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  1. The ASS is approaching. I'll partake in it.
  2. floatRand

    Slaughterfest (201)3 [-complevel 9]

    Map 27 UV-Speed in 2:37 frsf327.zip Map 09 UV-Speed in 1:25 frsf309.zip Map 06 UV-Speed in 1:57 frsf306.zip
  3. Map12 "Felt" UV - 100% kills, 12/12 secrets My first map! Well, my first released map. I had fiddled with the editor a bit before, so I wasn't completely newbie, but I hadn't really released anything playable. Originally for DUMP 3, but was included into Disjunction like all DUMP 3 maps I made. And you can see it is bit rough in places and simplistic in some cases. The original concept was "a magical library, cramped with secret tunnels, passages and rooms, with green as colour theme". The name 'Felt' does refer to the fabric of pool table - and in a way it is also a Homestuck reference, but not intended one. Getting first secret by just entering map is bit thematical tidbit, sorta signaling that the whole library is a secret area in a way. You enter a map via rather cramped elevator - showing my fetish for cinematic starts and ends. But yeah. Layout-wise, it is linear until you get the red key, after which you can go do the big library-section or the darker tunnels section. Frankly, both are very viable routes, but the darker tunnels has the benefit that you can actually get into parts of the library-section and grab the plasma-gun from there. The library-section does not have the same luxury, so it might be more difficult route. One common feedback was that the map was claustrophobic - and it is, and kinda ill-suited for using rocket launcher. That is why map02's design starts with such open section with rocket launcher. The finale is a very simple slaughter-scenario with BFG. It is really easy due to infighting and my inexperience, but hey, it is some fun just sowing chaos like that. Music track is from Aria of Sorrow, "Top Floor". I think it just fit really neatly into the elevator descending into the start. Although I personally loved idea of secrets, in retrospect... too much is too much. Cute as an idea, especially for an exploratory map, but it does place baggage onto player of "I have to find all these secrets aaaaaHHHHH" - more amplified if you are trying to do UV-max, when you have to keep list of all secrets and routing them. I guess it can be fun, but probably isn't. ... And for the secrets themselves. Whew, some of these are obtuse as hell and annoying.
  4. 2x combo! Map04 "Aqua Regia" UV - 100% kills, 3/3 secrets Aqua Regia, "King's Water", is a mixture of nitric- and hydrochloric acid, notable able to dissolve gold. This kinda ties in to the theme: "a sinking roman/greek palace" - which I think came from listening to "Sinking Sanctuary" theme from Castlevania: Bloodlines. I really wanted to use water a lot as well, and now that I found out how to do deep water effect, well, it came around quite obviously. I originally used the track from that game, but later replaced it with Cyber Rainforce's track. But ohhoh, this map. The map I started working after DUMP 3. It is kinda Tysony affair. In the older versions, ammo was much tighter - tighter than in the current version. You see, I still was testing with ZDoom-based port and playtesting really poorly, so I thought, "hey, how about I just make ammo super tight so you have to use berserker pack a lot! A tyson map!" Probably my mistake was not really getting how I should build a tyson map (ex. enemy type and placement) and convey that to the player. Dew helped me realize this by punching cacos for way too long time, so I did some balancing so there is now bit more ammo - still not much, so punching is a thing player should do from time to time. Outside of that, it is linear affair, going through a miniature colosseum, cavern and some interior quarters and a tomb to chase after a mischievous teleporting key. The finale is in this vast space with enclosing cacodemons, but take them at your leisure and you should not have trouble. If you hurry, things can get nasty. I like the concept I had for this final encounter, mind. The exit has 8 pillars around it that need to be lowered to proceed. On top of each pillar there is pile of rockets. But as drawback, each time a pillar is lowered, an archvile is raised at a turret-location and some monsters are teleported in. Thus, in exchange for ammo and progression, you pay it with conflict and cover - pillars being important in avoiding getting blasted by archvile fire. I like idea of fights where you can control the flow somewhat and I think it could be interesting in speedruns of the map. And secrets:
  5. Map03 "Neural Nest" UV - 100% kills, 4/4 secrets The base structure is a ring that can be traversed in two directions, and the weapons are scattered around it, leaving the player with just shotgun initially. That was initial concept of map. Theme was "secret laboratory/base underwater, with player in the end accessing a neural nest: a biological AI", although the underwater part is kinda not obvious. Maybe with more texturing and dehacking it would have been more apparent, but eh. There is some interconnectivity in the map, where you can access the alcoves in the BK section from RK section. The issue I think is that lot of the interconnecting sectors are kinda plain and featureless. And the southernmost room is full of empty! What the hell? The gameplay itself is more focused on incidental encounters, with only setpiecey-encounters being the finale and the stair-room (which doesn't work that well, especially when monsters get stuck!) There are some ambushes associated with keys, but they are rather mundane. Revs! Nothing should really be too challenging yet, especially with the ammo and weapons given. The finale ups the ante a bit, but it is rather easy since you can abuse infighting, ammo is plentiful and you are given a megasphere. The exit kinda alludes to next map of the set, which uh... is probably one of the worse, at least it was. I did think of remaking this map for one of those Vinesauce contests, but this time I would have used some Dehackery to make some more tech-orientated monsters and made decorations that would have made it more apparent "it's underwater". Although the format was UDMF, so I could have used water either way. Nevertheless, this did not end happening. The track is from Megaman Zero 3 again. I think it fits - actually, I think I came up with theme while listening to this particular midi.
