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  1. floatRand

    What was the lowest point in your mapping career?

    It's all downhill
  2. floatRand

    Which Doom II enemy is worse than the arch-vile

    Spider Mastermind is quite useless due to size and not too dangerous, usually just adds tedium imo - essentially being just a really fat chaingunner with ton of HP. Also arch-viles are great and you can expect at least one in my every map.
  3. floatRand

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Looks real amazing, those dynamic? shadows look real cool. Meanwhile working with something cool as well.
  4. floatRand

    Slaughterfest 2012 demos [-complevel 9]

    Here comes something stupid. Map21 UV-speed 2:13 Could be optimized, also skips YK encounter somehow (doesn't wake up monsters or skips linedef, haven't checked...). sf1221-213.zip
  5. floatRand

    Slaughterfest (201)3 [-complevel 9]

    ok Sorry for not reading the rules. Hopefully they are ok, although I don't remember specific version of the PrBoom - can I see it from somewhere? (UV-Speed) Edit: oops it is in the program name bar, Correcting text files. sf309-125.zip sf327-237.zip
  6. I doubt internet will be the same either once all human consciousnesses merge into an eternal, abstracted being.
  7. Swift Death 21/23 UV-max stands out I think. I am pretty average player. Outside of those, dunno. Some Sunlust maps on UV like 'Entering Aquatic Desert' and UV-speeding few Slaughterfest 3 maps.
  8. floatRand

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    OTEX by Ukiro, 1.0.
  9. floatRand

    How do you plan or design wads?

    Planning? More seriously, I either just create some significant rooms and start connecting them or just quickly sketch out layout - sometimes using mspaint to plan some specific things or high concepts. I do have map theme and gameplay concepts ready before starting mapping, though - also just making a square room and picking bunch of textures that'll work together.
  10. floatRand

    The DWmegawad Club plays: 25 Years on Earth

    MAP11, UV pistol-start 93k/33s % Whew, after some shorter maps we get to this intense boy. I quite like the layout and although I did not die in the map, there were few moments that almost got me - and if I hadn't gotten the SR40 secret I probably would have been perforated (although I did get zapped by archvile). Start is easy enough and I managed to find the SSG rather quickly which allowed me to take on some of the middling monsters pursuing me. Cavern room certainly reminds me of something, but using the low wall like that is nice - and the archvile afterwards was bit nasty, although there was some cover available (that I overshot) and no dangerous monsters to resurrect - the blursphere was rather useless, although it primed by expectations for some hitscanner ambush: nope, just lost souls and whatnot. At least there were no mancubi... Seeing Spider Mastermind free was bit of a shock and I had to take some really careful approach to her due to my lowish health - thankfully got her without getting hurt. I complained about before just telefragging her, but this is real deal - and I think it is rather satisfying, although bit lonely as you can just pop out of cover and head back. The last fight is bit trivial, but if you are hurt after the mastermind encounter, the scant hitscanners and barons can really kill you. I did only get two secrets, and consequently did not get 100% of kills.
  11. floatRand

    The DWmegawad Club plays: 25 Years on Earth

    MAP10 100k/100s Quite swift map again - fitting name of 'haste keep'. It is rather easy though, and you can find easy rocket launcher secret (again, behind easy nukagefall! you fools!) The only tricky encounter is last revenant pair and archvile, but that's still relatively easy. Things are starting to blur together a bit - maps are quite short. Not to knock the maps for their brevity, I love some really short maps sometimes - but there isn't the intensity I would want from such maps here. Still quite enjoyable, but gonna have to see when things start getting slightly larger again.
  12. floatRand

    The DWmegawad Club plays: 25 Years on Earth

    MAP09 100k/100s As mentioned, another shortie. Starting to see how these maps are being paced now. Despite being short this is quite fun. The first secret is rather easy to find as one are hidden behind waterfalls... Fool, that is the place I always check! The other was trickier, but I am familiar with that sort of secret concept so I found it rather quickly. The map also introduces a spider mastermind, which was bit of a shock, but its duty is mostly to act as a turret - and maybe bit anticlimactically you telefrag it quickly after meeting it. Oh well, then again, having to deal with one with the weapon set we have would be tedious. Maybe the telefrag could have been the secret instead? Or make telefrag happen later in the level - oh well. There was nice encounter with perched arachnotrons - not too challenging, but it is situations I kinda like. Just dancing around streams.