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  1. Large swarms of Revenants are obnoxious more than they are fun. Forced Tyson maps are the worst kind of maps. DOOM64 is overrated and honestly not very good.
  2. Finakala

    What are you playing now?

    Just finished up The Talosian Incident and Thief - Trial of the Arch-Heretic. Talosian has some cool maps but it feels rather dated now, it doesn't exactly look pretty and dear god there is so much symmetry. ThiefHeretic was really cool though, always nice to see Heretic stuff as nobody really makes anything for it, and having the whole Thief feel as well was lovely.
  3. Finakala

    Lost megawads

    I'm sure there was a thread on here somewhere, but I can't seem to find it right now. There's a video here of his updated version of the Afrit Moria map, but it's 3 years or so ago. That and he's got tons of videos of Overwatch on his account so presumably he'll be on that train forever. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eOcA5RdN4Ag
  4. Finakala

    Lost megawads

    Deus Vult II: Second Edition is what I'm still hoping for. Whilst it had it's issues, I think that was the first WAD I played that really stuck with me. Some of that architecture is ridiculous. The last few screens posted before it went AWOL looked amazing too. RIP.
  5. Finakala

    Urania - megawad in style of Plutonia [release]

    This sounds pretty promising, and having played through both PRCP and P2 relatively recently I'm in the mood for something else Plutonia-like. Just finishing up Resurgence now so I'm also in the moodset for something hard. Screens look decent as well.
  6. Finakala

    [Heretic] Obsidian fort (1 map)

    More Heretic is always worth my time. Looks really great from the screens, hopefully I'll play it tomorrow.
  7. Finakala

    post overpowered but fun monster ideas

    What about a monster that always appears in pairs, is pretty tough and dangerous and has a special mechanic where both of them have to die within a short span of each other, otherwise they resurrect? I've seen mechanics like that in other games before and it's always an 'oh crap oh crap' kind of moment.
  8. Finakala

    What are you playing now?

    Recently started playing Resurgence, heard some pretty brutal things about it regarding Archviles. I can kind of see it, but I only just got to MAP32 so I expect a lot more suffering to come. It's rather enjoyable so far however, the level design and aesthetics are fantastic even if the monster placement is somewhat suspect. Kind of reminds me of Bloodstain in that aspect.
  9. Finakala

    What are you playing now?

    I highly, HIGHLY recommend you check out Masters of Chaos if you haven't already and you're in a Heretic mood. That megawad is something special, and not just because it's the only Heretic megaWAD out there that I know of. Some of that architecture is amazing and most of the new monsters and weapons feel right at home. On topic, continued with PRCP. Definitely preferring this to Plutonia 2 now, it feels really great. Caughtisle was hectic as hell but super fun, and Will You Be My NME? is Arch-Violence but done so, SO much better. Hit map 15, saw the monster count and decided to call it a day for now.
  10. Finakala

    What are you playing now?

    Have fun with map 26 and 28, that's where it truly gets brutal. 4 and 5 I remember being a pain in the ass for such early maps however. Just started up the Plutonia Revisted Community Project. Seems pretty good so far, although I've only just completed map 5. I'm preferring it to Plutonia 2 so far, although a few of the homages seem a little too close to the original.
  11. Finakala


    OK then, it's nowhere near complete honestly but I'd love some feedback on what I have so far. Seems to work fine in PRBoom+ at Comp -9 in the few runs I've gone through it. Mostly looking for feedback on monster placement and health/ammo balance at this stage. Things that need doing still: - Planning to add some waves of enemies that spawn after the two side areas when you get outside, right now you've got a ton of space and a few (not very dangerous) threats, but I'm planning to add some teleport pressure as well, probably throwing in a huge imp wave, a flyer wave and eventually some archies after hitting the final switches. - Adding more cover and interesting obstacles in the outside area, I want some large pillars into the sky type things, partially for cover and partially to just make it a more interesting area to fight in - A ton of detailing - Most of the lighting - Fine-tuning the weapon/health/monster balance Also if anyone can provide suitable music, that would be nice. I have no idea about anything in that area. Map name is 'Lunatic Dais' Link: https://www.mediafire.com/?isqpeh67ccgqex6
  12. Finakala

    Elf Gets Pissed - a new heretic episode! (Release!)

    Actually played this back around the time the new map was added in, but forgot to reply. It's a really great set of maps; they're tough, put a lot of the items to use (something you don't need to do much in the original game unless you're wandstarting it) and have some lovely architecture. I just wish there was more, I'm a sucker for Heretic as it was a good chunk of my childhood. Good to see some new maps once in a while though, haven't had anything much to play since Masters of Chaos. The Lightbringer is rather cool as well, and has a lot of damage potential in the right situations.
  13. Finakala


    I doubt I'd be able to have anything that doesn't look awful by tomorrow, but I might have something playable. Might cut out the second half of the map entirely and upload the first half as that's a lot closer to being finished and the bit I'm happiest with, getting some feedback to finetune that might be useful.
  14. Finakala

    Ancient Aliens - final version on idgames

    I just finished Speed of DOOM and was wondering what to play next. Then suddenly, new Skillsaw. Time to fire up DOOM again.
  15. Finakala


    A deadline would be good, might stop me floundering around doing other things. My map is probably about half done in actual structuring, but I need to work on making the finale, and what I have in mind for that is going to take a bit of work.