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  1. Thanks :) ICKWALL4... hmm... It would be better had the texture PIPES. About door and doortrack textures - can I use them not only on doors and tracks? And can I use key-locked markers? if i plan to use key locked doors?
  2. Thanks for your FDA :) I will be look it today later. In my opinion I'm not very good managed to balance the enemies and ammunition on this map. MAP FOR ROUND 2 Skeleton's cross Themes: 20x7, Skeletons, light change effects Music: vanilla D_RUNNIN Build time: 2h (I started this map at 1 hour later (I started this map in an hour after the announcement of round 2)
  3. The land of lost souls and other demons Themes: 20x7, Skeletons and friends Music: D_RUNNIN from 20x7 Build time: 2h 20-30min
  4. Vanger_ru

    [ZDoom/GZDoom] Fortress of misery - Cancelled

    Ok. I liked the design of your map and I'm very excited to play it.
  5. Vanger_ru

    [ZDoom/GZDoom] Fortress of misery - Cancelled

    Looks great. How close to completing this level?
  6. Maybe use for key markers textures from Xtra Lites Texture Pack?
  7. Cool map. But spectre in the dark room is not good idea. And maybe doors which open by keys, make marked with colored textures around the edges?
  8. Vanger_ru


    The progress of my map after a few evenings of work. The layout is not yet complete, the detailing is very poor.
  9. I find it interesting for me. In the spring i plan to make the map with 64 grid step.
  10. Vanger_ru


    I chose Hell theme for my map.
  11. What about the continuation of your speedmapping?
  12. I liked my first experience in ASS. Most likely I will also be at this session.
  13. Nice map. I liked killing barons with plasmagun :) Arches made hardest gameplay for me. Linedef 681 missng upper texture. And secret in the sector 124 is unaccessable.
  14. mostly outdoor areas. no cell weapons.