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  1. Thank you alcohol, for the years of false chemical happiness. You are the only thing good in life. You are like the friend I never had. I now no longer need people, because I have alcohol. You have completed my life.

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    2. deadwolves


      Breezeep said:

      Uh, I don't know about you, but looking at the thread's title, It sounds like you need help.

      It's sad. I remember looking at cans of alcohol when I was a kid and thinking, "That's stupid, why waste your money on that when it makes no sense?" Then I remember looking in the mirror one day and thinking, well who's the stupid one now. But I don't care anymore. Just fuck it.

      AgentSpork said:

      I'll raise a glass to that... cheers, mate.

      p.s., just because I was already drinking before I saw this thread doesn't mean I can't still dedicate this one to you.

      Dedicating this drink for you too mate.

      the_miano said:

      Put down the damn alcohol.

      Not only were there so many factual irregularities with that documentary, the subject seems to suffer from an unrelated psychotic disorder. The cause of his death is not revealed either.

      Anyway no documentary will be a better example of seeing my sister become an alcoholic. That was so painful to watch. She became a true alcoholic - ie drinks every day, from morning to evening, hides alcohol, steals alcohol, drinks only spirits, does drugs too. I still have a problem, but it's nothing like that. Never had the shakes or DT's. My brother has an alcohol and drug problem too. My family was really bad. I haven't seen them in years.

      Tritnew said:

      Holy shit, most of you need some damn help when it comes to posting threads like this.

      Kinda makes me worry about your well being.

      Well the point of the thread was really to see if other people here have a drink problem, but I don't want advice or help. When I was young I thought "oh alcoholics are stupid they just choose to fuck themselves up". Now I'm on the other side of it. So any kind of help from people who don't really understand, well I appreciate it, but it isn't realistic anymore.

      Don't worry about my well being, I am fitter than I've ever been, but I keep trying to quit and I can't. It's not full blown alcoholism, ie. like my sister who drinks like crazy, and could possibly fucking die from it. But it's still bad. I feel embarrassed by it. And AA are full of cultists and irresponsible idiots. They don't really get where I'm at either.

    3. MrGlide


      I used to drink daily, sadly at a very young age. Anymore I'v gotten it to a place where I'm happy with it. If I drink now It's no more then 3 beers/shots worth in the first hour and 1 per hour every hour after. Oddly video games are one of the main things to help me quit drinking, as I'v a funner time performing well rather having a buzz. That and having kids and being the only one who can drive in the house nipped it in the butt as well. What's you're guy's drinks of choice? Mines Hard cider or Southern Comfort Black. Usually I go for any of the Brown sweet drinks.

    4. ReFracture


      It's like a roller coaster for me. Some shit happens in my life that bothers me and I start drinking somewhat heavily on the weekends.. I've seen people like Ryan which puts things into perspective. At my worst I'm still sober for the weekdays.

      This weekend we are entering is going to be one of those cloudy ones.