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  1. So today i finally beat DOOM 2 for the first time. I also finally downloaded doombuilder after the millions of times I said I would start mapping. But I put that aside to try out Ancient Aliens (which is great so far), all while I have a major school project due Monday.

    But that isnt the topic of this post. I've been procrastinating on when I wanted to make some custom sprites and textures and such for doom, and today is the today i do it. So what program would be best for me to use to make custom doom textures/monsters? (I am far too lazy to google it)

    1. Fonze



      Just remember, if you want to get a degree any time in the near future, you don't have a choice to procrastinate.

    2. BluePineapple72


      I'm almost done with the project, it just needs and hour of reviewing and cleaning up before it's ready to be turned in

      Also, I forgot to mention that I have another project dude in a few weeks where i have to recreate parts of a book I chose to read for class in the form of a poster, "movie trailer", in class presentation, or any other forms of media used to present the project. My teacher mentioned to class that some kid remade parts of his book in minecraft and that made me go "damn I could do this project in doom!" So in summary; I'm planning on making an interpretation of the first three (or less) Voltaire"s "Candide" in Doom.

      The only problem is that I am extremely inexperienced in making stuff for doom so I may need some help, I'm planning on making it a story based wad without any fighting, just dialogue and walking around.

    3. Tracer


      My thoughts on procrastination: I'll post them tomorrow.