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  1. Nice, thank you. It really depends on concept of the game largely, and I do think Doom, as most play it, is not really best platform for such due to how game works. However, for mod like, say, Hideous Destructor or DoomRL? Probably could work better, as the random environments serve the gameplay better. System master vs. level mastery. But as you mentioned, there are very significant issues with procedural generation that makes it unfit for many games, like the repetition and quality. If you can only generate 30 minutes of distinct maps, wouldn't it be better rather than implement algorithm just make bunch of maps that are better and last longer? In some games the repetition/blandness are non-issue, because game doesn't focus on level/maps so much, but rather in other things - like Dwarf Fortress, which generates a world with history, historical figures, landscape with different distinct locations - to explore or plop your fort in. While lot of the world itself isn't really that interesting, it serves the gameplay excellently by offering somewhat unpredictable environment to settle in. Of course there are lot of missteps, since procedural generation seems like easy solution to create rather nice amount of game content for indie games, but developer shouldn't be deluded that because it is procedurally generated it is "endless content". I think you could make it more interesting by mixing procedural generation with traditional level design (ex. using premade bits and using procedural generation schemes on maps, like designating areas governed some procedural generation scheme, like cellular automata for caves), which is something I am doing bit of researching about.
  2. Confinement (conf.wad) has Muumi's map14, "The Flying Thing", which is pretty incredible.
  3. As mentioned, there's Oblige that to my knowledge uses shape grammar. I've been actually playing around with idea of modular procedural design schemes for maps, like making cave/canyon-like structures with voronoi diagram and then connecting it to a other pieces governed by other scheme (canyon->outdoor base entrance->labyrinth)
  4. Yeah. Thankfully altering their hitboxes with dehacked is trivial matter.
  5. Damage variance (to degree it is implemented), melee attacks from completely different z-level, blockmaps and how weapon switching works (on pickup, switching back after getting ammo)
  6. A commentary text for Velvet? Sure.
  7. Hm. Tough pick. None of the former humans, I suspect they smell, and as for nazis - well, they are nazis. Cacos are for petting, not dating. I suspect revenants wouldn't be able to hold their food, plus they are bit loud. Arachnotrons are probably underage and while spiderdemon is milf, I figure she wouldn't fit in restaurant - same with cyberdemon. My wallet can't support a mancubus. Imps and demons? Pronably not. I figure I'd take archvile with me, seems awfully convinient. Or baron because they might be well hung.
  8. Maybe in process of learning some things.
  9. Sorry, just decided to have look another time at the thing and found out some issues with it. Just fixed a HOM and a orphaned invuln that I accidentally placed? Velvet_v3.zip Midi track is "Crystal Teardrops" from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, midi sequenced by BlackStealth
  10. Alright, update of sort, implemented difficulties (medium has less monsters and altered monster types. Bit toothless, but dunno. Easy is "Fahrenheit 451" mode). Some minor fixes too and altered geometry, making it more difficult to hide. Velvet_v2.zip
  11. Nice. That finale cheese is something I might want to touch, maybe make sort of safe pockets less viable so player need to keep their run on. Just make revenants reach you easier or something, but in turn make more escape routes openable etc. I did fast-forward lot of the demo since I was bit in hurry, might have another look at it. I will probably update that secret, too, so it is easier to grab. As for question, I dunno if it'd put it on Disjunction as it is. It is kinda spiritual continuation of 'Felt', so it probably be a secret map, but I also might touch some of the monsters. If it wasn't secret, I'd probably alter and reduce monsters quite a bit - maybe make finale half imps and half revenants. I don't consider lot of Disjunction as slaughter, even thought there are slaughtery encounters (ex. map10, btw, congrats on that great 19 minute run of it ) The map is bit claustrophobic kinda like its forefather, but I had idea of 'opening map up' before challenging the final encounter.
