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  1. Grimm

    Doom's All Grown Up - 18 Years Well Spent!

    How is that I only recognize three people who have posted in this thread...I guess the community's still growing, anyway. At any rate, here I am, saying, yes, I am still interested in you Doom! (If anyone wants to help with my ZDoom mod it could be more interesting for everyone. :D E-mail it.) Peace!
  2. Grimm

    DoomHero's idgames findings

    uhhh didn't you ever hear of classicdooming.com? write up some mini-reviews and send them us!
  3. Grimm

    aloha4u2.wad... too hard?

    What a pleasant surprise, to see an old school Doomer from '94 coming back to make levels again. Looks like you got back into it right around the same time that I stepped out. I reviewed two of your older ones on my/GreyGhost's site, Classic Dooming. Didn't like Aloha911 much but I enjoyed Aloha999 quite a bit. (Someone else around here enjoyed it too, not sure who at the moment.) You can see the reviews at http://www.classicdooming.com/doom/a.html. Sorry for the slight harshness on Aloha911. :P Unfortunately, most of the folks around here are pretty bells and whistles, source-port obsessed, so I'm not sure what sort of reception you'll be getting. Feel free to get in contact with me if you'd like to talk about the old-school at all. P.S. you wouldn't happen to have some of the WADs you downloaded from back in the day sitting around on a hard drive somewhere, would you?
  4. Grimm

    Doom Tattoo

    Get the Doom Logo. It doesn't get much better than that. Or if you're feeling really adventurous, get the entire scene from the cover of Doom 1 tattooed on your back. You would probably Ascend right there if you did it.
  5. Grimm

    Doom fails to make list

    I hate E1M1. So much.
  6. I can tell you with a certainty that Strife's is the worst. Blah. My vote goes for Doom, but the different palettes do tend to work best with each game's art style...
  7. Grimm

    Doom/ Doom 2 pop quiz!

    Aww, that's tricky man. You know, I swore I remembered the original Doom.exe having some sort of wonky thing where if you used IDBEHOLD to give yourself Lite-Amp Goggles, they would turn off when you entered those teleport traps. Or maybe it was shareware Doom and I'm just thinking of the one in E1M9? Wish my old DOS computer still worked so I could check...
  8. Grimm

    Doom/ Doom 2 pop quiz!

    Aw man, I recall there being this wacky switch somewhere that would raise the floor over and over...
  9. I gotta be honest, I'm a little disappointed that all that's happening for Doom's 15th birthday is the Cacoawards. Are we planning on doing anything else? I'd be more than happy to write up an article on the 15 best WADs you've never played.
  10. Grimm

    Any more features for 15 Years?

    They'll all be up soon enough. GreyGhost and I plan to have the site launched by the end of month. EDIT: Though just a list could be thrown up easily enough.
  11. Grimm

    Any more features for 15 Years?

    I reviewed 120 WADs in 30 days, in addition to the 280 I had already done in the past. How many did you review again? And how much content is there compared to 10 Years of Doom? The antagonism in this community kills me. Shit man, I was going to actually buy Action Doom 2, but, well . . .
  12. Grimm

    The /newstuff Chronicles #316

    In a strange turn of events, I totally agree with Graf. Changing the floors like that would absolutely render many older WADs (and probably some newer ones, too) totally unplayable. IF their rational was, "People will cheat", they better have taken out the cheat codes too. And made no cheats available via the console. Which I'm sure they didn't. Dumb.
  13. Grimm

    The /newstuff Chronicles #316

    Wow, seriously, good call on that picture! I actually feel like I've BEEN to that place after playing that map. I didn't realize what a good job that guy did. Probably would have given it a 4/5 if I had realized. There really is nothing like a good city map. I should start a page of all the good ones at some point. Of course, at this point I'd have like, two, heh
  14. Grimm

    The /newstuff Chronicles #316

    Why, GreyGhost, what an excellent review. We should probably do this sort of thing more often. Hahaha
  15. AndrewB? You're alive? That's fine, let this pass, then watch as Niagara Falls, Ontario's economy literally explodes because Americans have stopped walking over the bridge to see it. For starters. That'll change their mind right quick. After all, it's all really just about money, ain't it?
  16. Grimm

    Doom 4 in Motion, id Is Hiring

    Uh, I don't know what Bioshock you were playing, but that game was pretty linear.
  17. Grimm

    Doom 4 in Motion, id Is Hiring

    I bet a bunch of people are going to make wild and baseless speculation
  18. Grimm

    Doom 4 in Motion, id Is Hiring

    You know, I would think this would be considered top news
  19. Grimm

    Whats better - Psx or pc version of doom and why?

    Amen on the sounds Enjay. Amen on the sounds.
  20. I agree with whats been said . . . if you must get rid of these, you should make sure at least one set ends up in the hands of a single Doomer. There's not enough of these floating around to have them scattered around the world.
  21. Grimm

    Alpha Doom Credits

    I was just wondering if we know exactly who made what levels in the Alpha Dooms. I had been under the impression for a little while that Tom Hall made all the levels, but a lot of sources attribute some of them solely to John Romero (i.e., the ones usually attributed to him--E1M2, E1M3). Do we know for sure whether that's the case?
  22. So um . . . since it appears you're pretty good at this texturing thing, is there any chance you could churn out some hi-res versions of some of the original Doom textures?
  23. Grimm

    I need help looking for a Doom wad

    DOOMED ONCE MORE One of my favorite WADs of all time. Hands down. E1M3 was the only level ever to get a 6/5 from me. God bless. I don't know what's up with those textures though, just try some different source ports. jDoom won't hack it though. Try Eternity or Boom.
  24. Grimm

    I need help looking for a Doom wad

    That's pretty vague man. was it for a source port or what
  25. Grimm

    [WIP] Doom: The Lost Episode

    PMed you a write-up at the ZDoom forums.