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  1. kaadmy

    Dammit! I want a demo

    This thread is TL;DR, but: DooM 2 didn't have a demo, RAGE didn't have a demo.
  2. I don't think this is even close to trivial, but I have been thinking about how interesting a DOOM4-style game in Quake 1/Darkplaces :) Gore, no fall damage, Big F*cking Guns, etc. Should be achievable to a quality of nearly the current BethesDOOM4 if enough work and time would be put into making such a game.
  3. kaadmy

    SLADE Help

    I'm using SLADE to make an instagib mod for Zandronum, and while making a map for it(after quite a bit of copy-pasting), I ended up with this: I have no idea how to fix it, but I think the problem is incorrect sector-linedef links. Any idea how to fix this? (Again, I'm using SLADE, not GZDB!)
  4. kaadmy

    SLADE Help

    @sirjuddington: I've already fixed all the problems that show via the error console(enabled all the checking options, too), and finally got it to work in the editor... but now it's broken in-game. Edit: how do you post attachments?
  5. kaadmy

    SLADE Help

    Ugh, I remade the whole area, playtested it and it worked, closed SLADE and reopened the wad and the map's broken again. Edit: nevermind, I'm just rebuilding the entire map, it's not worth my time(2 days so far) to fix it when I can remake it faster.
  6. kaadmy

    SLADE Help

    The simplest solution that I can think of right now is to just rebuild the broken area, it was the first area I made anyway, and has some problems.
  7. kaadmy

    Is anyone else annoyed by lack of official news?

    Yep. Nearly all *interesting* news is leaks and stuff that ZeniBethesId keeps trying to remove and hide.
  8. Hi, I'm a new mapper wanting to replace some existing FreeDoom maps. I have noticed that FreeDoom is lacking in beginner-friendly maps, and decided to make some new maps. Is this all right, are there any problems with it? Some questions: What source port/version should maps be made for? Is PrBoom v2.5.0 correct? Are there any map limitations that have to be met? What gamemodes have to be supported? DM and 4-player COOP? Should there be full skill level support? Is there a freenode.net IRC channel for FreeDoom? Current Github repo
  9. kaadmy

    Newbie mapper looking to make some FreeDoom maps

    @funduke thanks, that was what I'd assumed. But some FreeDoom maps already use PrBoom features, they won't work in vanilla..