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  1. Freedoom1.wad, Freedoom2.wad. ) https://freedoom.github.io/download.html
  2. Doomenator

    Warhammer 40k Astartes

    Any vanilla mapset with F4_textures or F5_textures. For example random Oblige map:
  3. Doomenator

    Hexen: Arcane Dungeons [RELEASE]

    Voxels are absolutely not combined with HD textures, sprites and HD effects. And high-quality 3D models are not combined with sprites and voxels. It is useless to argue with such obvious things. )
  4. Doomenator

    Hexen: Arcane Dungeons [RELEASE]

    Need both options. There are people who like all to break, they usually play for warrior. And there are people who like to poke at the icons and menu. I'm in the first category. And I'm terribly boring and tedious 10 times to click in the inventory of the chest. :D For closed chests, it is advisable to make a break-in chance. This ideas is not new to RPGs and medieval games at all. Teleport can simply be made smaller in height. But that's not what I mean. I believe that mixing different styles of graphics, sprites, voxels, models, greatly spoils the aesthetic appearance of the game. There must be one thing. If I correctly understood the teleport are placed only in certain sectors. They are not generated in water or lava. You can make additional sectors with the texture of the teleport and then place an object in them.
  5. Doomenator

    Hexen: Arcane Dungeons [RELEASE]

    Interesting thing, but rather monotonous. Try to add a boss levels. Add more interactive items like breaking barrels. Add ability to break chests. Add more monsters. Etc. That's what happens when you do not read the post until the end. But it seems that I and the author think alike. :D Also I want to get rid of voxels, I don't like voxels. ) I forgot to write that the Arcane Dungeons is not quite compatible with Bolognese Gore mod (replaces menu settings under Zandronum), also not quite compatible with Now That's What I Call Midi randomazer (does not start playing automatically).
  6. Doomenator

    Map thief/slandering bastard at it again

    Not exactly. I am lazy person, but I never came up with the idea to appropriate someone else's work. Need to be a complete idiot to do that. )
  7. Doomenator

    SHRINE - A Total Conversion Mod for Doom 2

    Not a bad concept. But I am confused by red blood and uncompressed sounds.
  8. Doomenator

    [WIP] DOOMED REDNECK! (Alpha 0.1 - 12/11/2019)

    The weapon recoil is terrible. Do something about it.
  9. Doomenator

    Fall of Society

    Try Freedoom2.wad to check. https://freedoom.github.io/download.html
  10. Penguin of course funny, but why he farts? I want to note that in some countries and societies such jokes are considered indecent. Or is your mod designed only for american users? ) Small fix, who wants can add this in the end of the sndinfo.
  11. An interesting maps set. But I think using BDlite is a bad idea. It would be nice to play these maps with Hexen weapon mod and Fantasy monsters, for example. But there is no compatibility. In addition, owners of weak computers will not be delighted with the ketchup gore system. Is there a vanilla option in the plans?
  12. I decided to try it too. )