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  1. General Info Hellebarde is a 32-Level Megawad with small/medium Maps created for gzdoom. It features classic Gameplay with intense Boss Fights in well detailed Levels. Story You found the "Tome of Power". A old demonic Book with infinite Forces. But with it came the Armies of Hell which will do anything to get their Artifact back... Screenshots Episode I - Gothic/Earth MAP03 - "Forgotten Crosses" MAP04 - "Cathedral Drain" MAP08 - "Church of Bones" Episode II - Tech/Space MAP14 - "Rocket Station" MAP16 - "Moonstone" MAP19 - "Moon Gardens" Episode III - Gothic/Hell MAP22 - "Azazel's Tomb" MAP24 - "Red Rain from Olympus" MAP25 - "Castle Hellhammer" Play Info Hellebarde is a gzdoom only wad and has only been tested with gzdoom. All Maps are balanced for pistol start and have some slight changes per difficulty. This wad is not made for non classic functions like jumping or crouching. Map Listing Episode I - Gothic/Earth MAP01 - "Castle Exodus" MAP02 - "Black Marble" MAP03 - "Forgotten Crosses" MAP04 - "Cathedral Drain" MAP05 - "Jungle Science" MAP06 - "Underground Base" MAP07 - "Ruins" MAP08 - "Church of Bones" MAP09 - "Temple of the Sun" MAP10 - "City of the Damned" Episode II- Tech/Space MAP11 - "Moon Base" MAP12 - "Storage Bunkers" MAP13 - "Waste Disposal" MAP14- "Rocket Station" MAP15 - "Zero Gravity Zone" MAP16 - "Moonstone" MAP17 - "Moon Facility" MAP18 - "Teleportation Center" MAP19 - "Moon Gardens" MAP20 - "Mothership" Episode III - Gothic/Hell MAP21 - "Another World" MAP22 - "Azazel's Tomb" MAP23 - "Bloody Leafs" MAP24- "Red Rain from Olympus" MAP25 - "Castle Hellhammer" MAP26 - "Shrine of Ares" MAP27 - "The Shape" MAP28 - "Aztec Hell" MAP29 - "Phobia" MAP30 - "Chord of Souls" Music Listing MAP01 - "Body and Soul" (Sisters of Mercy) MAP02 - "Time is Dead" (Luna Sea) MAP03 - "Rusty Nail" (X-Japan) MAP04 - "Be Awake" (Luna Sea) MAP05 - "Summerdays" (Glay) MAP06 - "Locomotive" (Guns N' Roses) MAP07 - "Crazy Train" (Ozzy Osbourne) MAP08 - "More" (Sisters of Mercy) MAP09 - "Moonchild" (Fields of the Nephilim) Map10 - "First and Last and Always" (Sisters of Mercy) MAP11 - "Midnight Wandering" (Metal Slug 3) MAP12 - "Mission 1" (Metal Slug Advance) MAP13 - "Iron Man" (Black Sabbath) MAP14 - "Credits" (Half-Life) MAP15 - "Sound007" (Blood) MAP16 - "Time What is Time" (Blind Guardian) MAP17 - "Opening Stage Zero" (Mega Man X5) Map18 - "Another Brick in the Wall" (Pink Floyd) MAP19 - "Stage 01 & 05" (Ballon Kid) MAP20 - "Ace of Spades" (Motörhead) MAP21 - "Welcome to the Jungle" (Guns N' Roses) MAP22 - "Planet Caravan" (Black Sabbath) MAP23 - "115" (Elena Siegman) MAP24 - "The Accolade" (Symphony X) MAP25 - "Crownless" (Nightwish) MAP26 - "Dungeon Theme 2" (The Elder Scrolls: Arena) MAP27 - "Darkness" (Clock Tower) MAP28 - "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" (Black Sabbath) MAP29 - "The Old Camp" (Gothic) MAP30 - "Rediscovery Part 1 + 2" (Symphony X) MAP31 - "Wave 4" (Raptor: Call of the Shadows) MAP32 - "Body and Soul" (Sisters of Mercy) Download Final Version https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/megawads/hellbrd Version 2 [outdated] closed: 28.10.17 Version 1 [outdated] closed: 14.10.17 GZDoom https://zdoom.org/index

