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  1. Doomenator

    [Freedoom2] Freedom on Earth

    Really? What about the missing textures?
  2. Doomenator

    DOOM 4 VANILLA v3.2

    You can use SLADE and remove the midi from D4V.wad.
  3. Doomenator

    Is there any wad that uses glboom+'s detail textures?

    The only thing that is not fit for Doom (especially for Doom modding and Doom modmaking) is stereotypical thinking. )
  4. Doomenator

    Is there any wad that uses glboom+'s detail textures?

    I suppose even you need to explain such primitive things as the possibility to replace, add and redefine detailed textures, change their size and contrast. They also perfect compatible with any HD textures. This is just a unique possibility. And it exists independently of a short-sighted perception or a superficial impression.
  5. Doomenator

    Is there any wad that uses glboom+'s detail textures?

    If it's look the same as in jDoom, then it's just a great thing.
  6. Doomenator

    What do you 'load in'

    I load only iwads by default. Otherwise there are hundreds of different load options for a specific mods, levels or builds in my launcher.
  7. In fact, it boring is initially. But it is still better to localize such "trash" in one place. )
  8. I like Oblige maps. But, I think posting something like this just foolishly. As an alternative, it would be possible create a separate common topic, like "Oblige Projects" and place all related to the Oblige maps in it, that would not clog the forum.
  9. Doomenator

    Happy Time Circus 3 (WIP)

    I hope the entire set of weapons will be angled.
  10. Doomenator

    Warhammer 40k Astartes

    If this does not create any serious problems, then you can ignore it.
  11. Doomenator

    WADs that use default Doom 2 textures?

    The same stock texture only from Freedoom. It doesn't affect anything. There may be problems with other patches, but nothing critical.
  12. Doomenator

    WADs that use default Doom 2 textures?

    I'm sure, oblige map generator is a good fit for this too.
  13. Doomenator

    Collection of kid friendly mods?

    Archvile resurrects the invisible monsters.
  14. Doomenator

    Warhammer 40k Astartes

    Of course, triggers on maps don't work if you change monsters. Use other wads or adapted maps, such as D4Vmaps. Regarding HMKids midi, without lyrics, these are the most usual tracks in the power-metal style and they are not associated with the w40k universe, at last for me. However, if you like this, you can try DemonSteele-NowThatsWhatICallMIDI.