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  1. It looks really amazing, i will play it :)
  2. Manhs

    Twisted Reality (Hexen - Gzdoom only)

    Nice, looks cool, i will play this one, downloaded! :)
  3. Another video of 3D models, i will post maybe every 1 or 2 months an update of the stuff, if it's ok for the admins! Sorry, the video are a bit simple made... It's just to show some stuff before the real teaser/trailer ^^
  4. Hexen - ELV Project (high quality 3D mod for Doomsday) 3D mod project for Hexen on Doomsday port Link of the video: It's been since mars 2019 I started a project with some people of the community of Hexen, we plan to release a 3D project for Hexen on Doomsday port I can't share things from the game because the team have to finish some stuff for the world renderer and others but i'm allowed to show some 3D models of the sketchfab. Veirdo uses a custom FBX for the mod. We plan to release a first version (beta without exploded corpses) in late 2022 if everything go well, not sure about the date, it will be compatible with classic/vanilla maps. A teaser of the first full map done will be showed at the end of the year 2021 to show the stuff in game. GrigoryArx for the work on the 3D models, animations and textures (all drawed by hand). Skyjake works on the programming and stuff for doomsday Veirdo is working now to put everything in the game and VFX Leo for the support and help, he will make video streams of the mod. Me (emmanuel) who was the budgetman who paid for all the 3D models/animations/textures except a few. I saw some stuff in action in game and i can tell you it's gonna be really amazing! Programming: Skyjake (Doomsday) https://talk.dengine.net/ 3D models artist/animation/textures: Grigorii Ischenko @Grigoriyarx https://sketchfab.com/grigoriyarx Art direction, additional modeling, additional animation, shaders, VFX and scripting: Veirdo (Dmitry) https://www.artstation.com/veirdo Youtube Streams Channel: Leo https://www.youtube.com/user/theleoua/live https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5QwAqOy7WACzHzRuW3-JWMVhDXgQmiBM
  5. Manhs

    Faithless: Trilogy - BETA 1a released!

    Im at the end of episode 2 and it's really impressive! Thanks for giving us such a cool wad! :D Even with the new stuff (monsters/weapons) it still feel like the style of Heretic Awesome mazes and level design!
  6. Finished it and it was really enjoyable and fun! Except some areas who were too big for the amount of enemies i think, even for the atmosphere you wanted...(like the desert), needed maybe a little more decorations for some areas but except that, it was really cool, i like the fact you used some real puzzles and not only switch ^^ Good wad anyway! The hub system hexen-like was there and it was well made, not linear i mean And the hordes in some areas make it fun (especially at a part where i had the bloodscourge, rip hordes :D
  7. Manhs

    POSSEST (Remake - Commercial)

    It looks like a really nice Hexen2-like game, it's very pretty and detailled! (especially the city with the big place and tree/statue ^^) I suppose there won't be crazy hard puzzles like in Hexen 2? (like the time puzzle of Egyptian hub :p Hexen 2 was really cool but sometimes, the enigms were too complicates... Good thing you use the same kind of AI, its good to have an AI who use some strategy and dodges too This one hype me!
  8. Manhs

    Faithless: Trilogy - BETA 1a released!

    no news about a v1? is there some stuff to fix?
  9. Hello, i search a texture artist for a commercial project, engine based on gzdoom, project started with the programming of the engine/physic, concepts arts and a first music in the work, i have a guy for the sprites too, i can pay for it, if interested, PM for more details. No custom textures but new textures. I can share the game design document but need some exemples of the work made before. Payment by task/commission. Im the guy with the budget who made the game design and work with the programmer to fix some stuff about it. We are at the first step, concept art, programming and textures but textures will start slowly, it could go faster in 1-2 month We have a discord EDIT: No need anymore
  10. Manhs

    Faithless: Trilogy - BETA 1a released!

    Nice! When do you think v1 can be released, need some time to fix stuff? (i will wait v1)
  11. Manhs

    Faithless: Trilogy - BETA 1a released!

    Hype! This wad was really cool, nice screenshots!
  12. Awesome, finaly, Dark Forces could have a port! Thank you =)
  13. Manhs

    Hexen: Realms of Cronos (UPDATE - v1.0)

    Nice! Take your time guys, make it glorious! B)
  14. Yeah, e3m4 is cool for that, i found the secret exit yesterday. Finished e3m6 now, in Quest A, there is a bit too many tome of power, i finished the map with 4 or 5, i lost a lot of ammo but there isnt really big danger, like small room who block me with a ton of enemies, big spaces help a lot. Normal ammo could be enough i think or maybe if it's made for Elven wand start but still, normal ammo could avoid spamming too powerful attacks with this difficulty Quest, it should be ok (i keep my weapons after the maps). The maulotaur was blocked in the lava part (platform), i had just to spam him without problem... Well, that's just me, accessible maps and not too hard are a good thing too! edit: it depends of the maps anyway, last map was challenging, nice idea! Thanks for this expansion! :)
  15. I'm at e3m9, good maps! I thought with the "different layout" system with difficulty level, it could have been short maps but not at all, e3m4 is massive! (Quest A/"easy) Nice atmosphere, a bit weird with some musics to me but it's very enjoyable! Not sure if it was reported but in e3m4, when 4 pillars appear to block us in the room where some enemies appear, i was able to go back and stay behind the pillars but good thing, after a moment, it will be opened. Screenshot of it: Thanks for this stuff!