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Status Updates posted by Cacockcansukmycok

  1. well Just like what the title said it all I've been
    Got much many problems that are really diffcult on my part mosty because of My parents that still doesn't know how the world works
    in a right way and now it's pretty much getting into a Real trouble pretty much for my mom who is out of control Doing nonesense and say stupid shit towards my Father
    that decide to move Somewhere else perhaps because of the money issue or
    something like that I Honestly don't get do you anyone of you Guys thinks that they're Mental illness or It's Just me? also They are very religious ones too.


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    2. Cacockcansukmycok


      Doomkid said:

      Carlos, that jerk who has a long history of attacking the forums did a big spamfest in EE a bit less than a year ago with a bunch of photos of dismembered corpses and whatnot. It was only very shortly after that Cacocansuckmycock registered so my first thought was "here we go again!" but it just turned out to be a coincidence thankfully. That really is quite the username though :P

      Nah bro my username was based on a Painelemental Edit if you
      don't Know that yet, also I Never disliked anything from
      My parents they always lie about Some kind of thing That I never did in the first place so Yup false.

      glenzinho said:

      Nah I wouldn't do that kind of thing, that's visual terrorism.

      Fake unless you show some prove for that.

    3. MrGlide


      So what was your last username lil'devil?

    4. lil'devil



      This is my very first account here. Back then i was just lurking the forums without an account.