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  1. floatRand


    N ice. Been playing map01 so far, and like it. Mostly posting though because I found that you can jump out-of-map from here.
  2. floatRand

    Commissioning mods?

    One case could be where someone is making a gameplay mod for Doom, and wants someone to make a map to go alongside with it. Or perhaps he wants a cameo from his/her favourite mapper in his/her own mapset. Pricing is always difficult, since you have to consider your own work pace, what sort of quality/size/length both you and your client want to settle on... However, I don't expect people being able to pull professional pay from these unless it is an actual commercial project. Then again, I have had bad habit of underpricing my own art shit in past, so what do I know about pricing. And regarding actual production of commission, good communication is important between clients. Some clients are more hands-off, some have lot of opinions on the product (valid or not, they are one paying usually. Thankfully my clients have been kinda insightful usually). And yeah, I don't see Doom mapping in particular being a career. Even where art commissions are blooming, you are probably not gonna make anywhere near liveable wage until you become rather well-known/popular - and even then they usually augment their income by streaming, patreon etc..
  3. floatRand

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    Buncha Adventures of Square QD-speeds E2A2 E2A6 Secret Map And this thing Time Attack 4
  4. floatRand

    Does a doom level have to be long to be fun?

    No, and there are plenty of examples. As mentioned, the sort of "dimensions smaller than this designated number" series, Scythe, Swift Death (if that's your cup of tea), Crumpets, etc. Personally, I think they are more fun to develop, as well. I tend to get burned out on large maps and have more fun with smaller ones - so I end up suffering because I don't know where to stop.
  5. I think best way is to improve positioning of enemies and synergy they have with eachother/ environment. You can also consider making encounter-space less favourable (claustrophobia, traps lines of sight, making it shift and/or seal exits).
  6. It really depends since there are two ways symmetry affects map; visually and gameplay-wise. Biggest issues really are with gameplay, that it can be too predictable/repetitive or make layout way too disorientating, especially if there are no landmarks to speak of. It is kinda funny that such problems can coexist - while symmetric layout can be intuitive in way, a symmetric room / arena / layout can easily become disorientating in heat of combat. There are some benefits to symmetry; it is generally faster to generate sides/geometry and it can be prettier when doing ex. sort of front-facing vistas or hallway.
  7. floatRand

    Is procedural generation possible for Doom maps?

    Nice, thank you. It really depends on concept of the game largely, and I do think Doom, as most play it, is not really best platform for such due to how game works. However, for mod like, say, Hideous Destructor or DoomRL? Probably could work better, as the random environments serve the gameplay better. System master vs. level mastery. But as you mentioned, there are very significant issues with procedural generation that makes it unfit for many games, like the repetition and quality. If you can only generate 30 minutes of distinct maps, wouldn't it be better rather than implement algorithm just make bunch of maps that are better and last longer? In some games the repetition/blandness are non-issue, because game doesn't focus on level/maps so much, but rather in other things - like Dwarf Fortress, which generates a world with history, historical figures, landscape with different distinct locations - to explore or plop your fort in. While lot of the world itself isn't really that interesting, it serves the gameplay excellently by offering somewhat unpredictable environment to settle in. Of course there are lot of missteps, since procedural generation seems like easy solution to create rather nice amount of game content for indie games, but developer shouldn't be deluded that because it is procedurally generated it is "endless content". I think you could make it more interesting by mixing procedural generation with traditional level design (ex. using premade bits and using procedural generation schemes on maps, like designating areas governed some procedural generation scheme, like cellular automata for caves), which is something I am doing bit of researching about.
  8. floatRand

    Airplane and spaceship maps?

    Confinement (conf.wad) has Muumi's map14, "The Flying Thing", which is pretty incredible.
  9. floatRand

    Is procedural generation possible for Doom maps?

    As mentioned, there's Oblige that to my knowledge uses shape grammar. I've been actually playing around with idea of modular procedural design schemes for maps, like making cave/canyon-like structures with voronoi diagram and then connecting it to a other pieces governed by other scheme (canyon->outdoor base entrance->labyrinth)
  10. floatRand

    Specific Things in Doom that annoy you

    Yeah. Thankfully altering their hitboxes with dehacked is trivial matter.
  11. floatRand

    Specific Things in Doom that annoy you

    Damage variance (to degree it is implemented), melee attacks from completely different z-level, blockmaps and how weapon switching works (on pickup, switching back after getting ammo)
  12. floatRand

    SlaughterMAX. RC1 available!

    A commentary text for Velvet? Sure.
  13. Hm. Tough pick. None of the former humans, I suspect they smell, and as for nazis - well, they are nazis. Cacos are for petting, not dating. I suspect revenants wouldn't be able to hold their food, plus they are bit loud. Arachnotrons are probably underage and while spiderdemon is milf, I figure she wouldn't fit in restaurant - same with cyberdemon. My wallet can't support a mancubus. Imps and demons? Pronably not. I figure I'd take archvile with me, seems awfully convinient. Or baron because they might be well hung.
  14. floatRand

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Maybe in process of learning some things.