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  1. Anonymous

    Why was I Banned

    The other guy wasn't just talking about he alpha he asked for a good IRC Channel from where he can download it. And BBG asked that we don't speek of the alpha eigthor.
  2. Anonymous

    Doomish Quotes?

    Lost soul's espcaping, through this gate that is gaping the world is his for the possesing. make him zombie, as he moves toward a, new unsuspecting guard. having no life is borin.
  3. Anonymous

    Why was I Banned

    First of all I didn't have the Alpha at the time and even if I did BBG knew that some other people had the alpha and He didn't do jacl shit about it. Second I could understand if the Post ended up in Post Hell but why Ban me when someone else made a topic called What's the best IRC channel for Doom 3.
  4. Anonymous

    Why was I Banned

    I am the Rebirth of ShapeShifter but I was banned for posting a topic called "Post your Doom 3 alpha screenshot's hear" I didn't tehnically do anything wrong I never posted anything that would be considered illegal so why was I banned? some guy makes a post called "What's the best IRC Channel for the Doom 3 Beta" and he even get's a responce from BigBadGansta and I contacted Lingucia about this and He didn't even have the balls to answer me.
  5. Anonymous


    wellcome to years ago.
  6. Why or why not are you getting DooM 3 for the Xbox. My guess is- your getting an Xbox and Doom 3 because you can't afford a monster computer, your getting a brand new computer with Doom 3 in mind because you can't wait for the xbox port and it's just going to play way better then the Xbox plus mods, wads and multiplayer, or you already have a kick ass computer and your waiting for Doom 3 to go gold so that you can get the best graphics card out there.
  7. Anonymous

    What kind of case are you getting

    I'm not upgrading my computer case just for a game. I'm building my own PC and thought that a alluminum windowed computer with a blue light inside would look amazing but maybe it would overheat even more because it's metalic and has a blue neon light. Why Overclock it because I want to get the most out of doom 3 as I can, and as long as I have a killer cooling system it shouldn't overheat to the point where it burns out that's another reeason I though of getting the case that's metalic grey because it has two fans covering both sides of the case.
  8. Anonymous

    What kind of case are you getting

    I'm still undecided, I guess the color should match the monitor but I could get a -windowed Alluminum case with a blue neon light inside.(but will the neon light and alluminum just make it heat up like crazy since I'm also planning on overclocking my rig?) -white, but the side slides open for easy and fast access to your computers guts. -one I saw that was metalic grey and had hage fans on both sides of the case that covered almost the whole sides(which might be even better since I plan on overclocking my Rig for Doom 3) -Black maybe? but that means I need a Black Monitor.
  9. Anonymous

    LCD vs CRT monitor for Doom 3

    Taking a picture of your monitor's graphic quality will never look as good as being in front of there in person anyway.
  10. Anonymous

    Headphones vs Speakers and Subwoofer

    So If I'm playing doom 3 and I've got speaker's all around me and the Hell Knight is sneaking up behind me, will I hear him creaping up, from just the back speaker's?
  11. Anonymous

    Where are the Doom Scultures

    I meant has anybody made any? because I only see sketches and computer generated images but no sculptures.
  12. Anonymous

    Headphones vs Speakers and Subwoofer

    Why would speakers sound better then headphones?
  13. Anonymous

    LCD vs CRT monitor for Doom 3

    then it's settled then, I'll get a 21" crt true flatscreen.
  14. Anonymous

    LCD vs CRT monitor for Doom 3

    Isn't the Tech forum to talk about the games engain and nerd stuff.
  15. Anonymous

    LCD vs CRT monitor for Doom 3

    When you guys say CRT is it because of visual quality, or because you would prefere a 21" vs a smaller LCD?