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  1. Spectre01

    Any paranormal experiences?

    No, and considering the lack of credible evidence, I'd assume I'm going crazy or having a medication side-effect if I had one. But I am open to the idea, just like with Aliens:
  2. Spectre01

    Quake III Arena vs Unreal Tournament

    UT 99 is far more interesting when it comes to offline or casual play. The weapons in particular are more fun to use due to having an alt-fire and various combos you can perform, like with the Shock Rifle. The campaign actually felt engaging for what is essentially bot games due to cool modes like Assault and more memorable visuals. Hard to beat stuff like Facing Worlds or Hyperblast for how cool the concept was. I found Q3 to be rather dry in comparison, but maybe it's the better hardcore eSports title. That's not my jam though as I played Counter-Strike as my online FPS of choice.
  3. Spectre01

    Favorite avant-garde doom wad?

    ITT: People arguing over the meaning of avant-garde. Considering OP used Going Down as an example, it's pretty obvious he's just asking for the more wacky or "out there" wads. In which case, I'll add Bloody Steel to the mix. Haven't played anything else quite like it and the tone shift away from the gritty industrial setting in the 2nd half is mesmerizing, as is the sporadic use of HD textures and assets.
  4. Spectre01

    Any peculiar Doom habits?

    Some time between 2005-2010 I played quite a bit of World of Warcraft. One of the main stats to pay attention to while leveling was your experience bar. The experience needed to hit the next level always ended in either a 5 or 0. (Or maybe just a 0.) Quests rewarded you with experience in multiples of 5, unless you were over-leveled and got hit with the XP reduction percentage. Enemies killed that were of your level also rewarded XP in multiples of 5. Lower or higher level enemies gave amounts in-between, as did shared XP when grouping. To keep my XP bar looking "nice", I would always try to keep the number ending in either 5 or 0 when turning in quests. In some cases that was not possible, so 4 or 9 was the next closest thing. tl;dr - Just some minor OCD nonsense.
  5. Spectre01

    Any peculiar Doom habits?

    There is a great term for that coined by @galileo31dos01: Continuous with a Pistol Start mindset. Myself, I like to exit maps so the seconds timer ends with either 4,5,9, or 0. i.e. A time of 30:32 is no bueno. 30:30, 30:34, 30:35, and 30:39 appear far more aesthetic. Which is why in a lot of my casual demos I waste a few seconds before flipping the exit switch.
  6. @darkreaver Any particular reason you chose mandatory death exits after each map over suggesting pistol starts? Just curious because I haven't played an episode with such a feature.
  7. Might as well give the Master Levels a shot. I've heard varying opinions on them, some claiming them to be a mixed bag, as is the case with many multi-author community projects. Some say it's better than Doom 2. We shall see. I haven't played them before and make no promises that I'll end up playing all the maps. PRBoom+, UV, Continuous with a Pistol Start mindset. MAP01 - ATTACK.WAD (“Attack”) by Tim Willits Oh d_runnin, how I've missed you. This one's in the style of an early Doom 2 techbase with some parts reminding me of Entryway and The Gantlet. I'd say the visuals are pretty nice, '95 considered, and a step up in detail from the base Doom 2 game. There is a good variety of low and mid-tier opposition and resources are generous, with every weapon making an appearance sans BFG (and Chainsaw, but who cares?). Combat is leisurely by modern standards, as expected from an official IWAD expansion. There is only one secret which is rather nonsensical, and is the teleport pad which takes you to the exit area. You take some teleports back to tag it but there is no reward or anything. Pretty good classic map to start off this set.
  8. Spectre01

