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  1. It's too bright, too hot, and it's so uncomfortable. You have to sip water constantly or get dehydrated. Insects start flying and crawling around everywhere. And all the normies decide it's time to get their thug on and act even more idiotically than usual. I have allergies too so my face becomes a leaking balloon of mucus, a constant stream of mucus from my mouth, nose, and out of my eyes. I get stressed, I can't sleep, so I get more stressed, I am in a living hell of Chads and mucus. Please can someone build something that can be fired into space and permanently blocks out the sun. Thank you for reading this urgent appeal.

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    2. PureSlime


      Summer is good on the days it's not 30+ Celsius.

      I'm kinda glad the temperatures here have been winding down, but I swear I'm gonna be so mad if the snow comes in October. I'm not ready to lose my snow-free life for another six months..

    3. Tristan


      I think the hottest day of this summer here was 25C (77F), though the average summer day here is usually no more than 18-19C, or about 65F.
      We've got 24C (75F) here just for today though, probably safe to call this the last day of summer. Ugh.

      Insects can fuck right off though.

    4. ClumsyDoomer


      I live in Ural (Russia) and its climate is really dumb. This summer, though, was an exception - +30C (86F) for 2 months straight. Sweet. I'm going to miss this summer.