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  1. Manhs

    [Heretic] Lost and Forgotten

    Thanks, i will play it! ^^
  2. Manhs

    HERETIC - Pantheon of War [Released]

    There was more enemies and ammo but people told me it was too hard' so i removed a lot of stuff.... :/
  3. Manhs

    HERETIC - Pantheon of War [Released]

    Hello, final update, maps slots are on e1m1, e1m2 and e1m3, replayed the whole wad and it works. Last link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/5ghbx26t2ezbksh/pantheonv1.3.rar/file Yeah, i didn't put a lot of health because i think Heretic and Hexen are very easy to play compared to DOOM (because hitscan and even the bestiary is really more brutal (revenant, archivile ect), in Heretic wads, there is often too many health when you can just run&gun and use some trick like infighting specially because there is no enemy who can hitscan you with a gun ^^ (not a flaw, i always liked heretic for the magic stuff but it's about the difficulty then).
  4. Manhs

    HERETIC - Pantheon of War [Released]

    Updated with 1.1, i think it should be ok, just one problem of light on some little pillars and 2 textures to fix, link in the first post. Comments, advices and others are appreciated! To go directly on the maps, with zdoom or zandronum or any ports, i can be wrong, but when you start a game, you can do "map e3m6" in the console or "changemap e3m6" and it will work
  5. Hello, i made a little mappack of 3 maps for Heretic, tested with zdoom 2.8.1, not vanilla/dosbox Some textures could go wrong with dosbox and there is no new stuff added. IWAD: HERETIC.wad The 3 maps start at e3m6, then, e3m7 and e3m8. Maps can be played in single player or coop with 4 players. Difficulty level: For Normal and Hard. Editors used: Gzdoombuilder 2 and slade Ports: tested with zdoom 2.8.1, zandronum 3 and gzdoom 3.5.0. Theme: Temple with water, Caves with Lava and Underground temple Time to make it: 1 month and about 15 days. My first mappack was really meh and too simplistic with a ton of errors (textures, fat door and others), i tried to learn and i hope this one will be better and more fun to play! I could have made more maps but i prefer to ask about stuff before. Really hard to map but it's fun :3 The pack should work, replayed the 3 maps in the pack and retested after some modifications in case. Have fun! LINK (version 1.3) http://www.mediafire.com/file/5ghbx26t2ezbksh/pantheonv1.3.rar/file Screenshots: E3M6 E3M7 E3M8
  6. Manhs

    heXen Upstart Mapping Project (RELEASED!)

    Not sure if i understand but for map07:
  7. Manhs

    [New HERETIC map] Village of Rotten Bones

    The map is amazing!! I stopped after killing 1/3 of the enemies (477) i will continue later, awesome design for the exploration and stuff! Thanks for the map! :D
  8. Manhs

    Heretic Upstart Mapping Project [RELEASED]

    I finished it, after e1m6, some maps are really good! I liked e1m8 and a lot of episode 2! Very cool I hosted the wad on doomseeker with TSPG for people who want play with people in case: EDIT: Sorry, i have put the iwad of doom2 for the server, it works now!
  9. Manhs

    Heretic Upstart Mapping Project [RELEASED]

    Thanks for this expansion people! I started to play it, it looks good, some good ideas! I missed Heretic maps/expansions! :) EDIT: I played the 3 first maps, short but still fun to play it!
  10. Manhs

    ROP 2015: Finished!

    I don't know if it was said, but i noticed some problems, maybe you can fix but it's not a big problem ! Im at e2m1 (smite meister/ 1life per map), and it's a very nice wad, shorter than "Curse of D'sparil" but really fun and beautiful ! I was happy when i have seen e1m8 wasnt the last map, hehe.... Too bad, i havent found the secret map..but i will retry it !
  11. Nice project, so there is some "new weapons"? Cool (: Will there be an update or it's the last version?
  12. Manhs

    ROP 2015: Finished!

    Thank you very much people for this new wad! Im at e1m7 and i like it a lot! :D The new textures are really cool and the level design too! The nice are pretty playable for everyone. :) I havent found the secret level, but i will try to find it when i will re-play the wad in black plague... Nice to see more single/coop wad for Heretic! :)
  13. Hello people, i have made a DM heretic pack. Basically, it was made for the stand, because i have some fan maps who use the slots till e4m4 ..around....so i needed 9 maps for the 5th episode but i wanted make my own maps with doombuilder 2. I used the Heretic "game configuration", i have made it to be used with/without mouselook/jump (but better to not use the jump) and deathmatch mod for 2-8 people. It's my second pack, i have made one for Hexen but the map are shorter in this one (Hexen has a lot of slow projectile too....), Heretic is more playable on large map because the dragon claw/elven wand and tome of power are really helpful so i have made those maps bigger than the hexen ones....im still a beginner in mapping, i hope it's ok! I wanted make bigger map to make more decoration with the relief, but it's kind of hard sometimes ^^ I called it "Cool themed Heretic" because i wanted it themed and simple and fun..., like a dock with some houses, a pantheon, a castle with lava, a tomb with sand, no special relief but more simply themed.... Sorry for my english, im french.... anyway, here, the screenshots: I have put some "Morph Ovum", the egg item who transform you in a chicken, but only in the maps with the lava, because this item can be unfair in dm...just transform in a chicken the guy who frag the most and let him no frag for a long time (or need to go between 2 fires lol) so the lava can finish you. Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/bjvuve9z96997nk/CoolThemed_Heretic_v1.11.rar Video of the gameplay: https://youtu.be/5jmClKycgNg If it's not a forum for other games or mod than the ones of doom, you can delete my topic (sorry then ^^ )