    Plutonium Winds

    Mostly enjoyable set in vein of "Plutonia but harder" and with larger fights. Visuals are often minimalistic, with combat being the focus of making the maps interesting. Expect plenty of Viles to resurrect what you kill and forced pistol starts on every map. 3/5
  9. MAP18 - “Abigor” The finale of Plutonium Winds is a rather simple, symmetrical, arena full of water and cubic structures using modwall and its companion black square textures. The traps and monster placement mirror each other on each side, and the gameplay revolves around the established formula of repopulating previous areas with Archviles. I can't think of a wad where this trope is used so frequently and aggressively; probably because it falls into what many see as "dick move" territory. Blind play is not very forgiving as, once again, it is not exactly obvious where the cell ammo for the BFG is located. The exit sequence is rather tame compared to the previous fight after flipping two skull switches. Overall Thoughts After a rough start with the first 2 maps, Plutonium Winds turned out to be a pretty cool set. It's more difficult than I expected initially, but also much easier with foreknowledge of the maps on repeat playthroughs. The maps themselves are quite simple, both in terms of layout and detailing (with map17 being the one exception). It doesn't look like a Boom wad and the detailing and architectures pales in comparison to something like PL2, which was vanilla. Combat manages to stay consistently engaging, although one may get annoyed by how frequently Viles resurrect the enemies you kill. While the forced death exits didn't affect me due to pistol starting, it feels rather excessive to have one after every map. Putting "designed around pistol starts" in the text file works just fine without what feels like the author giving the finger to continuous players. Overall, Plutonium Winds is a fun set in the spirit of "Plutonia but harder". Final score: 3/5 Fav maps: 14, 16 Not really my jam: 12, 13
  10. MAP17 - “Diabolism” Oh baby... We've got some serious verticality, interconnectedness, and looping progression! All wrapping around a central area which naturally gets repopulated as you progress. The visuals are quite wacky; with red rock combined with vines, green slime, and some tech thrown in. Off the top of my head, I can't recall a notable map where nukage is the liquid of choice to combine with red rock. The start forces the player into danger to get enough ammo, though the avid puncher can use the secret Berserk and beat up the Hell Knights + PE as they follow you up to the spawn area. There are enough shells to kill the turret Cyber early on, though as expected, he is simply telefragged later. Speaking of turrets, there are plenty of Revs and Viles standing on computer equipment as you make your way up the various tunnels. Nothing a few rockets won't solve, which are spread out in adequate amounts as you progress. The final wave reveals a BFG with plenty of ammo in at least 2 places, which may not be entirely obvious without prior indication. I like the candle path to the exit with the cheeky drop half-way.
  11. MAP16 - “Salvation By Extermination” Pretty tough map with plenty of nasty AV surprises and ambushes. The outdoor area past the yellow door is especially hostile, taking me several attempts to find a safe and consistent way of handling it. Killing the first PE and then dropping down to the right worked for me. There is nothing mobile down there save for a few Pinkies, which allowed me to snipe off the dangerous turret enemies and then safely pull the hitscan army from a distance. The final fight deserves a special mention due to how many Archviles show up to the party. Luckily, there is so much health and ammo around that you can recover from anything that's not a one-shot. Still a harder fight than I was expecting from a Plutonia-style project, but that's cool.
  12. Hold up. One of those is not like the others, unless Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park are invited too.
  13. MAP15 - “Memories of Blood” Cute little map which compensates for its <50 monster count with frequent Viles and other high-impact enemies (i.e. Revenants). The potential issue with turret Cybers, and something I ran into myself while mapping, is if they piss off a monster which shoots them back and then wanders down where neither can hit each other, the Cyber is basically out of commission. This happened during the map's opener and resulted in 3 angry Revenants down the blood stairs and a confused Cyber pacing around above. I was able to grab the BFG with no issue and breezed through the map. There are plenty of rockets as well, and with your 200/200 starting stats, this map is far less punishing than the previous 2. Not that there is anything wrong with that, as I found this to be a short and fun map.
  14. Well actually, I've seen people claim later Death (i.e. Sound of Perseverance) is more prog than death metal.
  15. MAP14 - "Deadly Intentons [sic]" Possibly Deadly Intentions, but I'll trust Dobu's spelling in the OP. After not being blown away by the 2 opening maps, I think this one's pretty kick ass. It's challenging while at the same time generous enough on resources for some fun encounters. There is a heavier focus on lock-in, setpiece-style encounters; some of which, like the Imp + Vile hallway or the triple-Cyber + Rev bash lean towards a more slaughter-lite direction. The opener is rather "prickly", as @rdwpa would say, forcing you to handle some high-damage enemies with only 100HP and no armour. Hope your tight hallway Rev dodging is on point! I really like the fight which opens up after said hallway with a large number of Imps and some Demons and Hell Knights. There is a well-placed ambush Vile which complicates the situation if the player moves too far into the room and, with scarce resources, you have to decide whether to limit your movement or have the Vile join the party. In a later section with the slimefall, I managed to soft-lock myself after straferunning into the room with the Rocket Launcher. Seems like the one next to it was the intended destination. Quite a few Cyberdemons make an appearance, with 4 present in the final area. I found it safer to 2-shot the first one, as having 4 wandering around and infighting Revs increases the likelihood of eating a stray rocket, which I did the first time. Although with that amount of cells, you can likely hold down the BFG trigger and melt the whole area. Cool map.