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  1. Awesome, finaly, Dark Forces could have a port! Thank you =)
  2. Manhs

    Hexen: Realms of Cronos (UPDATE - rc1b)

    Nice! Take your time guys, make it glorious! B)
  3. Yeah, e3m4 is cool for that, i found the secret exit yesterday. Finished e3m6 now, in Quest A, there is a bit too many tome of power, i finished the map with 4 or 5, i lost a lot of ammo but there isnt really big danger, like small room who block me with a ton of enemies, big spaces help a lot. Normal ammo could be enough i think or maybe if it's made for Elven wand start but still, normal ammo could avoid spamming too powerful attacks with this difficulty Quest, it should be ok (i keep my weapons after the maps). The maulotaur was blocked in the lava part (platform), i had just to spam him without problem... Well, that's just me, accessible maps and not too hard are a good thing too! edit: it depends of the maps anyway, last map was challenging, nice idea! Thanks for this expansion! :)
  4. I'm at e3m9, good maps! I thought with the "different layout" system with difficulty level, it could have been short maps but not at all, e3m4 is massive! (Quest A/"easy) Nice atmosphere, a bit weird with some musics to me but it's very enjoyable! Not sure if it was reported but in e3m4, when 4 pillars appear to block us in the room where some enemies appear, i was able to go back and stay behind the pillars but good thing, after a moment, it will be opened. Screenshot of it: Thanks for this stuff!
  5. Manhs

    Four Weeks of Pain: A Hexen Megawad

    Nice! i waited for it :) Downloaded!
  6. I mean for his time (90's), they did a good job with the early version of BUILD when they made Exhumed PC maps and his stuff (architecture). Some maps can be really complexe compared to some other old retro fps, especially after a few maps, saying mediocre about it is rude. But yeah we can compare with the mapping of nowadays but that's not the point. And even, i played it some years ago and refinished it, i still thought it was pretty enjoyable for a build game, not only about nostalgia.
  7. For the set of enemies and weapons, i think they did pretty well, the first maps of the PC version are obviously less good than after 3 or 4 maps (first map is like an intro map who is straight forward), same with a lot of retro fps. Or its just me but i really enjoyed the landforms of the maps of the pc version and the maps were scaring because it was long, hard and the atmosphere/details like i said, maybe there was some limits with the amount of different enemies or other but they did still a big work on it with BUILD i think. At least compared to a lot of other old fps, i don't think the PC version deserve that. Shadow Warrior 97 was more random in the level design sometimes by exemple, some platform here and here with nothing around. I enjoyed some of the first maps but some like the Sumo map was meh. Doom 2, some maps too or we can take Witchaven level design.
  8. Manhs

    HEXEN: Cyrgoth's Revenge - 8 Level Hub

    Verticality is a fun thing in this wad, just use mouselook, even remove autoaim and it will be far more fun ;) (autoaim with projectiles is a pain and force the mappers to limit the distane of the player/enemies :/ I don't understand the point of keeping some "limits", sprites in vertical view are not an issue, you can still notice the hitbox. The only thing i won't add is jumping because it's a real cheat and break the maps. It's good to have maps who don't just keep the old system. Full autoaim can only exploit the enemies who are in a upper part by exemple because they shoot in diagonal if i remember where you can just spam fully vertically on them so software+mouselook mode is a good option to not abuse of it. Anyway, it depends of the way the maps are made, if it's made to be played with/without jump or with/without mouselook, more or less classic.
  9. PC version maps are far superior to the maps of the console version who are too flat and symetrical. (See the map with treasures everywhere, it's just room/corridor/room and not only this one). And you have more details in the textures on the PC version, enemies doesnt just explode when you kill them (death/falling animation of the Anubis solder in the PC version) which create a better atmosphere for me. People said the console version better only because it has a metroid-like system and not just like a doom clone but when i played Exhumed console, i was sad, the maps are far easier than the PC version and far more simple in the landforms. Play Exhumed PC version, after 3 or 4 maps, the level design and atmosphere will impress you more than the console maps. ;) Just because it's like a classic doom doesnt mean it's inferior also 3D floor doesnt do everything. Map of Exhumed ps1: A map from Exhumed PC: The jumping/flying system on Exhumed ps1 is maybe the reason why they didnt make a complex relief and based the stuff on "long jump" and flat plat form but the atmosphere of PC version impressed me more because of that, landforms and hard maps =)
  10. Manhs

    Four Weeks of Pain: A Hexen Megawad

    People said we get the 2nd of the Cleric late (4 or 5 maps) so the best could be to play with Fighter or Mage, could you add his 2nd weapon earlier maybe? I will test it soon, with the Mage or Cleric.
  11. Manhs

    Four Weeks of Pain: A Hexen Megawad

    I will give it a try! Thanks!
  12. Manhs

    HEXEN: Cyrgoth's Revenge - 8 Level Hub

    I was happy to test it when i played the beta, liked a lot the geometry and the level design, very vertical!
  13. 3th episode is about special puzzles but it was fun, original! Fun wad! thanks :)
  14. Awesome, thank you! More Heretic & Hexen stuff! Downloaded!