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  1. I agree, naturally. But I can't help having a sense of humor for it though. If people continue to apologise for this ridiculous fundamentalism, and shove it under the carpet - what else is there to do but laugh? I'm with Doomkid - disgusting atrocity, countless lives and families affected; and a typical response 'it's not because of his religion...' Oh right, sure fella.
  2. Quoting a friend here "If those gays were armed with guns instead of just aids the death toll would've been much lower... also thought they would've been use to taking loads to the face."
  3. MistAche

    Toward The Hell

    There was no cyberdemon mate, I spent 10 mins in that first square room and nothing. I hit all buttons except the two which seem to be broken for me. It's very cool, and a lot of work clearly went in... I'm thinking there are compatibility issues.
  4. MistAche

    My latest creation

    Do you know the history with this guy? Probably better you don't... it isn't a joke WAD. He deliberately makes piece of shit map's in 10 minutes for attention, and to troll the community.
  5. MistAche

    Toward The Hell

    Got stuck after going to hell from the portal. No redskull key, no other doors... also I had to IDCLIP into the portal, as the green buttons didn't work. Playing in GZDoom.
  6. MistAche

    My latest creation

    No. It's uninspired derivative garbage. GTFO
  7. MistAche

    My latest creation

    No. It's trash. Fuck-off.
  8. MistAche

    The Worst Thing You've Ever Seen

    Probably watching our malamutes feast on the corpse of a dead goat when I was a boy, about 6-7 years old. It passed away over night, dogs got into it before I we got down there. I went down first, seeing that savagery right in front of my face and the horrible feeling I had in my gut made me realize some things about nature.
  9. MistAche

    Game soundtracks you keep coming back to

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B8klPYjS3ws *does this youtube link show as embedded for everyone? never does for me. Does anyone remember this? Chaos Engine... had a beast soundtrack https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KdnfKxLzijU
  10. MistAche

    DOOM: Steam VS Amazon VS Hard Copy

    Attack it aggressively mate.
  11. Aus/NZ Steam: eruliaF Plays: Verdun http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198026368204/
  12. MistAche

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Ancient Aliens

    Whizzed through the first 7 maps of this beast last Friday on UV. Tonight I get to continue, yippee!
  13. MistAche

    SpaceX to Send Humans to Mars by 2025

    Where do I sign up? We do after all, need a doomer on Mars...
  14. MistAche

    Whats the highest non-post helled day streak?

    Link. *Nevermind found the 'official skeleton thread'.
  15. MistAche

    Baby's First Map

    No. His original link wasn't entirely a URL - the OP has since edited his post and fixed it. Muahaha... I couldn't help but have a laugh at this. Evil, just evil!