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  1. MAP03. Survived the crushers only to be denied by a chaingunner near the end.
  2. Jotun: Valhalla Edition is free on gog.com for the next 2 days.


    1. dmg_64


      Also on steam apparently.

    2. grouchbag

      Got it from GOG.Have a great day! :D

  3. As I mentioned in a previous thread, my preferred class is the Cleric.
  4. I was watching @Nevanos play Going Down on GLBoom+ on Twitch and something... interesting happened near the end of the stream: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/154889648
  5. Finishing Doom episode 1 on UV -fast.
  6. ICARUSLIV3S did a review:
  7. Doom I/ Ultimate Doom: Kitchen Ace (and Taking Names) (E1M4) Doom II: Into Sandy's City (MAP09) Final Doom: Death Bells (TNT MAP04, MAP13, MAP29)
  8. Fantasy General is free on GOG.com right now.

  9. +1 to this. I think it's criminal that its predecessor, Shadow of the Wool Ball, was just a runner-up for a Cacoward. Hopefully, that will be rectified with RotWB.
  10. Here's a gold obit for you:
  11. Already posted this in another thread, but here:
  12. Kek. I seriously considered sitting this one out, then I figured, "what the hell, let's try it." Here is the result: Like a dumbass, I tried to catch an archvile in a crossfire with an arachnotron. In the end: my adjusted kill count was only 55. :( It was fun cheesing that first cyberdemon though.
  13. I found a missing texture on MAP02.
  14. Like @R1ck I got an "error 200" message when trying to upload. :/