Road - A set of short, explosive maps!

    Thanks for the feedback, everyone! Thank you! I did want to give the feeling of a frantic escape. I was having doubts whether it was clear that staying to face the swarm was not an option, at least until you find the secret BFG. Thank you! I can't wait! All of the soundtrack is taken from Genesis games at project2612.org/ For individual track names, just wait for the credits at main menu
  11. This is a 7 map set I've been working on and off for some time. Like many, it started out with the intention of building 32 maps, but after long halts inbetween, I decided it was best to wrap up and share what I had made so far and not let the whole thing go to waste. So please enjoy! The maps are all made in Boom format, but the music requires ZDoom or its variants to play (I tested in GZDoom). It felt silly to be limited with only one port because of music, but I think it's worth it. The music's freaking amazing. https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/s-u/thundr When I started mapping I was in the middle of revisiting TNT Evilution and Valkiriforce masterpieces like Reverie, Eternally Yours and some other contributions here and there (I'm a big fan of Dangerous Curves and Ocean Outpost from Interception) I loved the non-hellish, bricks-and-metal, orange-tinted, dreamlike, calm athmosphere of Valkiriforce maps. I tried to capture at least some of that while I was working. I have to say I'm also a huge fan of Romero maps, especially the ones he built after Doom 1. E4M2 is in my opinion his finest work. It flows and works so well. It's small, has varied environments without looking incoherent, has tons of elevations and is packed with great moments. It stays in my mind. Tenements is another map that I often referred to. The way I built these maps was arduous. I'm astonished at the speed some mappers work without breaking a sweat, and without a single drop in quality. Please share your impressions, suggestions and things you liked in this little map set. If I ever get back to create a longer set, I'd like to know what worked as well as what didn't. Thank you! //Screenshots:
  12. ZaBigBoss


    I enjoyed most of the maps. The first two Valkiriforce maps are my favorites. They just look and play great. The music sounded very harsh and intrusive though. I had to mute it on some of the maps.