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  1. In GZChaos Options need to add default settings.
  2. Doomenator


    A couple of patches from my "Star Wars" build. DFSecretSound.zip DarkForcesMusicX.zip
  3. Due to the fact that there are a lot of them, they do not become more visible. In addition, reduced or stretched pixels are very different from standard sprites. It spoils the aesthetics.
  4. well, maybe some of them
  5. At first sight an interesting mod. However, the potions and gems look too small, it is advisable to double their size. And the skull-keys is too large.
  6. Doomenator

    Just need a little help please!

    Not sure for the original, but I have this: doom.7z
  7. Doomenator

    What is your favourite DOOM wads

  8. Is this a preliminary version? In the original, the metal has a different color. I advise you to use the original palette, so that there would be no inconsistencies between different textures.
  9. I would like to hear recognizable motifs of the original tracks, played on live instruments in gothic-folk style. Something like this:
  10. In reality, you look with your eyes, not a camera attached to a weapon, and your gaze is always directed at one point. It doesn't matter if you shoot or swing a stick. Any involuntary change in the direction of the view, contradicts realism and spoils the game perception. Recoil in the games and such things work only at small values, when the eyes can compensate for it. Otherwise, it does not look natural.
  11. It looks and feels completely unnatural. You need options to disable or tuning it.
  12. I think, using official names for mods is such cheap way to earn some popularity points. Or maybe just the result of ignorance. In consequence, somebody may get strike from copyright holders, but who cares, right?
  13. Quite a good attack. Just need to remove the jump, it feels superfluous. In addition, since you added the sword to the first slot, then swap the main-alt attacks. And add repulsion a small stunlock (since the repulsion is already on the shield, or you will have to remove it for the shield and just make protection) for a hand strike, like it's a kick.