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  1. That's a launcher I think. You probably aren't using port that supports MBF21. https://doomwiki.org/wiki/MBF21#Supported_ports
  2. Are you playing on port that doesn't supports MBF21? That might be the issue.
  3. So uh. I am posting another beta as the development of last map has been... stretched a bit. Apologies. The new beta is MBF21 and has two additional maps (map04, map09), as well as variety of other changes, such as introduction of variety of MBF21 lines/sectors and dehacked monsters. Please enjoy as of now, and sorry for delaying and sleeping on the project like this. DeliriumBeta_1207.zip
  4. As Tmorrow mentioned, the archvile is actually activateable by jumping from revenant platform to center platform. The front of the platforms is actually elevator activateable by touch - but since there seems to be conveyance issues with that, I revisited map a bit. Hopefully it should make it bit clearer.
  5. Complevel 4, yes. It is not limit-removing, so it should run fine in Chocolate Doom and such. Even DOS .exe is supported to extend, although there are some maps that may crash at the moment.
  6. Uh, let me scrounge up some details
  7. floatRand

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    = oops doublepost =
  8. Minor news. Working on this again, hoping to get final maps done in coming months. MBF21 is now explicitly targeted, so there won't be a CL9 compatible version anymore. Working on an early map for set. Still WIP, and order of maps may change in some meaningful way. Custom enemies are also changed due to accomodating MBF21 changes, which should make them bit more fun. I have also considered about making a custom weapons. However, I doubt I will use them in release as most of Delirium was designed without any custom content (some maps were never intended to be part of it). I may, however, consider making a version with them included, along with some other more wide enemy changes. However, next release is going to be RC and include missing levels, so asking for bit of patience on your part. Particularly the final map is planned to be pretty big. I still appreciate feedback regarding original beta and it will inform changes I consider in RC. Thank you.