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  1. I'll be getting my 1200 mhz tomorrow :(
  2. Welcome back, oh wait, I have to take that one back.
  3. A classmate showed me a few euro cents today, they seem alright. Pff, Europe as a single nationality...
  4. Uhm, g00d story.
  5. Post 200. What are we typing about here anyways?
  6. I believe I did not create a "I messed up, I'm sorry" thread when I got banned. I mailed to Ling, didn't work. So here I am, posting again, on the very same computer.
  7. pritch: nice, what did you do to get on probation?
  8. Yes, execute the bastard as he planned to execute the people that were killed by the aircrafts.
  9. A pair of banned ones, perhaps? They always seems to come back and haunt you, somehow...
  10. /me steals DoomBoy's reward and buys a brand new, jet and heads off for the Dominic Republic. /me enjoys a lifelong vacation.
  11. Need even more details about this character aswell.
  12. Seems fair enough to me, no?
  13. Jennywhore? Wtf? Rancid-Radio's second comeback? Need details (PH?)...
  14. Me too, never even heard of it. Must have occured 2 years ago, eh?
  15. Hmm, Memento Mori, I've played against a guy in Diablo 1 on Battle.net that called himself for just that. He was the worst cheater yet, curse me for a fool!