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  1. Hands of Necromancy Patch 2.0 is currently will be released soon on Steam and itch.io! This patch adds some fancy new features! Just a preview of what we've accomplished so far: Sword Alt: Parry. Deflect enemy projectiles back to their source Fireball Staff Alt: Triple Shot. Shoots 3 fireballs but with less accuracy, slower fire rate. Ring of Ice Alt: IceThrower. Like a flamethrower but with ice, can freeze enemies. Tornado Spell Alt: Tempest. Spawn 6 tornadoes that will orbit around the player. Unholy Grenade Alt: Mine mode. The grenade won't explode until an enemy walks on it. Pistol Cannon Alt: Snipe mode. More accurate shots that can kill an enemy from afar, it has a little spread. Scythe Alt: Summon Lemure. Spawn a single Lemure ghost minion who will attack the enemies. Things we are still planning: Ambient sounds, 3rd attack for the transformations, Rebalancing More details to come! Stay tuned!
  2. Hello, the project ELV for Hexen take a lot of time to be made, it's like a modern version of Hexen with high quality 3D models: To show the project: https://twitter.com/ELV_project All the 3D models, decorations and textures are made (except a few textures and all the VFX), here are some: With some decorations. Im the guy who bought the 3D models and textures (redrawed by hand, made basically in 3D) I wanted to know if it could interest some people to put all these models of the monsters/weapons/textures/decorations in gzdoom, not sure about the 3D but maybe with a 2D render it could looks great? I have all the files. I can't pay for it but im ok to give all the models for free but i want to be sure this project can be finished one day :) Or maybe in Quake 3 engine but its another stuff... If interested, contact me in PM.
  3. For the automap, its normal, its because you can see it from a long distance already. Custom markers, im not sure if its possible but its not planned, we keep 1.5 for now (1.5.3 actually but only little little code changes stuff to not break the saves). I can try to ask to Luke Jansen if he can make midi of it, not sure how it works!
  4. Im at e1m3 now and its super good! Good balance in the difficult and events, not too crazy, not too easy, very enjoyable for now :) Im still bad at finding secrets x) but it works Very good stuff, always good to play again Heretic stuff
  5. Hands of Necromancy is now at -50% off on STEAM for 1 week! Last update added a new item who revive the monsters to make them your minions, an option for a new movement physic and map markers for key doors and portals! Link: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1898610/Hands_of_Necromancy/
  6. Hands of Necromancy will have a sale of -50% with an event on itch.io: https://twitter.com/frechou_games/status/1551961463786393600
  7. The Necromancer can raises the dead now! New update! v1.5 is going into Beta soon - Important Information here! The following changes will be introduced: • Introducing Map Markers for Key Doors and Portals • Fix for the switch of one of the map13 lifts • Pull fixes from GZDoom, post-4.8.2 • New movement code - the player starts and stops moving a lot quicker, less "sliding" - this change will be optional • New Special item: Hand of Necromancy (It raises the dead) • "Classic" mode - which removes the new Hand of Necromancy and makes the gameplay more similar to what it was before this update Important Information - Please Read! The development team is going to need to be able to push rapid changes to this branch, if things aren't properly working. As such, please don't start any long-term play-throughs with saves you intend to keep - please keep using the release branches for that. When this version is released we will, as always, make a branch for those who save on the release version. We will *NOT* be introducing savegame compatibility for the beta branch! The beta will also only be on Steam! > Beta is now live
  8. Announcement: New update of the game, it fixes the last important stuff and some details. _Map02 The Farmhouse: Fixed deactivated enemies. _Lord Gargoyle and Undead Dragon are now immune to rip damage from Ring of Ice. _Raised some platforms to not allow skip passage in some maps. _Map08 The Forest: Added a platform in one of the secret. _Added more enemies/items in some areas of some maps. _Added description of the attacks of the transformations when taking a morph pickup item (primary and alt fire). _and others If you want to keep the previous version to use your saves, use the beta branch option on steam: https://steamcommunity.com/app/1898610/discussions/0/3421062490360410047/
  9. Hands of Necromancy is updated with v1.3 Here are the changes: • Name of the maps will appear at the screen the first time you visit a map • Map13: The Earthen Depths, monks don't spawn infinitely anymore • map19: Skybox fixed at The Abandoned Castle • Map02: Switch fixed at the farmhouse • Tormented Undead (burning zombies) are fullbright now • Missing textures fixes • Statusbar fixed • Undead King Boss not stun anymore by the Wyvern flamethrower (or just a little bit) • map10: More enemies at the beginning of the City of Despair, added a switch at the dragon key room lift and platform fixed at the bell tower • map07: Zombies doors will be open directly now • Updated engine to GZDoom 4.8.1 • and other fixes =>Choose the previous version in the beta branch to use your saves if you want finish the game with them https://steamcommunity.com/app/1898610/discussions/0/3421062490360410047/
  10. Use ranged attack like the Tornado Spell, it can do them a lot of damage and push them away or use the Serpent transformation to spam them from a long range.
  11. Hands of Necromancy is now on Itch.io! Full game: https://frechou-games.itch.io/hands-of-necromancy Demo: https://frechou-games.itch.io/hands-of-necromancy-demo We plan to release it on GOG too
  12. Hands of Necromancy is released! This dark fantasy metroidvania FPS will bring you into different worlds where you will have to find your path with the different transformations! Defeat the Undead Kings and prove your strength and magic power! Steam Link: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1898610/Hands_of_Necromancy/
  13. What is your website? Hands of Necromancy was updated, here are the modifications: -Increased power of the Tornado Spell. Enemies on the ground will be killed faster than before. -New behavior for Ring of Ice. When hitting an enemy, ice shots will be thrown around the target for a short distance, potentially hitting other targets. -Reduced ammo from pickups for Ring of Ice and Tornado Spell from 5 (small) and 15 (large) to 4 (small) and 12 (large). -Max ammo decreased to 50 from 100 for Ring of Ice and Tornado Spell. -Striking enemies with the Magic Sword now turns the player toward the target. -Enemies will be stunned less often when attacked (especially golems). -Increased HP of Cold Breath (Ice Golem). -Removed some extraneous proprs and elements from some maps. -Fixes for textures, sound volume, and gameplay bugs. Issued planned for fix before Release v1.0 -Text scaling problem in the Quest Journal. -Texture seam problem in map05. -R & T too similar in game font. Note: On the steam version, if you open the properties, under "Betas", you can switch to the "save-compat-2022-06-02" - if you are in the middle of a save this will allow you (temporarily) to continue from that save. These branches are a stopgap for the updates breaking save games, but they are removed quickly.
  14. Annoncements: Full Release date! Hands of Necromancy will be released on June 20! At 10AM (UTC-8) Prepare your spells, prepare your transformations, we hope to see you in the world of Hands of Necromancy!
  15. We plan to make an update of the demo soon, saves are not guaranteed to work with gzdoom updates so be sure to not update your game or finish the game if you are close to do it! The update will feature: -Rework of the Ring of Ice. -Volume ajusted for some sound effects, modified choices of some sound effects. -Fixed bugs and flaws for the most. -Balance of some weapons, buff of power and nerf of ammo items/max ammo. and other things