  6. Map02 "Lambda Base" UV - 100% kills, 3/3 secrets Second map I made for DUMP 3. Now, the base concept for map kinda sprung from feedback I received for map05. So I wanted to make an open map where you can just dash around with rocket launcher. So it was bit of foray making somewhat non-linear map, although it is linear progression-wise certainly. As for theme, I had some jaunty music and idea, so based it around sort of ominous, intimidating facility at an isolated, barren island. Yellow color scheming - you can obviously detect hint of Sunlust in the map visually. However, once you get inside, the facility has rather pale walls and pretty different to the theme outside. I think the juxtaposition of the sort of intimidating black and yellow with the pale and sorta plasticy interior makes it work. The gameplay starts you at bridge that leads to the base, with guards having bit of issue with their gate - you, player, using this opportunity to break in, swindle some equipment and storm the place. I am particularly happy with the way the map starts. The rest of encounters are bit uh. The archvile is particular pain, and was probably bad placement in retrospect. You get clear line with rockets from where a mancubus is perched at, but it is still fiddly, and if you don't do that you gotta do very annoying peekaboo-game. The YK encounter is not much to sing about either, it can be bit annoying with the geometry, at least with some source ports. Originally the revenants were cacos, but they were such a pain since they tended to float away. There is also the water - which admittedly has prompted some criticism about it being hurtful. It is mostly just dissuade player from camping in water and constraining the player so they won't just go for a walk to other side of the map. I could have lined the island with fences, but I don't think it would have looked very good... And yes, the interior is easy and starts with some relaxed slaughter - although the former humans mostly serve as distractions for the arachnotron spawning behind. Rest of the map is kinda forgettable outside of the final ambush perhaps - running face-first to mancubus' flabs is kinda funny. The music actually was changed from the Sparkster track (Submarine theme?) in DUMP 3 music to a Megaman Zero 3 track in Disjunction, I think. also, the secrets:
  7. Alright, some history of wad I guess. It started as just a random project after DUMP 3, as I kept making a map, and figured I might as well compile them into a wad of about 12 maps or so. So I already made map05, map02 and map09 (in order). In the spring I also ran into some anxiety-issues, and mapping helped me relax and take my mind off things. My biggest inspirations were perhaps Deus Vult 2, Sunder, Sunlust and Scythe 2 - and you can kinda see this from time to time. I wanted to make lot of different maps with different themes, since I didn't think at that point I could carry episodes or whatever with single 'theme'. It was more fun to come up with concepts for maps, locales, etc. I started getting hang of visual aspect pretty quickly (I think my dabbling in art and whatever might have helped) - but since these ARE my first wads outside of shitty single map I didn't release, the gameplay is rough. Really rough. I guess I was aping things I saw and started to feel around, and I think now I am more comfortable with gameplay than before. Maps were made in following order: 05->02->09->04->01->03->08->06->10->11->07 (from top of my head). I did alter game palette to make blue bit more pleasant to look at - I also dug out all of the skies from Mek's Box of Skies. Map01 "Leaden Skies" UV - 100% kills, 3/3 secrets So, first map of Disjunction, fifth map in chronological order. The name comes from a shmup called "Battle Garegga" and refers to music track of the first stage "Fly to the Leaden Skies". If I had a midi of that track, I probably would have used it, but settled in for another great track from Jazz Jackrabbit 2. The map actually alludes to visual of that map as well - both involve a canyon and aeroplanes. It is rather brown map and frankly, I think I should have probably improved the colouring a little, add little variation to texturing of the canyon and to the bases perhaps. The brown/rusty suits them a bit, but it gets bit monotonous - plus hurts gameplay a little as switch you use to activate one elevator blends into the background. Ack! The gameplay is kinda uhhh, but it was kinda intentionally easy to sorta settle player in. Maybe too easy. The map itself takes bit after Deus Vult 2's first map which also featured barrels heavily that you can abuse to take care of enemies quicker and had a part where you slaughtered bunch of former humans en-masse. ...Yeah, it really borders plagiarism, doesn't it? There's also bit with bit of backtracking and revealing some additional enemies. Nothing much, but I think if you are going to backtrack a linear path, there is nothing stopping you from altering it a bit - surprising player a little is good. Nothing too interesting here, though, really. Oh yeah, and secrets.
  8. You FOOLS. Also make sure that you play the provided versiom in thread, idgames version is older and crappier.
  9. floatRand