    Hellebarde 2

    EPISODE 2 (MAP 06 & MAP 07 FINISHED) MAP 07 - "TRANSIT SYSTEM" DOWNLOAD https://www.mediafire.com/file/plx5dkp4lb36krm/helbrd2.zip/file

    Hellebarde 2

    Hellebarde 2 EPISODE 1 (MAP 01 - 05) MAP01 - "DAMN THE MAN" MAP03 - "DEMON CASTLE" MAP05 - "SPELLBOUND" DOWNLOAD https://www.mediafire.com/file/plx5dkp4lb36krm/helbrd2.zip/file


    this is the best "map" i ever played. and i played alot.
  5. General Info Heraldik is the sequel to my 2017 Megawad Hellebarde. It continuous the Story in 5 small/medium sized Maps created for gzdoom. Story The Demons took the "Tome of Power" from you and locked you up in the deepest pits of Hell. It's your Mission now to break free and put the Evil to rest... Screenshots MAP02 - "Welcome to Hell" MAP03 - "Aske" MAP04 - "Hammerheart" Play Info Heraldik is a gzdoom only wad and has only been tested with gzdoom. All Maps are balanced for pistol start. This wad is not made for non classic functions like jumping or crouching. Map Listing MAP01 - "Nightmare [Intro]" MAP02 - "Welcome to Hell" MAP03 - "Aske" MAP04 - "Hammerheart" MAP05 - "Dawn of the Black Hearts" Music Listing MAP02 - "Don't Burn The Witch" (Venom) MAP03 - "Stemmen Fra Taarnet" (Burzum) MAP04 - "Shores in Flames" (Bathory) MAP05 - "Freezing Moon" (Mayhem) Download Final Version http://www.mediafire.com/file/jeyc2oyupcm3mzz/heraldk.zip/file GZDoom https://zdoom.org/index Happy 2020s everyone !
  6. Here's my contribution. It is the third Map in my mighty, well known ⁽ᶰᵒᵇᵒᵈʸ ᶜᵃʳᵉˢ⁾ "Nephilim" Series. This Time however It's in Boom Format. Have Fun. DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/file/wqc16e0hcinl3tj/thenephilimIII.7z

    Doomworld Mega Project 2017 (Final)

