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  1. floatRand

    Sunder - Map17 is here!

    Had to just take quick romp to look around as I didn't have much time to sink, but move away tap-dancing Jesus F. Christ, this is the second coming we've been waiting for. Although I can't exactly say anything about gameplay yet, the visual pilebunker is as stunning as ever.
  2. floatRand

    MAYhem 2019 - WE HAVE A PUBLIC BETA!

    Weird. I'll have to check on these on weekend if I can. What version of PrBoom are you using? And PrBoom+ I assume?
  3. floatRand

    MAYhem 2019 - WE HAVE A PUBLIC BETA!

    It's likely I have to make Decorate-declarations/versions for those, ouchie. Sorry about that.
  4. floatRand

    Plutonia 3 [boom-compatible megawad]

    Oh, that's neat.
  5. floatRand

    [FINAL RELEASE] Eviternity

    The drop is hardcoded per thing index. They can't be changed (well, you can shuffle things around). MBF does offers a codepointer to create things at thing's location - not sure if Eviternity uses MBF features. Plus there is the obvious balance concerns.
  6. Disjunction uses CC4-tex only, only exception is beams in Map07 which I drew myself. However, I did adjust palette.
  7. floatRand

    How do people lose the source code to their own game?

    It is probably one of: * We lost the backup/archive * We rid of it because it was taking space * We don't legally have it
  8. Map08 - "Foundry" - UV, 100% kills, 100% secrets. Oh dear. Some people really didn't like this one. And I can kinda see it. It is exhausting, bit scarce in resources and it is bit dull in theme - visually very brown, just highlighted with some orange lights and molten slag. Brutal, with sharp shapes, metal... I do think I had some good combat encounters in it. The YK encounter had idea of having to sorta slalom between the crushers while managing the revenants and imps teleporting in, but I think you have enough time to kill the revenants with rocket launcher, which kinda cheeses the whole encounter. Doing the encounter as intended has its own problems, too, with crushers slowing when starting to crush a monster. RK is probably the worse encounter, considering that the crusher that kills the cybie is probably not communicated to player mayhaps. Plus it is kinda designed in way that player who is not careful can get splattered by cyberdemon rocket going through windows. The maze before that has gotten some flak, but I think how it transforms is kinda neat. I was kinda running low on steam, so I decided to settle on it. The finale is probably one of my favourites, in which player controls progression through stages of the encounter. I should have probably scrapped lot of the fat with Foundry, but I guess it is part of its identity now. The conveyor and crusher at start was pulled from one of my very first maps I worked on. It was flesh/skin-textured in that one. Music is from Donkey Kong Country 3. Secrets:
  9. floatRand

    So, how old are you ?

    Had 25th anniversary of failure two months ago.
  10. Map07 - "Gamma Sector " - UV, 100% kills, 100% secrets. Hoo boy, what a generic name. This map was last I made for the set, and was after I made one-two maps for other things (I am actually balling whatever I should release the one as standalone since the project doesn't seem to get released, but it'd involve bunch of converting stuff etc.) This is much shorter than others, mostly because I had grown frustrated of making large maps lately, so I wanted to do something quicker and more lighter. Something that'd be fun to speedrun at least. Looking at it now, I think it serves as neat little breather after Serpent Temple, and before the last 3 maps, which are bit mean. The layout was sketched really quickly, however, the theme did go bit of an overhaul. Originally it was supposed to be a sand-covered town, but I kinda got ideas for those laser beams, so I did what I did, made it sort of dark, tech-basey segment with green lighting effects. I think it came out visually rather well, although in retrospect, I think the sand/town would have been more interesting. I could have still included the laser beams in some funny way. The combat itself? Outside of very specific encounter (it's a secret), there isn't much to talk about. It is pretty quick and dirty, one of the more difficult segments being the elevator. Laser beams actually kill any player that wander into them - however, this applies to monsters, as well. One way of ridding of cacos or pain elementals is to lure them into the beam and get them telefragged by voodoo doll moving at extremely hihg speed. Oh, and track is battle theme for Parasite Eve, a game I really should head out and play.
  11. Map06 - "Serpent Temple " - UV, 100% kills, 100% secrets. This came relatively late into development, and there is something to be said about the development. Before Serpent Temple, I was working on another map that I never unfortunately finished. It was a castle situated on top of a mountain, similar to idea of "Eagle's Nest" from DVII, but the climb being minor part and castle being where the map is mostly situated. It however got too bloated and ran some technical issues, plus layout was kinda shit. There was one gimmick in the map: set skull switches scattered about that raised the bridge to final area. I had also idea of requiring only 4 switches out of 6, with all switches revealing secret. I did worry that in this map people wouldn't get switches - although it is probably just me underestimating player. In Boom-format it would be bit more tricky to communicate to the player (without using additional textures for guiding). However, I did make sure the concept of switches was introduced at start. Hence rising from the ground at start and having on switch nearby as freebie. It should get through even the thickest skulls. The layout is kinda serpentine, with some interconnecting sections from the spawn that also connects to gate with the 5 switches. There are some distinct areas, as the section with water/gray bricks and the round structure. Visually it does kinda pull from Sunlust, particularly maps 11-15 or so. Round room architecture, mixed with some lighting effect and some tech panels, sorta alluding more advanced civilization than bricky structures give credit for. This is also first map where I started to learn to use invisible bridges, which is used to some significant effect. As for the gameplay, I kinda wanted to experiment with SSG:less gameplay. On first release, the map wasn't that great because the enemy variety was bit too tough - that got changed later. I also added SSG on lower difficulties. Another issue that eventually surfaced regarded the rocket launcher. As the rocket launcher had very limited ammo and I only gave refills on switches, players refrained from using it - which is a shame, since players get restocked for the final fight. I could have perhaps communicated this to players by moving the rocket boxes near the gate so players can see them, thus encouraging player to use them during the actual map. The finale itself is fine, I think. Bit too dark perhaps. The gimmick is forcing cacodemons to infight the cybies, while managing space so you don't get cornered by cacos or splattered by cybie. There is actually secret way to skip this fight, which was added for speedrunners! Oh yeah. Secrets.
  12. Sorry, been kinda busy, I'll try to continue it today.
  13. Descent into Cerberon from Quake 2 sequenced by Jay Reichard Haunted "Jazz Belmont" from Jazz Jackrabbit 2, sequenced by MaliceX
  14. The ASS is approaching. I'll partake in it.