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  1. Voltron
  2. Mine's just some silly made-up Debian/Ubuntu command.
  3. Ugh. I only played this one once before, in ZDaemon TNS, so I thought I at least had an idea of what to expect. I ended up panicking in the red key area on MAP02. oscillated-2.zip
  4. Notifications don't seem to work in Edge.
  5. Here's the one from the 2016 TNS session:
  6. "I'm here to donate some blood... someone else's."
  7. Endgame: Dead on MAP05. Endpoint: Dead on MAP02. Went into Endgame semi-blind (knew about the soft-lock on MAP02) and Endpoint totally blind, and it shows. :p deadatbothends.zip
  8. Died on MAP04 while gong for a medikit. iceosiris.zip