    Screenshots: Level name : The Nephilim II Author(s) : DAZZER Build time : about 1 Week Editor(s) used : GZDoombuilder,SLADE 3 Compatibility: G/ZDoom Music track : some Mayhem song Playtesting : Tested with GZDoom 3.2.0 Difficulty settings : No Bugs : If i would know them I would fix them Author's comments : Really short and mostly easy Map. Just wanted to take part in this with a nice layout and Fun Gameplay. Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/d4idblt1r6yxnsr/thenephilimII.7z
  8. mhm... I always loved Doom because of it's non-linearity. Why should I want to play Maps were I know where to search and where to go instantly. In the making of the wad I often thought some Maps are still to linear. So it's funny you quit on MAP18. It's probably the most non-linear Map in the whole set :) Sad... The Highlight in my opinion is the Hell Episode (MAP21 - 30)... Maybe you can try that another time :) Thanks for Playing ! btw I think you mean the Bossfight on MAP10 (end of Episode 1) not MAP11 (beginning of Episode 2) ^^
  9. Big Thanks for over 300 Downloads and every single Person who played my work ! means alot to me ! I am proud to say that Hellebarde's Final Version is now available on /idgames !
  10. Thank you for checking it out :) I'm glad and happy you liked Episode II ! But somehow I am not able to get your demo files to work... hb00.lmp from Episode I worked perfectly until MAP04 where it got de sync. When I tried to load hb01.lmp it telled me "can't play the demo without it's savegame"... But the .zds files are in the same directory as my autosave files for example. And ingame I can also load your .zds flies... What am I doing wrong cause I really would like to watch them :( Im also using GZDoom Version 3.2.0 btw
  11. haha what funny bug. Thanks for mentioning this ! This (of course) was not planned :D I will change it in the next Version
  12. I'm sorry. I think I didn't notice that cause i always play on pretty low music volume... I'll change that immediately ! Hope you still had Fun though Thank you :)
  13. First of all thanks for all the Feedback and for 100+ Downloads ! You guys are amazing ! Yeah the only reason I choosed gzdoom is for the 3D Floors... I used them very often. Best example is MAP19 :) Well my goal never was to create a very hard or difficult wad. Sure the Maps should be challenging and will increase in difficulty in later Maps but the main point is Fun ! :D with yk room i think you mean yellow key room but in which Map ? MAP01 or 02 don't have a yellow key I started this project in March 2016 and yeah that is one of the main reasons why i use gzdoombuilder Thank you very much for this feedback and the Demo ! Yeah I thought the Boss thing would be a cool "bonus" to the Maps and make them more "recognizable". I hope you have Fun in Episode II ! :D
  14. Thanks ! Yeah it took me quite a time ^^ That makes me really happy ! I don't think you will regret it and hope you have Fun :) hmm... maybe it depends on the MIDI Device your using cause it doesn't sound that bad to me. I use "Fluidsynth" cause it gives the tracks a nice echo effect. But im also not 100% satisfied with the Soundtrack and maybe even will change some tracks. Pleasing everyone is impossible though :) Thanks ! Means alot to me ! Well, these xm covers are pretty big in size. 2 -3 MB are pretty much... especially if you want to fill a megawad with them.
  15. DAZZER

    RIP Tom Petty

    Sad News. Much dead messages in the last time. pretty depressive. RIP Tom Petty !
  16. DAZZER

    Most recent movie you saw

    The Original Texas Chain Saw Massacre from 1974. I watched it with my dad today cause both of us haven't seen it even though it's such a classic and iconic movie. It takes long until finally something happens but in the second half it's just awesome when Leatherface is chasing the Girl with his Chainsaw ! Very cool Film !
  17. DAZZER

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Dead by Daylight from time to time... But at the moment not many good games are on the market in my opinion. I'm waiting for Wolfenstein 2 and Kingdome Come: Delivirance :)
  18. DAZZER

    Which map is better, Icon of Sin, Last Call, or The Gateway of Hell?

