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  1. Here's an early preview map I've been working on since late March: 

    Tested only in GZDoom 3.something and 4.3.3




    It isn't finished however!!! I just wanted to post a preview



    - The sequence to unlock the red key isn't finished. The key is accessed by pressing a switch to lower the platform the key rests upon. That switch is guarded by 8 sets of bars. Each set is raised by pressing a switch within 8 areas, each accessed within a teleporter hub. More information about these 8 teleporter areas below


    -One teleporter area hasn't been started. I've asked my tester @aletheos eberlain if he would like to make that area, and he said yes! Once it's finished I'll port what he made into the map. Since it isn't in the map, it is impossible to raise one set of the bars blocking the aformentioned switch. This sole bar set will have to be clipped through.


    -Another is impossible to complete legitimately. The teleporter to access this area is the fourth on the right. The bar is at the beginning, but the areas on from there are unfinished. There's a cool cyberdemon fight inside a cool building I'm working on, but you need to clip inside, as there is no way to open the bigass door. The cyberdemon fight is optional, but I'd ask you try it out, since it turned out pretty damn cool. Once pressing the switch, since the exit teleporter isn't available, you'll need to clip back into the main area. A nearby bridge will take you there.


    -Lastly, the final sequence hasn't been added yet. I'm not gonna spoil what it is, but it involves even more teleporters! This sequence is introduced after the red key is accquired, and since that blocks the player from returning to the red key door (as I will be forcing them into a different route which doesn't exist yet), you'll need to clip to return to the red door.


    There aren't anymore areas where clipping is required. BUT, since the map is a work in progress, there are still some unfinished/unpolished/unbalanced areas around. Most of it is fine, but there are some areas I'm going to overhaul, both aesthetically and gameplay wise. Once every area is finished, I'm going to do a quality pass over every single room, so some of what you see now is not the final product, but some of it will likely be unchanged. There are also a few scripts I'm going to add to spawn in monsters and change the layout (you'll see what I mean) of areas the player returns to frequently.


    I hope you enjoy this little quarantine project of mine! I've spent a lot of time on it and am very proud. Any feedback you can spill my way will be greatly appreciated. And of course, have fun!


    Also, one more thing, I don't want it to be unknown how much of an impact @aletheos eberlain's testing has had on the map. There have been multiple issues and quirks which he has helped me discover and vanquish over the past few weeks. The map wouldn't have been the same without their help.


    1. Steve88


      Once you get the map to the point it can be completed let me know and i'll do a play test video of it :)

    2. BluePineapple72