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  1. archvile82

    Doom 3 Xbox

    Hi, I been playing through doom3 on the original xbox. Even though some of the levels have been edited compared to the PC version, does anyone agree that the game has been better balanced ? I have found the game a bit more challenging and always seem to run out of ammo, an issue I never really had on the PC original.
  2. archvile82

    DOOM 4 makes me want to quit gaming - DWTerminator

    Jesus Christ, I had to stop watching after a few minutes. His use of the word boring is a good way to describe him! To me he comes across as a bit of a c**t, just wants to be different and deliberately awkward for the sake of it, like some have said he already made his mind up before playing it. I couldn't care what anyone says, I love the game, end of and I know I'm part of the majority who thinks the same. DWTerminator can stay in his basement drinking mountain drew and combing his neckbeard, hating on good games for all I care. edit - before anyone says I must care to comment! I am because I'm shocked that the OP would base his decisions on listening to that tool on youtube. learn to use your brain and form your own opinion. If you like something in life and it makes you happy then all is good, just don't stop liking it because others think differently.
  3. archvile82

    My thoughts on the game!

    That is probably why Bethesda held the game until release because of shit stains like that. I wouldn't be surprised if 'pro' reviewers deliberately rate the game poor as its kinda calling them out. Polygon seem to have tried to put the game in a bad light with a poor gameplay. Well the gamers have spoken so fuck these pro review sites.
  4. archvile82

    My thoughts on the game!

    For me it's been absolutely awesome experience so far (just got to hell on UV). At first I was taken back by how fast the movement speed was, very doom and quake like. I love how dynamic the A.I is, you really get to see each demons strengths when they fight in a pack rather than individually later on. Weapons and sound effects are excellent, even better than the beta but I noticed I have to have the volume up a bit more than other games for it to sound punchy. Glory kill system works really well and it complements the weapons. The thing that surprised me most has been the level design, it's just Amazing, it seems to take que from doom 1&2, quake 1&2 and added some dark souls in the way some areas join up from other branching paths of a level. For me it's been fun working out how to get to the secrets and I find it adds an extra layer of appreciation to the environments your traversing, it's a nice break from the intense battles with the demon. My jaw dropped when I first got to hell, fucking hair raising lol, graphics are just crazy good. I also like the humour, doom guy just doesn't give a fuck what s being told to him by Samuel. I also thought it was a nice touch when using the arm to unlock a door it played the e3 crowd cheer. Interesting how that level turned out in the final game, one of my favs so far.
  5. archvile82

    Bugs and other issues so far

    Nvidia still haven't released drivers for doom yet so before concluding wait and see what the performance is like under the new drivers. Also report any game bugs to Bethesda feedback forums, more people reporting it more likely it will get patched as there is going to be big support for the game.
  6. archvile82

    GAME (UK) Pre-Order

    Interesting, I just got my confirmation for tomorrow morning. Good Stuff!
  7. archvile82

    GAME (UK) Pre-Order

    GAME customer service is awful, I was on the phone for half our on 3 occasions and had no answered, all I had was the recorded message telling me "someone will be with me shortly. In the meantime check out Battleborn". Took about an hour waiting until someone answered when I tried online chat.
  8. archvile82

    GAME (UK) Pre-Order

    Same, wtf are they playing at ??? Maybe the Revenant statues came alive and killed everyone who works at the warehouse :D
  9. archvile82

    GAME (UK) Pre-Order

    I ordered the collectors edition and I got an email yesterday saying it was being packaged and they will be sending it out soon. Since then nothing, I log on to my account and it says unshipped :/ . To their defence though, customer support told me they nearly sold out so depending on how many they have to ship they probably didn't prepare themselves very well for large orders. Annoyingly I also ordered a cd key from Kinguin and found out they not releasing codes until launch so no early preload for me :(.
  10. archvile82

    Why does everyone hate DOOM?

    Well I think the sales say otherwise, just got off the phone from customer support here in the UK for GAME and the games almost sold out according to the rep, they are very happy with sales. Bare in mind they had the exclusive on collectors editions and merchandise.
  11. archvile82

    No early Doom review copies for anyone

    Yep, only people who are complaining now is reviewers and the people who need scores to validate their purchase.
  12. archvile82

    No early Doom review copies for anyone

    Well we know they are still working on the pc version, they said during the 1080 demo that an Nvidia Engineer was staying at there offices this week still optimizing opgengl side so for pc there will be a day 1 patch. Also I think many people are forgetting this game is going to use Bethesda.net accounts for the snap map stuff so that probably ties in with the servers offline until launch day. I think all the review stuff is crap anyway, if you like this type of game you will love it regardless of what a critic thinks. People who are playing the game on Neogaf are enjoying it so far and that's what counts really.
  13. archvile82

    Doom stream

    I wouldn't worry about this guys 8 hours completion time, sounds like he missed a lot. Hell some youtube player completed dark souls 3 under 2 hours, I'm at nearly 60 hours and still on my first playthrough. So whack up the difficulty, turn off way point markers and appreciate every minute of the ride to hell :)
  14. archvile82

    Doom hitting 200 FPS @ 1080p using GTX 1080 w/ Vulkan

    From the sounds of it they are still working pretty hard on the game so this probably explains the reason why they sent out 0 review copies - got to get that day 1 patch installed first. Glad this video is receiving a positive response from gamers, even neogaf are liking what they see. Id is clearly showing where their roots lie with regards to tech and making sure the mistakes with RAGE PC launch are not repeated.
  15. archvile82

    No early Doom review copies for anyone

    I say fuck the journalists opinions, they were quick to jump on the hate bandwagon when a few kicked up a stink over the beta. Who gives a shit about some pompous arsholes opinion anyway, anyone remember journalist taking a dump on Alien Isolation which was actually a decent game. Also with all the Uncharted 4 hype and battlefield \ COD teaser trailers I imagine that could put a spoke in the fire (skew a reviewers view of the game after playing \ seeing those games). They showed plenty of the game now anyway so people should now what to expect really and form there own opinion. Christ guys you were all hyped with the launch trailer yesterday, don't let this get you down, I stopped reading reviews when magazines became irrelevant when the internet became a thing lol.