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  1. deadwolves

    Post your artwork\ Shameless plug thread

    I really liked this. The whole song is epic! Your lead guitar is very well rendered too. My only pet peeve were the drums. At some points, the kick speeds up far too fast for a human being to reproduce. You could add toms in or something or effect. So that's if you are going for realism, which you have done so well on the rest of the instruments.
  2. deadwolves

    post overpowered but fun monster ideas

    Imp: if you look at it, it possesses you directly towards its melee attack (Dracula) Shotgunner: Invincible and constantly stalking you. (The Terminator) Zombie: no hitscans, but a melee attack that kills you if you don't reach the exit fast enough. (Night of the Living Dead)
  3. deadwolves

    UNLOVED [released]

    Reminds me of the FEAR dream sequences and Cry of Fear. The super-fast action and multiplayer aren't very convincing though for a horror game.
  4. deadwolves

    How to find a mosquito in a room?

    Spray a deodorant can everywhere, then when you see it, hit the sucker head on. That usually stuns it.
  5. deadwolves

    When Doom first came out...

    The first time I saw Doom I was like holy shit, is that even legal ?? You've got to consider that the most realistic FPS games before that were games like Wolfenstein and Catacomb Abyss. It seemed so real that when you stopped playing, you got this weird motion sickness. It was such a huge improvement graphically. And yeah it was offensive. A lot of people seemed to really hate it and wanted to ban it. Some parents grounded their kids because they found them with a copy. At the time it was really fearsome, there was nothing like it.
  6. deadwolves

    Red Cross Changes

    Copyright this
  7. deadwolves

    Life Hacks

    Every morning, eat a piece of fruit, and a pink of 50% orange juice, and 50% apple juice or whatever pure juices you like. That's three portions of fruit & vegetables instantly. If you want to snack, try pumpkin seeds, rice cakes, peanuts or nut mixes, they're full of protein. Aim to buy the lowest brand food. Unless it's meat. If you want to read but don't want a hard book, try a mature-themed comic book (like the Sandman). If you want to keep eye contact with someone but can't stand them or are too shy, focus on their forehead or the area between their eyebrows instead. If you want revenge against a call centre, call them, wait until you are waiting for an advisor and hang up. Keep doing this many, many times, with multiple phones if you like. It fucks their statistics up and can potentially lead to them losing their entire contract. When looking for work, treat companies as if they were customers. Concentrate on only your good points, clear up your bad areas just like companies sell to other customers themselves. Dice up raw mushroom, onion, lots of tomato, cabbage, lettuce, and cucumber, throw it all into a bowl, and eat it raw. You now have eaten an extremely cheap and healthy meal. If you are forced to punch someone, perhaps to protect someone else, aim for their nose. If the attacker is wearing a motorcycle helmet, simply grab the base of his helmet and push, pull, shake or twist to your advantage. If the attacker kicks, grab the leg, and pull. This will leave them on the floor. If you're being arrested, don't resist or assault the policemen. Compound interest is how people get rich. Pay consistently into a pension, even (especially) if you consider yourself young.
  8. deadwolves

    Rio 2016, anyone excited?

    I like the fancy diving, but that's about it.
  9. Has anybody else read Baudrillard? This entire thread is not only simply nonsense, in every way, but nonsense which would support his theory of hyperreality. The discussion we have here is not a discussion about events or their meaning, or even the ripples after their meaning, but even further - the pondering of far-end metaphysical counterparts. In a way this is a discussion which is so useless that it becomes useful in its uselessness; hence the creation of the post-modern discussion. This is one where nothing is really real, and we do not pay regard to real events, because the real has been lost already, thus cannot be regarded. What really holds value in these discussions is the meta-real. So therefore we must find our joy in the hyper-real argument: one where there is no point, no real reality, but an endless seeking of a nonsensical metanarrative.
  10. deadwolves

    Why do we rarely see the player's body/shadow in FPS?

    Earliest I can remember a game doing this was Duke Nukem 3D and it was apt to glitch very easily.
  11. Yes it is. Being a working class European for instance is far superior to being a low-caste man in India. Or god forbid you are a woman in many countries because it automatically downgrades you. Many women are sold into slavery or to alternative families because their original parents simply couldn't afford a girl, they wanted a boy instead. What makes you think you deserve to "have it good" anyway? Well then
  12. Ignorance is bliss though, and most if not all of this thread is people talking about nothing, because in the first world we are amazingly lucky to afford our very narrow, self-centered perspective of things. No one wants to talk about conflicts like Chinese-Japanese ethnic conflict, or the African-Chinese unrest, or the Ugandan wars. It's tragic in two ways, one because of the conflicts themselves obviously, and two because people seem genuinely incapable of being interested in them. The Sudanese war is an ethnic conflict and it's one of the more shocking ones because rape was deliberately used as a weapon. In Rwanada, half a million people were killed in several months - simply using machetes. In the Iran/Iraq war, the mad Ayatollah used children as diversions or minesweepers on front line battles. They were each given a key, which supposedly promised their ticket to paradise. Threads like this are so stupid, everyone getting fired up by their teenage hormones on some youtube video, trying to convince everyone else how right and non-racist or whatever they are. I dare everyone in this thread to read the websites of Amnesty International and the Red Cross then sign up to make a tiny donation. Like just two fucking bucks a month. Spend the money you spend on your brain-warping Alex Jones DVDs on that instead. You even get a free newsletter too where you get to read about people who have real problems instead of this 'SJW' crap.
  13. This is a great discussion and everything, but what we really need to concentrate on is the feeling of my hands on your back, my massive member penetrating your tight ass, and my rhythmic hip thrusts while you scream "you're fucking tearing me apart!!" while I laugh sardonically and somewhat regretfully, the past entering my mind; a single tear striking across my face, dropping from my chin, clashing romantically with the blood on the floor, in a gentle, relaxed slow-motion effect.
  14. deadwolves

    Batman V Superman

    Dunno, I might give this a watch. Have always loved the Dark Knight Returns (the comic). It almost definitely won't be as good as that but still might be worth it. What sucked about it?