    Last Call of course ! That awesome Puzzle at the beginning and these gigantic areas with nearly no Monsters in them feel very strange and mysterious I think.
  19. MAP30: The Repentant Sinner Time: 5:00 I was kinda confused when I entered the first areas in this Map. It looked like the Map before but this time just with a few Enemies. The Special thing in this Map comes when you enter a little arena with a soul pillar in the middle through a teleporter. The Pillar lowers and you see the Endboss ! A harder Version of the Motherdemon from Doom64 ( never played that one) which can kill you very quickly but also is killed pretty easy. I'm glad you have to use the BFG at the End of MAP29 pretty often so you don't have much munition left for this Fight and you have to use your shotgun or Rocketlauncher. So this doesn't end in an BFG Spamming Bossfight :) cool Map and a good Finale ^^ Final Thoughts: Total Time - 5:10:03 A good little compilation of Small Maps mixed together so you get a Fun bringing Megawad. Through Hitscanners and good placed Monsters the Maps were challenging and sometimes pretty difficult. In later Maps sometimes difficulty was created through things like Archvile Spam which I am not a friend of :/ But other Levels like MAP28 or MAP29 are really good with their surreal layout and Fun Gameplay. "Deadwing" did a good Job making this wad and I am looking forward to see more :)
  20. MAP29: Moonblood Ritual Site Time: 21:50 This is a very good and very Big Map for the 29th slot ! We are in an Plutonia like Base covered in Flesh and Blood. You get to Fight against every possible enemy but I think I didn't see any Pain Elementals... Thanks for that ! :) This Map is very very non-linear and finding the Key Doors was sometimes a problem ^^ For Everything you get tons of ammo but in this Map again Shotgun shells are pretty rare. Medkits are everywhere and for an extra hard Revenant Situation you get a Soulssphere. I like that this Map was made something special and it was given it's own Music Track. A very cool Music track with an nice Piano in it :D The Yellow Key Area wasn't that hard cause if you don't use the Plasmagun or the Bfg long enough, you have alot of Munition for it and cybers or Spider Masterminds aren't a problem anymore. Also is it possible the Ending Room is the Base from MAP01 ? just with Flesh surrounding it ? All in All a very very good Map and if MAP30 suck I will take this as the great Finale :)
  21. MAP28: Remains of Zeta Labs Time: 10:39 This one is what MAP27 should have been. A mostly Hell themed Map with some Tech areas in it. I don't get why we have to move back to Tech theme and I don't like that choice at all but I guess I have to accept it. This Map had some hard ambushes (mostly Revenants) in it but you always get fair amount of Health and Munition. Sure we again have some Fights against group of Archviles but not quite as heavy as in the last Map. The first Room you enter fels like a Boss Battle area. I liked how I found myself moving around an dotch Mancubi or Arachnotrons attacks and this is how it should be ! not entering a room and killing all from the door entrance or blasting Archvile after Archvile with the BFG away. A solid Map I guess with fun Fights :)
  22. MAP27: Magma Refinery Time: 9:25 No No NO ! You can't pretend a Hell Episode and then make a Tech-Base Map... But not only that, we also get to fight like 100 Archviles ! YEY ! not... Man I really didn't like this Map. Why the author didn't made an Hell Map with some broken Techbase pieces instead of a full Techbase with 1 or 2 Hell/Flesh areas... I never really had fun in this one. Way to small corridors and you get shooted from everything and from every side possible. In every corner a Shotgun/Chaingun guy waits for you and the Archvile parts were the pure SH*T ! You can't even kill those things before they make everything in this Map you shooted, alive again. For me this was clearly the worst Map in the wad so far and Im very Happy it's over... hopefully I get some cool last Maps and a fun Finale :)
  23. DAZZER

    The megawad/mod of your dreams

    Scythe 3 or a finished Scythe X
  24. MAP26: Coliseum Time: 12:57 Nahhh... This again is a Map I really didn't enjoy. In the previous Maps I was ok with this surreal setting what Doom is kinda known for... But this just felt like the author didn't know what to do with this Map and made some random areas into one giant mess. It starts with a challenging Fight against many different Enemies and it felt good using different Weapons against different Demons while circle around them. But as the Map progresses most "difficult" Situations are created with Archviles... It really was always the same... one shot this Archvile with the BFG I have more then enough Munition for and then the other one over there... I was pretty surprised when I found Pain Elementals behind the exit door and not 2 Archviles ;) It felt like I searched years for the yellow SkullKey... Don't even know why, wasn't even hidden big. Also the last part felt kinda strange and I first though this flesh thing leads to MAP27 but then found myself in another Tech Setting -_- pls let it not be a Hell-Techbase *fingers crossed*
  25. MAP25: Helltown Time: 14:19 I don't know if you really can call this a city Map (I guess that is what it wants to be). For me it's more a big surreal base with different Wall Textures. But I like it ! It's great Fun and maybe a Highlight in the Hell Episode. It also features some heavy parts like a ton of Revenants at the end or an ambush of Archviles for the Blue Key. It wasn't always easy to find the right path with lots of non linear areas around. Awesome ! I didn't have Health or Munition Problems. The Teleporting Cyber was also cool but no big challenge too.