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Struggle

    MAP19 - Teleportation Theta - UV [Continuous, PrBoom+] This is probably my favourite map from the set so far, at map27 as of the moment (I have been playing through without really participating, but making exception with this map). While I was kinda expecting similar ordeal to map15, which I frankly did not like since the parts out of arena felt tacked on, this was quite something else. The layout is excellent rather non-linear, and if I recall correctly, you only needed yellow and blue key to finish the map - although getting red key to acquire Lechenfaust, which might be instrumental to surviving the final encounter. I am not sure which would be faster, killing Leviathan without it or getting it even if it meant to dealing with encounter in green room. It does come nicely together visually, too, although this should go without saying at this point. The encounters are rather nice and varied - something Struggle has done well for lot of the maps, although it does reuse the 'go around a bend and AHA the bend was actually going around room full of ambush!' from other map I am forgetting. Although, like other maps, it isn't only set-pieces, and has well-placed enemies through the facility creating some nice incidental encounters. As for the final encounter, it is neat that it allows you to control the pace of it - not personally fan of Leviathan, but really, in retrospect it isn't as aggravating as two other things I have seen *cough* Midi-track is excellent as well.
  10. I personally don't think the mod shouldn't be banned for violence, but I think the issue is more the context the violence is represented in. Just trying to be edgy will end up being tasteless - and sometimes the worse chance is that there is some twisted motive or context behind it, be it racism or worse. I am quite unconvinced that if such mod would be produced would have much value to it, just going for the shock value and becoming renowned for it.
  11. Glad you liked it, it is something I don't usually do, but it is something I have really wanted to make - the more open, chaotic one where you can zipzoom, incite infighting, grab equipment, carve breathing space and so on. I kinda performed poorly while making it, getting bit too stuck with some details, but then decided to quickly just finish it. I liked how the monster placement worked out. Yeah, soulsphere is simple jump from the pillar - I haven't watched demo yet, but my best UV-max was around 3:25, wasting plenty of time tracking a stray demon.
  12. Around Finland, I have had best experience with Rolls since they put some seasoning on their fries (I can't stand unseasoned fries). Hesburger's are good too imo, though. Grill seasoning with cucumber mayonnaise is great.
  13. I recall a series of books based on such variation of such premise: Hell spills over into Earth, invading and trying to conquer as end-days begin. However, last time they checked on humans was middle-ages, and couldn't really hold candle to modern weaponry. It actually really bit them in the ass as well, as humans then invade hell. I can't remember the name, sorry. In context of Doom however, demons have been augmenting themselves with technology rather effectively, unless that was UAC work. Frankly, I'd expect a standstill of sort.
  14. It is rather subjective and is in context of the game they were developing, but his view represents one player motivation, one which does not require a narrative or immersion to enjoy game. Enjoying the viscerality and intensity, exploration, feeling emotions (fear, anxiety), learning and mastering game, competing with other people or expressing oneself in a game - these are some other motivations to enjoying the narrative or immersion. And you are right, there is good basis in Doom's premise, and they do draw little from it, but I am also glad that they went with what they went with. They weren't perhaps best people to run narrative in such game. But I do think games are in unique position of being an interactive medium, so there is lot of space and opportunities to create cool things that you can't do in movies or books. Doesn't mean it always succeeds, though.
  15. floatRand

    Feedback for my map

    Played through the map. I did play with GZDoom since the map doesn't work in PrBoom atm. You should test it in Boom-based port definitely to make sure doors and elevators work and some actions don't block others (ex. walkover action blocking door's use open-action). There are other considerations, but they probably don't apply to map (infinite height etc.) Anyway. The gameplay is good and map flows intuitively enough, giving a nice sense of progression with the various keys and weapons. Quite linear ordeal, but that is not really an issue. The combat encounters are fair and have good thought put into them, like teleporting baron behind you and coercing you into the room with the revenants. It is quite easy map, but that's not really an issue, if that was intention. There was one enemy stuck, but it is rather inconsequential. Although, my biggest gripes are with texturing. You have lot of unaligned textures around and they really started to ache my eyes - columns in particular very aggravating. In Doombuilder 2/GZDoombuilder you can auto-align them with A/ctrl-A or whatwasit. The exit-teleporter is also not at the middle of room which really rustles my jimmies. But that's kinda nitpicky, although you could get it in middle by adjusting map's position and so forth - but I do like the first thing you see is the exit teleporter.
  16. floatRand

