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  1. I miss the way TechTV used to be. I didn't ever really even see it when it was in its prime supposedly. I started watching it in the summer of 2002. It was still pretty cool then though. You had Chris and Cat on Call for Help, and Leo, Pat, Morgan, Megan, Martin, and sometimes Kevin on The Screen Savers. But then Chris got fired, and they shortened TSS to one hour. Then Morgan moved to X-Play, Megan got pregnent, and Martin went to that stupid Unscrewed show. I stopped watching aorund then. Of course, eventually TechTV and G4 merged. Call for Help got the axe, Cat along with it as far as I can tell, and Leo and Pat left TSS.

    Course I didn't know this till I looked around the other night after stumbling upon a tape of the Call-For-Help-athon. It's a shame really. It used to be so cool, and now the only people even around from back then are Adam, Morgan, Martin, and Kevin.

    Anyway, that's my little rant. Anyone else miss the way TechTV used to be?

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    2. Lizardcommando


      Yeah... I had finally gotten Tech TV around mid-June of 2003 and I was starting to enjoy this channel until G4 came along. And boy, did G4 fuck up everything. Ever since the merger happened, alot of the cool shows were canned, like Future Fighting Machines and Spy School. I've even started getting sick of The Screen Savers, Unscrewed and even X-Play. They've all been "G4-ified". They don't feel the same anymore.

      Kaiser: I agree. Morgan is hot.

    3. leileilol


      I miss ZDTV :(

    4. sgtcrispy


      gargoylol said:

      I miss ZDTV :(

      Preach it brother!!

      I miss Leo and Kate..

      Hmm, Kate...

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