  12. I kinda made a map. Velvet.zip I am not that great in slaughtermaps, but I wanted to give it a shot. While I did test it and play through it, cannot vouch for the encounter quality. No difficulties yet. Name's more reference to another map I made with kinda similar visual theme, but heh.
  13. Something perhaps.
  14. No name in particular, maybe "Medikit Cave" works.
  15. Kinda late entry but the whole thing was probably because what I said in Discord. Sorry about that. 2 hours from start to finish, Boom-compat, just Doom2 resources. FLRspeedmap.zip Bit easy. I did use Sergeants and Chaingunners, which technically aren't former human as per enemy. Enjoy trillion medikits
  16. I'll save you! MAP16 UV-max in 5:22 (Youtube) .lmp: frand_confuv16.zip First exit so playing really safe here. And top of that, it was really bad run, too. Mostly because I hate imps and can't do the RL grab without getting gangbanged. There is also a small hom where the chaingunners are initially.
  17. Map04 "Lazarus" [UV pistol-start] - 100% kills, 0% secret Once it pulls back from over your head, you find yourself on a Dead Simple map - not that it is a bad one, it certainly had some moments, but did feel bit uninspired. And since it is a Dead Simple map, it also marks introduction of arachnatrons and mancubi in the mapset. But really, it is hard to say much about it, other than that there seems to be a scarcity of medikits in second half, but at least it is remedied by a berserker pack (that I almost missed) and a megasphere secret - which I didn't get. So at least there were tense moments. But that tease of the next map!
  18. Map06 "Sledgehammer" [UV pistol-start] - 100% kills, 40% secret Game is starting to get rather mean. Visually distinct from previous two maps, featuring largely dark, linear metal complex with chaingunners galore, with some outdoorsy bits in vine-conquered sections. Traps get really nasty and particularly honorable mention goes to explosive barrels. Also first time boney boys are featured in Reverie too, and at very end we get our first archvile. Really neutered one and signposted one, but hey. I really like this map despite it rather devilish features, for featuring some rather smart player-teaching and nice visuals. I feel there is theme of 'infiltrating' a fortress, with shooting switches from maintenance-tunnels to open doors. The music is fitting for this, too. We also get a story bit that doesn't really tell anything.
  19. Map04 "Substance" [UV pistol-start] - 97% kills, 33% secret I really start to feel Reverie really loves its chaingunners. Although I figure it is more about trying to not hurry enemy introductions. This time we meet lovely meatball delmon and associates, who unfortunately gets dispatched pretty easily. Certainly shorter than previous level, I was actually quite bit surprised when it ended. Can't say I liked it as much as previous map, it felt bit light on substance - it didn't have anything particularly memorable. Gotta agree tho, music is pretty nice.
  20. Don't stress too much about it. Things like these can happen, and while I think merging cc4tex would have been best idea, there is also merit of having non-cc4tex version for fast grabs etc. Anyway, congratulations to all! Time to download and actually play the thing.
  21. Map04 "Divine Judgment" [UV pistol-start] - 100% kills, 42% secret Well, that was a doozy and a step in difficulty. After rather peculiar start, we get straight into some nasty business in the largest map so far, with some nice visuals. Although largely brown and filled with nukage, it does take break from it with a water-run cavern. While enemies are still mostly weak hitscanners, some hellknigths and cacodemons are mixed in. The traps are getting particularly nasty, with memorable being the red key one.
  22. Got 10 since I can't count.
  23. Map03 "The Cup of Wrath" [UV pistol-start] - 100% kills, 50% secret Opposition toughens again, with more chaingunners and introduction of the loved mid-tier enemies; cacodemons and a hellknight. Actually killed me once, got perforated by chaingunners in the BK ambush, but rest of the level is smooth sailing from that point onward. Rather linear affair with some repeating scenery, which is kinda shame since I liked the map otherwise. And ammo seemed to be bit tighter, at least for first half of the map. Thankfully you get a chainsaw to communicate with.
  24. You could give non-idgames mirror meanwhile.