    Doom Eternal is a game, that exists

    Arch-viles make me erect. Also, Plutonia Division and TNT Project DLC when?
  17. floatRand


    N ice. Been playing map01 so far, and like it. Mostly posting though because I found that you can jump out-of-map from here.
  18. floatRand

    Commissioning mods?

    One case could be where someone is making a gameplay mod for Doom, and wants someone to make a map to go alongside with it. Or perhaps he wants a cameo from his/her favourite mapper in his/her own mapset. Pricing is always difficult, since you have to consider your own work pace, what sort of quality/size/length both you and your client want to settle on... However, I don't expect people being able to pull professional pay from these unless it is an actual commercial project. Then again, I have had bad habit of underpricing my own art shit in past, so what do I know about pricing. And regarding actual production of commission, good communication is important between clients. Some clients are more hands-off, some have lot of opinions on the product (valid or not, they are one paying usually. Thankfully my clients have been kinda insightful usually). And yeah, I don't see Doom mapping in particular being a career. Even where art commissions are blooming, you are probably not gonna make anywhere near liveable wage until you become rather well-known/popular - and even then they usually augment their income by streaming, patreon etc..
  19. floatRand

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    Buncha Adventures of Square QD-speeds E2A2 E2A6 Secret Map And this thing Time Attack 4
  20. floatRand

    Does a doom level have to be long to be fun?

    No, and there are plenty of examples. As mentioned, the sort of "dimensions smaller than this designated number" series, Scythe, Swift Death (if that's your cup of tea), Crumpets, etc. Personally, I think they are more fun to develop, as well. I tend to get burned out on large maps and have more fun with smaller ones - so I end up suffering because I don't know where to stop.
  21. I think best way is to improve positioning of enemies and synergy they have with eachother/ environment. You can also consider making encounter-space less favourable (claustrophobia, traps lines of sight, making it shift and/or seal exits).
  22. It really depends since there are two ways symmetry affects map; visually and gameplay-wise. Biggest issues really are with gameplay, that it can be too predictable/repetitive or make layout way too disorientating, especially if there are no landmarks to speak of. It is kinda funny that such problems can coexist - while symmetric layout can be intuitive in way, a symmetric room / arena / layout can easily become disorientating in heat of combat. There are some benefits to symmetry; it is generally faster to generate sides/geometry and it can be prettier when doing ex. sort of front-facing vistas or hallway.
  23. floatRand

    Is procedural generation possible for Doom maps?

    Nice, thank you. It really depends on concept of the game largely, and I do think Doom, as most play it, is not really best platform for such due to how game works. However, for mod like, say, Hideous Destructor or DoomRL? Probably could work better, as the random environments serve the gameplay better. System master vs. level mastery. But as you mentioned, there are very significant issues with procedural generation that makes it unfit for many games, like the repetition and quality. If you can only generate 30 minutes of distinct maps, wouldn't it be better rather than implement algorithm just make bunch of maps that are better and last longer? In some games the repetition/blandness are non-issue, because game doesn't focus on level/maps so much, but rather in other things - like Dwarf Fortress, which generates a world with history, historical figures, landscape with different distinct locations - to explore or plop your fort in. While lot of the world itself isn't really that interesting, it serves the gameplay excellently by offering somewhat unpredictable environment to settle in. Of course there are lot of missteps, since procedural generation seems like easy solution to create rather nice amount of game content for indie games, but developer shouldn't be deluded that because it is procedurally generated it is "endless content". I think you could make it more interesting by mixing procedural generation with traditional level design (ex. using premade bits and using procedural generation schemes on maps, like designating areas governed some procedural generation scheme, like cellular automata for caves), which is something I am doing bit of researching about.
  24. floatRand

    Airplane and spaceship maps?

    Confinement (conf.wad) has Muumi's map14, "The Flying Thing", which is pretty incredible.
  25. floatRand

    Is procedural generation possible for Doom maps?

    As mentioned, there's Oblige that to my knowledge uses shape grammar. I've been actually playing around with idea of modular procedural design schemes for maps, like making cave/canyon-like structures with voronoi diagram and then connecting it to a other pieces governed by other scheme (canyon->outdoor base entrance->labyrinth)